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Find Internet Providers In My Area: Enter Your Address | Allconnect

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Searching for the best internet providers in your area just got easier. Just enter your address above and we’ll show you all of the internet services available in your zip code. It's really that simple.

Who We Are

If you've recently moved to a new address or are just looking for a change, you might be wondering: what internet providers are in my area? Internet providers vary based on location, so Allconnect will help you find the internet services available in your area. Once you know what providers you can choose from, you will then want to compare the providers by looking at internet speeds, affordability, bundle options and other add on features like Wi-Fi hot spots.

How We Do It

We are partnered with the nations largest and most popular internet providers, so using our simple online form, you can input your current street address as well as zip code, and get a full listing of every internet service provider that serves your specific address. From there you can compare providers, plans and pricing and either order your services online or by calling one of our friendly agents!

Things to consider When comparing the best internet service providers in your area:

  • Are you a light internet user who is simply looking for the cheapest plan or best internet deal?
  • Are you a heavy internet user with multiple devices and are looking for the fastest internet service in your area?
  • Are you constantly on the go and need a wireless hot-spot option?
  • Do you want to bundle your internet and cable together to get a better deal?

Whether you are looking for cheap internet, fast speeds, the best internet deal, a cable and internet bundle, or all four, consider the following features before choosing an internet service in your area.

Compare Internet Prices in Your Area

It would be unfair to ask "what are the best internet providers in my area" without also asking which are the most affordable. If you’re like most American, you’re probably trying to get the most bang for your buck. With internet services, that means the fastest speed for the lowest price each month.

We’ll not only show you who serves your area, but also how much each internet plan costs.

Packages are presented in full detail with:

  • Upload and download internet speeds (sorted from lowest internet speed to highest speed)
  • Any bundled services (like a Phone, Internet and TV bundle)
  • Any promotional items or rebates (like a $100 gift card or free installation)
  • And the cost of internet per month and any contract terms (like 12 month, 24-month, etc.)

With Allconnect's comparison tool, it's easy to see which company has the best internet prices in your area, and which competitors are simply asking too much money for too little service.

How to Find Internet Deals in Your Area

Allconnect doesn't just let customers determine the answer to "which are the most affordable internet service providers in my area?" It actively helps them get the best deal by offering special promotions each month on a certain internet service provider or on a specific tier of internet service. These deals vary depending on which service options are available in your specific area, but they're a great way to save a little extra money each month.

Deals include things like free modems for ordering a service, or bundled features at no extra cost, and even a special monthly savings amount for the duration of service. To check internet deals in your area, simply enter your address in the box at the top of the page!

Compare Internet Speeds in Your Area

Not only can we show you the best deals on internet in your area, we can also get you set up with the best internet speed for your needs. If you have fewer than two devices and don’t do any streaming (like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.), than you will probably do just fine with a low to medium speed internet package. But, if your family has three of more devices connected to the web and tends to stream video or music regularly, you will probably want to opt for a high speed internet option.

If you want to check your current internet speed, check out our internet speed test.You'll see your actual upload and download speeds. Then you can decide if your current Internet is fast enough for what you need to do online.

To check internet speeds in your area, simply enter your address in the box at the top of the page!

Search for Internet Providers By State

If you'd like to see all of the internet options available in your state, simply click on your state below. We'll show you all of the internet providers in your state, as well as cable, phone, and home security providers if you want to hook up your other services as well.

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High Speed Internet Options By City

Chances are if you're moving to one of these popular cities, you are going to have a lot of internet providers available in your area. These cities have some of the most broadband internet coverage, which could make it harder for you to choose which provider to go with. For help finding internet providers in these cities, click on the links below.

Find the Best Internet Providers in Your Zip Code Today

Whether you're looking to connect internet service at a new apartment or home, or simply looking for a better deal on the type of service you've already got, Allconnect is the right place to start. The combination of comparison shopping and special deals does all the hard work for you -- with one click or call!

Simply enter your address in the box at the top of the page and we'll show you all of the internet options in your zip code!

Common Internet Service Questions

How much does internet cost?

Internet costs vary widely based on where you live, what provider you choose and how much speed you need. If you are a heavy internet user with many devices hooked up to the internet, you will probably need to go with a higher-speed plan which will cost more, but will allow you to surf and stream without being slowed down. On the other hand, if you are a basic internet user and don't do a lot of streaming or have any smart home applications, then you can go with a lower speed internet plan and save money. Many providers also offer mid-range internet plans that are affordable and give you decent internet speed. To find internet prices and plans in your area, simply enter your address at the top of the page.

What internet can i get at my address?

Because some internet providers are not available in all areas, you will need to enter your address at the top of the page to find out which companies service your home. Cable internet is available to most people, but if you live in a rural area you may only have access to satellite internet, DSL or dial-up. Fiber optic internet is not widely available yet, but to find out if you can get access to it simply enter your address above.

Who is the best internet provider?

  • AT&T Internet - most popular
  • Verizon - Unlimited Data
  • CenturyLink - Nationwide Fiber Availability
  • Hughesnet - Widest Reach
  • Cox Communications - Best Equipment
  • Frontier Communications - Free Equipment
  • Charter Spectrum - Best Contract Buyout Offer

What is mbps?

Mbps (megabits per second) is a measurement of internet speed, or the bandwidth throughout a network. Mbps is used to measure the capacity and speed of a data transfer. You will notice that most internet providers advertise “up to” a certain amount of Mbps, which indicates a maximum speed/bandwidth the network is capable of. Most internet providers offer internet speeds from 8 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Can I get fiber internet at my address?

You want internet. And you want it fast. Fiber internet is not widely availbale to all people, but as more people demand the high speeds Fiber optic internet has to offer, it will become available to more and more consumers. To see if Fiber internet has reached your area yet, enter your address above or give us a call.

What kind of internet do I need for streaming?

It doesn't matter if you have cable internet, DSL broadband, fiber optic or dial-up - an internet connection doesn't guarantee that you have the power to stream as you want when you want. It's actually more about how many gadgets rely on your internet connection. Before you sign up for an internet package, take a headcount of your devices.

You'll also want to know what kind of video you'll be streaming. Lower definition (480p) requires only 1 to 2.5 megabits per second internet speeds per user. Faster download speeds in the 5+ Mbps range will deliver crisper high-definition content. With that said, a home with a couple laptops and smartphones all running through one 25 Mbps internet package cuts it pretty close and you may experience some slowness. If you have more questions about streaming, give us a call! One of our agents will be happy to answer any questions you have about which internet plan is right for you.