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What is satellite internet?

Satellite internet works as a reliable, “always on” internet connection that doesn't tie up your phone line, so you’re able to talk and surf at the same time. Since satellite internet does not need wires to connect to your house, satellite internet is available to rural areas far from cable's reach.

Satellite internet: Pros and cons




  • Faster speeds than a standard dial-up connection with speeds comparable to  cable internet

  • Available in remote and rural areas where DSL and cable internet is not available

  • Service usually has enough bandwidth to support light to moderate usage and browsing habits like web browsing and streaming movies and music

  • Prone to weather-related disruptions or lags in speed

  • Service can be more expensive than cable or DSL service

  • Many satellite internet providers place monthly data caps on how much data a user may download or upload

Comparing satellite internet service providers

When comparing satellite internet providers, consider all of these factors like data speeds and service disruptions when selecting the one that suits you. You’ll want be sure you’re getting the fast speeds and high quality you need to have your best internet experience.


Prices will vary based on the provider and plan you select. Typically, packages with faster data speeds (best for streaming and gaming) will come with higher monthly costs. Basic plans at major providers like Exede and HughesNet will often start around the same price point.

Data speeds

Satellite internet plans feature download and upload speeds to let you know how fast your service will be. Consider speed options and your browsing habits when selecting your plan. The quality of your favorite online activities may dip without compatible data speeds.


Customer service reviews

Check out some online reviews to gauge a provider’s customer service performance. Current customers will often use reviews and online forums to applaud outstanding customer service or sound off when it’s lacking.

Service disruptions

Satellite internet disruptions often occur during extreme weather due to the weakening in signals between your dish and the satellite. For best results, have your service installed by a professional away from trees and other natural obstructions to your satellite.



Many satellite internet service providers offer plans that come with a contract. Read through the terms of your potential plan carefully to know the details of your service and for how long you’re signing up. If you wish to cancel service later, you may encounter a cancellation fee.

Data caps

Providers offer unlimited data plans with caps, similar to cell phone service. Depending on your plan, providers will cap your data at a certain amount and then slow your speeds for the remainder of the month. The higher your data cap, the longer your speeds stay as fast as you’re used to.


Bundle your satellite internet service

Providers like Exede and DIRECTV partner to not only bring satellite internet to all our customers, they also offer great ways to save money when you bundle with phone and TV service.   

At Allconnect, we’re happy to locate providers in your area and help you set up your satellite internet and other home services. Just give us a quick call and we’ll get you started with the plan of your choice today.

Common satellite internet questions

Is satellite internet available in my area?

Satellite internet providers like Hughesnet and Exede are available nationwide and often cater to those in rural areas where internet access is limited. Call us to find providers and plans near you.

What kind of user is satellite internet best for?


This internet connection type is best for light to moderate internet users. Those who casually surf for news, media and weather updates or stream movies and music.

How does satellite internet work?

Satellite internet works using a satellite orbiting in space to transmit internet signals from your satellite dish to your computer. Your satellite dish sends data to the orbiting satellite, which then relays that data to a dish connected to the internet.

What is latency and how can I minimize it?


Latency refers to a lag or disruption in your service. To minimize, ensure your satellite dish is properly placed and that there are no trees or buildings obstructing the space between the dish and sky. Also, make sure your router is out in the open and close to where your service is primarily used.