Internet providers in South Dakota

Compare plans from internet providers in South Dakota.

Internet providers in South Dakota

South Dakota is perhaps best known as the home of Mt. Rushmore. It’s a big state with a fairly small population, just 885,000. But the cities of South Dakota are well-connected by high-speed internet, with several providers offering 1 Gbps download speeds.

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South Dakota internet at a glance

As in other western states with a relatively small population, internet service can be hit-or-miss. If you live in a city, such as Sioux Falls, you may have more than one choice of provider; both Midco and CenturyLink supply 1 Gbps connections. But residents of South Dakota outside of cities are more likely to find that satellite delivery of their internet may be their best (or only) option.

Internet availability in South Dakota

96.3% of South Dakota homes can get some type of internet.

The following illustrates the percentages of different types of internet available throughout the state:

Fastest internet in South Dakota

The fastest internet connection possible will likely leave you most satisfied, as a fast connection means quicker results when downloading large files such as graphics. It also gives you the best streaming performance, with less (or no) buffering of movies and videos.  And online gaming demands a fast connection to be effective.

In South Dakota, a few providers have 1 Gbps service available:

  • CenturyLink: 1G
  • Midco: 1G
  • Vast Broadband: 1G

Cheapest internet in South Dakota

Some internet users won’t have a need to stream video and may simply want to send and receive email and similar, non-data heavy uses. If that’s the case, an inexpensive plan may do the job. Many South Dakota locations are served by Vast Broadband, which offers plans starting at less than $ You’ll want to look for unexpected charges, such as installation, which may be waived with a contract, or a fee to purchase a satellite dish or fixed wireless antenna.

  • Vast Broadband: 100 Mbps Internet | $39.99/mo.
  • Midcontinent Communications | Midco Internet 50 | $49.95/mo.

Summary of South Dakota internet providers

Use the outline below to find the internet service providers in South Dakota that best suit your budget, speed preferences and availability:

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