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What is wireless home internet?

WiFi gives you wireless access to the internet from anywhere in your home. Your modem translates the signal from your internet service provider. Then, your wireless router distributes your internet connection. Instead of plugging in all your devices, they can communicate with each other, and the internet, wirelessly over the airwaves.

Why you need home WiFi

Home WiFi service makes for a more interconnected house. Some major benefits are:

  • Large Bandwidth: Connect all of your devices (smart phones, laptops, gaming systems and tablets) to your network without compromising internet speed.
  • Fast speeds: Stream, game, browse the internet and upload with ease.
  • Control: Interact with your smart home devices (like a smart thermostat, smart lock or smart lighting system) both from inside your home or remotely.
  • On-the-go Access: Many home WiFi providers include wireless hot spots in their internet packages, so you can stay connected even when you aren't home.


How to choose your home WiFi service

When setting up your WiFi at home, there are three important considerations that will help you figure out what kind of WiFi home service you need.

Connection type and availability

Companies such as AT&T, Charter, CoxVerizon and XFINITY have been bringing internet into homes across the country for decades. They are some of the most widely available and popular home WiFi providers.

Each connection type, cable, satellite, DSL and fiber optic, however, is a little different in how it works. Depending on where you live, some home WiFi providers might not be available. Enter your address above to find out which internet providers and connection types are available in your area.

Data usage and online activities

If you mainly send emails and browse articles online, a download speed of 6 to 12 Mbps should be enough for your home WiFi service. However, if you stream or game regularly, then you’ll want a home WiFi speed of 20 Mbps or above. This will help you avoid buffering and lag.

Number of devices on your home WiFi network

If you overload your home WiFi network with too many connected devices, then your web performance will suffer. Each connected device, and what it’s demanding of the WiFi signal, will affect how quickly the network performs. The higher your bandwidth is, the more devices you can connect without causing lag.

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