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If you are looking for internet service in New York, there are several internet service providers to choose from, including fiber-optic, cable, DSL and satellite internet options. Whether you are moving to NY or you’re a longtime resident, checking out current internet plans in your area can save you money. Find your city below to see what is available near you.

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New York internet overview

New York has several internet options offered by top providers such as Spectrum, Verizon and Optimum. You may qualify for additional savings when you bundle TV or home phone services. We did the research for you so you can quickly determine which internet provider is the best option near you. 

Summary of internet providers in New York

We’ve ranked the top internet providers in NY by coverage area, technology and starting price. We’ve done the research so you can easily find the providers in your area that are the best fit for you.

Cheapest internet in New York

New York is a great location to find high-speed internet deals, including cheap standalone internet options. A few providers have plans starting below $50/mo. You may be able to get additional savings off your monthly internet price by bundling with TV and home phone services.

These internet service providers offer some of the cheapest internet plans in NY, where available:

Fastest internet in New York

Speeds of up to a gig or more are available in many NY cities, including New York and Buffalo. Speeds may vary depending on what is available near you. 

These internet service providers offer some of the fastest speeds in NY, where available:

New York internet statistics

Compare New York’s internet speeds to the rest of the country. New York pulls slightly ahead of the U.S. with mid-200s download speed and over 30 Mbps of upload speed.

Internet availability in New York

Most households in New York have access to satellite and cable internet connections, but over 50% of households have access to fiber connections as well.

Quality of internet access in New York

The entire state of New York has access to the minimum recommended broadband speeds, but a smaller percentage has access to gigabit speeds.

  • Residents with broadband access (speeds at or over 100/20 Mbps): 100%
  • Residents with access to gigabit speeds (at or over 1000/100 Mbps): 49%