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Home Internet Price Savings Calculator

Enter your monthly payment to see how much you could save on other internet plans in your area.

How to use the savings calculator 

When you include your ZIP code and monthly payment in the price tool, the savings calculator will be able to identify other internet providers in your area and assess how much money you could save each year if you switched. The price tool includes information on the services each internet provider in your area offers so you can determine if your current internet plan is the best value for your internet needs.

How do I know if I should switch?

Most people looking to switch providers are hoping to save on costs by changing to a cheaper internet plan. Before switching to the cheapest internet provider, however, make sure you are still getting the speed you need and that the connection is reliable. 

What else should I be thinking about?

While pricing, speed and availability are likely your primary focus, don’t let them be the only factors. Before making the switch, make sure you have all the information when it comes to data caps, cancellation fees, promotional offers and customer service. 

  • Data caps: Most providers have high enough data caps that you likely won’t exceed the limit. But if you do go over, you could end up paying up to $15 for every additional 50GB you use. For this reason, many people opt for an unlimited data plan. Some of the most common unlimited data providers include AT&T (select plans), Frontier, Optimum, Spectrum, Verizon and Windstream.  
  • Cancellation fees: Many providers require you to sign two-year contracts, which means steep fees if you decide to cancel early. Before switching providers, check to see how much longer you have left in your contract and what the cost will be for terminating early. Also, make sure you know what the contract length is with your new provider. Providers with no-contracts or no-contract options include CenturyLink, Frontier, Spectrum, Verizon and Xfinity.  
  • Promotional offers: Some providers offer “signing bonuses” for when you switch, which can include gift cards, contract buyout offers and other free perks, such as streaming service subscriptions, installation or equipment. Providers that likely offer “signing bonuses” are AT&T, Frontier, HughesNet, Spectrum and Verizon.
  • Customer service: When you have questions or are having issues with your internet, you want a provider that can address your problems quickly and effectively. Choosing a provider with good customer service, therefore, is key. Currently, the top three rated internet providers include Verizon Fios, AT&T and Xfinity. 

What type of internet service should I choose?

Where you live and what your needs are can have a large impact on whether you should switch providers. There are advantages and potential disadvantages to cable, fiber-optic, DSL, satellite and fixed wireless, so make sure you know which option is best for you.

How can I save on internet without switching? 

  • Lower your speeds: If your internet bill is simply too high, check to see if you can manage with a slightly lower internet speed to cut costs. 
  • Bundle: Save by getting a package deal of two or more services (internet, TV and phone), usually from one provider. When you bundle, you pay only one monthly fee for your different services and this fee is often at a discounted rate compared to what you would be spending if you bought these services separately. 
  • Stop renting your modem and router: Costs can add up quickly when you are paying a monthly rental fee for your modem and router in addition to your internet bill. One way to cut costs long term is to buy your own modem and router. You should note, however, that not all providers give you the option to buy your own equipment. You also likely won’t receive the same assistance form your internet provider if you do run into problems with your modem and router. 

If you’re still unsure about which provider is right for you, give our experts a call. We’ll help you switch and save.

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