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What is cable internet?

Cable internet, much like cable TV service, uses coaxial cables to deliver electrical signals. A cable internet modem receives these signals and converts them into internet service, similar to how a cable TV box receives a signal and displays an image.

A coaxial cable supports higher bandwidth than telephone lines, which gives cable internet a significant speed advantage over DSL internet. Additionally, coaxial cables are more common and less expensive than fiber-optic cables. This makes cable internet more widely-available and sometimes lower-priced than fiber-optic internet service.

What are the best cable internet service providers?

  • Cox – Great plan variety
  • Mediacom – Gigabit internet in select areas
  • Optimum Over 2 milliomn Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Spectrum – No data caps
  • Xfinity – Fastest max internet speeds

We partner with cable internet providers across the country to offer affordable internet plans in your area. Click “Shop providers” to see available cable internet providers by ZIP code and shop plans online. You can also call our cable internet experts to hear about available internet plans and special offers near you.

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Who provides cable internet service in my area?

ProvidersStarting price*Speeds up toData capsNationwide availability
$29.99/mo.2,000 Mbps1 TB/mo., unlimited option available35.3%
Charter Spectrum
$44.99/mo.940 MbpsNone32.5%

$19.99/mo.1,000 Mbps1 TB/mo.6.7%
Optimum by Altice
$29.99/mo.940 MbpsNone6.1%
mediacom logo
$29.99/mo.1,000 MbpsVaries by plan2.3%

*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. Speeds may vary. As of 05/23/19.

Depending on your address, you could be eligible for cable internet service from providers such as Spectrum, Cox, Xfinity or a number of others. We make it easy to find cable internet providers in your area, compare available plans and order new services at no extra cost to you.

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Choosing your cable internet provider

When comparing cable internet providers, keep in mind important features like:

  • Pricing – Internet plans from different cable internet providers can vary greatly in price. Many times, local cable companies will have similar pricing and will be your best bet for cheap internet service.
  • Available speeds – Consider your internet browsing habits and how many people will be using your internet-connected devices when selecting your internet speed. Incompatible speeds can cause service disturbances like lag and buffering.
  • Equipment fees – Many providers offer free equipment rental or discounted pricing with certain plans or cable internet bundles. Some providers may charge fees for router and modem rental that can make service more expensive than you anticipated.
  • Features – You may be eligible for additional bonuses like security software, Wi-Fi hotspot access and more with your cable internet services.
  • Contracts – Unexpected service contracts can leave you stuck with a provider for longer than you want. Be sure to read the fine print on your service agreement to see whether or not there’s a term limit on your service or what fees you could incur if you cancel.

For more specific information on internet providers in your area, give us a call. We’ll help you compare cable internet pricing, speeds and more near you.

Save with bundles from top cable internet providers

Bundling cable internet services can be a great way to save money and simplify your monthly bill. Check out some internet bundle offers that may be available in your area.

    • Cox Internet Preferred – $29.99/mo.* standalone
    • Cox Contour TV – $69.99/mo.* standalone
    • Bundle price – $89.99/mo.*

Bundle savings – $9.99/mo.*

    • Spectrum Internet – $44.99/mo.* standalone
    • Spectrum TV Select – $44.99/mo.* standalone
    • Bundle price – $89.98/mo.*

Bundle savings – $0/mo.*

    • Xfinity Performance Starter – $30/mo.* standalone
    • Xfinity TV Extra – $70/mo.* standalone
    • Bundle price – $80/mo.*

Bundle savings – $20/mo.*

*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. Speeds may vary. As of 05/22/19.

Cable internet bundle availability, pricing and speeds will vary based on location and cable provider. Call to find available cable internet bundles in your area.

Pros and cons of cable internet

  • No home phone line is required to get cable internet
  • Cable internet offers speeds up to 10x faster or higher than DSL internet
  • Available to about 88% of U.S. residents

Cable internet customer satisfaction ratings

Provider2019 ACSI score2018 ACSI score2017 ACSI scoreAvg past 3 years

Source: ACSI

With the exception of Spectrum (albeit only a 1 point loss), all major cable internet providers managed to improve their customer satisfaction scores from 2018 to 2019.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index Telecommunications Report 2018-2019, some factors that may have contributed to the higher ratings include website satisfaction, overall speed and performance during peak hours.

Issues that hindered ACSI internet provider ratings from being higher in 2019 included ease of understanding bill, speed of service center transaction and helpfulness of service center staff.

Common cable internet questions

Cable internet supports higher bandwidth and faster speeds than ADSL, or DSL, internet. Internet plan speeds and availability vary by location, but a cable internet connection can deliver more than 10x the speeds of DSL in select areas.

Cable internet uses a coaxial cable, the same as cable TV service. Within the coaxial cable is a copper or copper-plated steel line which carries internet signals from a provider to a residence. Other cables used for internet include telephone lines and fiber-optic cables.

No. Unlike DSL and dial-up internet, which require a phone line for service, cable internet uses a coaxial cable. Home phone services are available from most cable internet providers, but one is not required for internet service.

Cable internet is capable of delivering a wide speed spectrum. A good cable internet speed for most homes is 100 Mbps or higher, but a “good” speed depends on your needs.

Last updated 06/20/19.

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