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AT&T bundle deals starting at $84.99/mo.*

  • Unlimited monthly data
  • Wi-Fi Gateway included
  • Monthly HD DVR fees included
  • Save up to $10/mo. when bundling

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Why bundle with AT&T?

If you’re looking to get internet and TV services together, AT&T gives you lots of options and incentives to bundle. Though AT&T doesn’t come with many internet choices (you essentially pay one price for the fastest speeds available), you do get lots of TV options with their AT&T TV and DIRECTV services.

What we like

  • Availability – AT&T is available to more than 40% of U.S. residents, and their TV services are available nationwide
  • Bundle discounts – Get up to $10/mo. off your monthly bill for the first year of service
  • Unlimited data – Bundling AT&T internet and TV comes with unlimited data, a $30/mo. value

Things to consider

  • Limited internet options – AT&T gives you fewer internet plan options than you’ll find with other providers 
  • Equipment fees – AT&T internet comes with a $10/mo. equipment rental fee, and depending on which TV service you choose, equipment and whole-home DVR fees could add to your monthly bill

Bundle AT&T Fiber and AT&T TV

The speed and reliability that comes with AT&T Fiber internet plans are perfect for AT&T’s new live TV streaming service, AT&T TV. Available in select areas, AT&T Fiber + AT&T TV bundles feature speeds up to 1,000 Mbps and five streaming packages to choose from.

AT&T TV and internet bundles

For a limited time, AT&T TV bundles include three months of SHOWTIME®, EPIX® and STARZ®. You’ll also receive a savings of at least $10 each month of your first year with AT&T!

Choose your TV package, get the fastest AT&T speeds available

Bundling internet and TV with AT&T is a little less complicated when compared to most cable providers. You’ll already be getting the fastest AT&T speeds available, so all you really have to do is choose the TV package that has the channels you want. 

Some cable providers including Cox and Xfinity offer different discounts and promotional offers dependent on which internet and TV combination you choose, which could tempt you into a plan that you don’t necessarily want or need. No matter which internet and AT&T TV bundle you choose, you can enjoy the same discount and unlimited monthly data, so there’s no pressure to choose one plan over another in order to qualify for a specific offer.

Special offer: With a two-year agreement AT&T TV agreement, you’ll receive a $100 Visa gift card.

Call for details: (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

Bundle AT&T internet and DIRECTV

DIRECTV is part of the AT&T family, bringing extra entertainment potential to your AT&T Fiber and TV bundle. DIRECTV offers five main TV packages to complement your AT&T internet plan, plus add-on packages including the exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

AT&T internet and DIRECTV bundles

AT&T and DIRECTV bundles come with the viewing experience you know and love

If streaming all your entertainment isn’t quite your thing, an AT&T and DIRECTV bundle may be the way to go. You’ll get the same bundle discount and unlimited data as with an internet and AT&T TV bundle, but with the live and on-demand satellite TV service of DIRECTV. 

DIRECTV comes with many advantages over cable TV, especially for sports fans. Only with DIRECTV can you get NFL SUNDAY TICKET, which gives you every live, out-of-market game, every Sunday. The 2020-21 season of exclusive sports package is included at no extra cost when you order an AT&T internet and DIRECTV bundle that includes the CHOICE package or above.

AT&T home phone 

Traditional landline phone service can be added to any AT&T bundle for a discounted price. Standalone service with unlimited local calling cost $31/mo.* But, bundle with AT&T internet or DIRECTV service and get $10 off your bundle deal.

AT&T bundles FAQs

You’ll find answers to common AT&T bundle questions below. For more info, including AT&T bundle pricing and what’s available in your area, call to speak with our AT&T bundle experts.

Why bundle AT&T internet and TV?

Bundling internet and TV service with AT&T is not only convenient, it can get you extra savings on your monthly bill and unlimited internet data. The savings and benefits you get with each AT&T bundle can vary based on which services and plans you choose.

Can I bundle AT&T Fiber with phone?

AT&T Fiber internet and home phone bundles are available. With AT&T Fiber, you can get speeds up to 1,000 Mbps on a fiber-optic network with 99% reliability. Add home phone for unlimited local and long-distance calling, plus convenient calling features including Voicemail, Caller ID and Call Waiting.

How do I bundle AT&T and DIRECTV?

Choose an AT&T Fiber or DSL internet plan with speeds ranging from 50 to 1,000 Mbps where available and add the DIRECTV package of your choice. Call to order your AT&T and DIRECTV bundle.

What speeds can I get with AT&T bundles?

AT&T Fiber offers download speeds of 100 or 1,000 Mbps where available. Pair your AT&T Fiber plan with home phone or TV options with AT&T TV or DIRECTV.

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