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Is CenturyLink or Spectrum the provider for you?

Considering Centurylink or Spectrum for your home? Compare CenturyLink and Spectrum pricing, channel lineups, internet speeds and more to select the provider that’s right for you.

  • Best internet speeds – Spectrum and CenturyLink offer gig speeds in select areas. Spectrum plans feature speeds up to 940 Mbps while CenturyLink gig plans reach speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.
  • Best availability – Spectrum is available in select areas of 46 states and covers a third of the U.S. population. CenturyLink is available in parts of 35 states, but only covers around 16% of the population due to higher coverage in rural and suburban areas.
  • Best contracts – Spectrum and CenturyLink come with no contracts. Even without a contract, CenturyLink offers a “Price for Life” guarantee that lets you keep your monthly internet rate for as long as you have the plan.
  • Best customer satisfaction – CenturyLink and Spectrum both scored a 59/100 for internet services in 2019, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

CenturyLink vs. Spectrum quick comparison

CenturyLink primarily uses a DSL network for service, which means available internet speeds can vary considerably by location. Where CenturyLink fiber-optic service is available, speeds are more consistent with max speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. Spectrum uses a cable internet and TV network, which allows them to offer more consistent speeds, though their gigabit internet plan with speeds up to 940 Mbps is not available in all Spectrum-serviceable areas.

  • Available in 35 states
  • Internet and TV bundles featuring DIRECTV starting at $104.99/mo.*
  • Speeds from three Mbps to one Gbps
  • TV channel range of 155-250+ channels
  • No-contract internet and home phone plans
  • Available in 46 states
  • Internet and TV bundles starting at $89.98/mo.*
  • Speeds from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps
  • TV channel range of 125-200+ channels
  • No contact required

CenturyLink vs. Spectrum availability

As the second-largest cable internet provider in the country with 46 states nationwide, consumers are more likely to be in a Spectrum serviceable area. CenturyLink home services are available in 35 states, including select metropolitan areas and many rural areas.

Areas where CenturyLink and Spectrum availability overlap include eastern North Carolina, Alabama, central Texas, Ohio, northern Michigan, Wisconsin, western Oregon, central Washington and central Florida.

Though Spectrum is available in more states and to more people than CenturyLink, residents of rural areas are more likely to be eligible for CenturyLink service. CenturyLink offers greater serviceability in areas across the midwest and western states than Spectrum, but Spectrum covers more major cities and the eastern/southeastern states.

To find out which providers and plans are available in your area, click “Check availability” below, or give our internet experts a quick call.

CenturyLink vs. Spectrum bundles

Bundle deals can be a great way to simplify your monthly bill and get more than one service for a discounted price. However, providers, available internet speeds and the TV plan you select can greatly affect monthly costs and potential savings.

Pricing, internet speeds and available TV channels for CenturyLink and Spectrum bundles will vary by location. Call our bundle experts to see what’s available in your area.

CenturyLink vs. Spectrum internet

ProviderStarting price*Starting speedsFastest speedsData capsWi-Fi hotspots
CenturyLink$45/mo.3 Mbps1,000 MbpsDSL, one TB; Fiber, nonenone
Spectrum Spectrum$49.99/mo.100 Mbps940 MbpsNone500,000+ nationwide

High-speed internet service from CenturyLink or Spectrum starts at around the same speed and price point. However, starting speeds vary vastly by location. In some areas, CenturyLink speeds may start as low as three Mbps. Spectrum starting speeds can be much higher, with speeds up to 100 or 200 Mbps in select areas.

Both providers have similar maximum speeds, although once again, the fastest speeds available with either provider are only offered in limited areas.

Choosing an internet provider for your needs

If service without data limits is your top priority, Spectrum or CenturyLink fiber internet is the best option for you. CenturyLink DSL plans have data caps up to one TB/mo. before speed throttling. If you like to use free Wi-Fi on the go, you’ll want Spectrum internet, which comes with access to more than 500,000 hotspots across the country.

CenturyLink vs. Spectrum cheap internet plans

A basic internet plan from CenturyLink or Spectrum is the first-tier internet plan. You’ll pay about the same monthly rate with either provider but you’ll get more speed than many providers offer and therefore, more bang for your buck.

CenturyLink vs. Spectrum fastest internet

You can get gig speeds from either provider, but the price point and availability will vary greatly. CenturyLink’s gig-speed internet will likely be available in more areas, despite CenturyLink’s smaller service area. Call to learn more about the fastest CenturyLink and Spectrum internet speeds in your area.

CenturyLink vs. Spectrum TV

Spectrum offers cable TV service where available. TV service from CenturyLink is likely to feature satellite TV from DIRECTV. Choosing cable TV from Spectrum or satellite TV from DIRECTV can give you a much different viewing experience. For instance, DIRECTV gives you lower initial pricing, but has higher price increases than Spectrum after one year. Additionally, you’ll be locked into a two-year agreement with DIRECTV whereas Spectrum does not require a contract.

Here’s how DIRECTV as part of a CenturyLink bundle and Spectrum cable TV services compare:

Shop and compare TV services in your area from Spectrum, DIRECTV and other providers all in one place. Click “Shop TV” to see what’s available in your area.

CenturyLink vs. Spectrum customer satisfaction

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) gives the top internet providers an annual customer satisfaction score based on feedback from real customers. Here’s how CenturyLink and Spectrum scored for internet services over the past three years.

Provider2019 score2018 score2017 scoreAvg. past three years

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