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The best cable TV providers of 2020

Looking for the best TV deal in your area? First, determine which cable TV providers offer service at your home, then choose a package with the channels and features you want. The TV provider that has what you need for the best value is the one for you. 

We did the research so you can compare affordable cable companies, bundles, availability and more.

  • AT&T TV – Best TV streaming service
  • Cox – Best for cable TV bundle discounts
  • Mediacom – Best for genre-specific add-ons
  • Spectrum – Best for no-contract cable TV
  • Xfinity – Best for cheap cable TV packages

Cable TV availability and service areas

  • Cox – Available in 19 states. Primary service areas include the Southwest, central U.S. and the Northeast.
  • Mediacom – Available in 22 states. Primary service areas include the Midwest, central U.S. and the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Optimum – Available in four states. Primary service areas include the Northeast and greater NYC area.
  • Spectrum – Available in 46 states. Primary service areas include the South, Midwest and West Coast.
  • Suddenlink – Available in 19 states. Primary service areas include the Ark-La-Tex region, most of West Virginia, eastern North Carolina and parts of Arizona, California, Idaho and Nevada.
  • Xfinity – Available in 40 states. Primary service areas include the Northwest, Great Lakes area and eastern U.S.

Available cable TV providers for your address will depend on where you live. Click “Find TV providers” below to see cable TV providers in your area. You can shop and compare plans from available providers, all in one place for free.

Is AT&T TV cable?

AT&T TV is not a cable TV service, but offers many of the same channels and benefits of traditional cable TV. With AT&T TV, you can watch live and on-demand TV via an exclusive streaming device. Plus, you get direct access to 5,000+ apps and the ability to record an unlimited number of shows at once.

What makes AT&T TV different from other cable TV services? It does not require a wired connection, which means AT&T TV is available virtually everywhere, even where certain cable providers are not.

Compare top cable TV providers

Choosing a cable TV service

In addition to availability, consider available channels, package pricing and available offers such as bundle savings when choosing a cable TV service.

Find which providers and packages have your favorite channels

Available channels will vary by cable TV provider, package and location. Check our channel guides for a list of channels in Cox, Spectrum and Xfinity packages.

Compare cable TV package pricing and added costs

Expect to pay more for cable than the listed starting price. Along with taxes and broadcast fees, equipment rentals and add-on packages can add to your monthly cable bill.

  • Package pricing: $20-$125/mo. – The rate you pay for a set lineup of channels will vary, but starting prices for cable TV packages can range from $20-$125/mo. depending on the provider.
  • Taxes and broadcast/regional sports fees: Varies – These are unavoidable and will vary by location. Broadcast and regional sports fees are costs the provider has to pay to air certain content, which are passed down to the customer and can add $10-$20/mo.
  • Add-on packages: $10-$20/mo. each – If you want premium channels, extra sports networks or international channels, you can add individual packages for $10-$20 extra per month, each.
  • TV boxes and DVR: $5-$15/mo. per device – Some providers include one TV box with their service, but most will charge you $5 or more a month per device. The cost typically goes up for more advanced equipment that comes with DVR capability.

Check for cable TV package deals

Check for special offers, like Spectrum’s contract buyout offer, good for up to $500 to help you out of your contract with another provider. Be sure to read the fine print, however, as Spectrum’s buyout offer is only available when you sign up for select TV and internet bundles.

Bundling TV and internet together is a great way to potentially save on your cable bill. Along with saving you money on your monthly bill and possibly installation costs, bundling cable TV and internet could qualify you for extra equipment and package options.

Other common cable TV deals to lookout for are:

  • Free equipment
  • Free gift cards
  • Free installation
  • Free subscriptions to other services

Call to learn more about cable TV deals in your area. Our cable experts will let you know about available plans plus potential bundle savings and special offers for your home.

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Advantages of cable TV service

If you’re weighing cable TV against other types of home TV service, such as satellite, you might want to examine the pros and cons of cable TV to see if it may be a better choice over other TV options in your area. Here are some advantages to cable TV service:

What are the disadvantages of cable TV service?

  • Cost – Along with the monthly cost of your cable TV package, fees, equipment rentals and other costs can easily push the price of cable TV service above $100/mo.
  • Limited channel options – While cable TV does typically offer great channel selection, you are unlikely to get the channel options you’d get with satellite TV, especially when it comes to sports and international packages.
  • Pressure to bundle – Some cable TV providers only make certain equipment or special offers available with TV and internet bundles. Others may not even offer standalone TV service, requiring you to get their internet if you want TV service with them.

Cable TV streaming packages and apps

Some cable providers offer streaming packages in addition to their regular TV packages. For example, Cox’s Contour Flex and Spectrum’s TV Essentials are streaming-only cable TV packages. These packages offer many of the same popular cable TV channels you’d get with their lower-tiered plans, but come at a lower price point. You are, however, required to bundle with internet to be eligible for these streaming-only packages.

Most cable TV providers also offer free live and on-demand TV streaming on their exclusive apps. Cox, Mediacom, Spectrum, Xfinity and others have their own applications that enable you to stream TV on your mobile devices at home or on the go. Some provider apps also give you access to content recorded and stored in your DVR library.

Can I stream cable TV in my area without a cable subscription?

If you’re not interested in cable, or cable TV service isn’t available in your area, there are a few alternatives to bring you a great TV viewing experience.

  • Live TV — Services such as AT&T TV and Sling offer live TV streaming for many of the same channels that are available from cable TV providers. 
  • On demand — Other streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, let you stream shows, movies and original series on demand. 

These types of on-demand streaming services can be a good alternative or complement to traditional cable TV service. Want to learn more about alternatives to cable TV in your area? Check out our breakdown of the best streaming services and alternatives to cable TV.

Cable TV FAQs

How much is cable TV in my area?

Basic cable TV plans can range from around $30 to $60/mo. Higher-tiered packages can run $100/mo. or more. Equipment and add-on packages can also increase the monthly cost.

The main reason only certain TV providers are available in your area is to help keep costs low. With all the expenses that come with providing cable TV and internet service, attempting to offer new services where another cable provider is already established would not be cost-effective.

Quite often, yes. Most cable TV providers offer price discounts and other incentives, such as equipment upgrades, when you bundle TV and internet together. Call our cable TV and internet experts to hear about special offers from cable TV providers in your area.

You could have access to multiple TV and internet options from cable, fiber and satellite providers. To find cable providers, such as Cox, Spectrum and Xfinity, in your area, enter your ZIP and click “Shop plans” at the top of the page. We’ll show you available cable providers and plans in your new area.

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