Discounted and low-cost internet options for seniors

Camryn Smith

Apr 28, 2023 — 4 min read

Are you a retiree on the lookout for some low-cost internet options? We've got you covered with some of the best ways to score deals and offers.

While the internet is a helpful tool for many consumers, it can be especially beneficial to elderly audiences.

For example, seniors without driving capabilities can shop for groceries and schedule their delivery, or connect with extended family via video chat when they’re unable to travel.

Whether you’re a senior citizen looking for a new internet provider or a relative trying to connect an older user, you’re likely looking for a reliable network at an affordable price. While discounts on internet for seniors aren’t as common as grocery or retail discounts, there are still plenty of ways for elderly internet users to save money on their connection. By using these tips, you can score low-cost internet for seniors without the hassle.

Low-cost internet for seniors

Currently, most providers offer small, reasonably-priced plans or programs for customers who only need to connect a few users and devices.

We’ve listed some providers with low-cost internet plans and programs below. Check our low-income internet guide for more providers with low-cost options.






Other resources to lower internet costs

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) offers eligible customers a $30.00/mo discount. ($75/mo. for those on qualifying Tribal lands) for internet service. It also provides a one-time $100 discount toward equipment such as laptops, desktop computers and tablets.

Most internet providers partner with the ACP and have low-cost internet plans of $30/mo. or less to offer customers a free internet option if they’re eligible. The programs we mentioned above can all be used with the ACP to receive free internet.


Lifeline provides a discount of $9.25/mo. ($34.25/mo. for those on Tribal lands) that can be used with a landline, cellphone plan, internet plan and internet and phone bundles.

Veteran discounts

Many internet providers also provide special internet offers for veterans. If you or your spouse served in the military, you may be eligible for discounts on your connection. Here are a few internet deals offered to veterans (and Active Duty Military) by popular providers:

As you’re shopping for an internet plan, check with your provider to learn more about plan availability and veteran discounts.

Other strategies you can try to lower your internet cost


Internet plans might seem like fixed-price products, but a little negotiation could score you some great savings. If you see lower competitor prices, discounts on mail flyers or hear that a neighbor is paying less than the advertised cost, mention it to your sales agent. Remember to be polite but firm, and ask questions if you don’t understand a fee or added cost. After all, the customer is always right!

Sign a contract

Internet providers who boast “no contracts” may seem to be offering a great perk, but think twice before you buy. Without a contract, your provider can raise the price of your connection at the drop of a hat. Internet contracts ensure that your monthly bill won’t change for a set time period, and may even offer a better value than non-contract plans.

Speak up

If your car still made a strange noise after going into the shop, you’d let your mechanic know and he/she would fix it free of charge. If the meal you were served wasn’t what you ordered, you’d let the restaurant staff know and they’d bring you the correct meal ― and maybe even throw in free dessert!

If you’re not satisfied with your internet service, don’t be afraid to call your provider and tell them. Whether your installation technician left a mess behind or your router won’t reboot, you should expect a high standard of service and support. Because providers want their customers to remain satisfied, you may get a discount, coupon or deal just by communicating your problems to them.

Internet plans shouldn’t crush your budget. To learn more about low-cost internet, internet basics for seniors or other internet topics, check out our Resource Center.


Is there a way to get free internet?

Yes, the ACP program provides a $30 – $75/mo. discount on internet service to eligible customers. Many ISPs partner with the ACP and offer low-cost plans at or under $30/mo. which can get you free internet. Some providers also offer completely free internet options, but they’re usually quite slow.

Yes, the government has various programs that can aid you in internet costs including the ACP and Lifeline.

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