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Optimum Internet, TV, and Phone: Reviewed

Find the best Optimum internet, TV and phone deals in your area. And find out what makes optimum stand out from other providers. Optimum plans and bundles available for a better comprehensive entertainment package for the whole family.

Overall Optimum Review

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What we like

  • No contracts – With Optimum, you’re never stuck in a long-term agreement or responsible for early termination fees.

  • Price for life plans – Why pay more when you can pay the same price, year after year? With Optimum’s Price for Life, you won’t have increasing monthly internet costs.

  • Happy customers – Optimum is one of the highest-ranked providers for customer satisfaction. As of 2020, it ranked fourth with a score of 65/100, according to the Americans Customer Service Index (ACSI).

  • Great bundle deals – Optimum offers some of the best deals when you bundle any combination of internet, TV and phone services.

Things to consider

  • Optimum introductory pricing – The intro price is only available to new customers or former customers who have not had service in at least 30 days, and whose account was left in good standing.

  • Fees, taxes and surcharges – These can change at any time, which means your monthly cost could go up if those charges increase.

  • Basically have to bundle – If you are only looking to purchase cable TV, then Optimum is not your best option. It’s less expensive to bundle internet and TV than it is to purchase just TV.

Optimum offers great bundle deals which is essential for this provider because they shy away from only letting you purchase individual cable tv plans. The good thing is that if you tire from their service, have to move or are no longer interested in their plans- Optimum has no contract! If you decide to keep them, you’ll be locked into a price for life. They definitely value customer loyalty and it shows with their highest ranked customer satisfaction score. Overall if you have the opportunity to get Optimum service in your area and need both internet and cable we say go for it!

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Optimum provides both cable and fiber optic internet options, a variety of discounted TV bundle deals and home phone with unlimited nationwide calling.

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Optimum by Altice offers customers high-speed cable internet plans starting at 300 Mbps. Optimum’s fiber optic internet speeds are as fast as 1 Gbps in select areas.

Explore Optimum Internet

Create a custom Optimum internet, TV and home phone package to get the right speeds, channels and phone features for your home. With Optimum’s home phone, you get unlimited nationwide calling and 20+ calling features, competitive international calling rates and the ability to manage your home phone service from your cellphone.

Explore Optimum bundles

Optimum gives you the options you need to create the TV package you want. Choose one of Optimum’s cable TV plans to enjoy local channels, family entertainment, sports and more. Plus, each plan comes with HD channels and premium options. With Optimum TV, cable channel packages range from 220+ to 420+ channels, up to 15 shows can be recorded at once and you can add-on as many premium channels and packages as you like.

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Additional Optimum services and features

Optimum Package, Plans, and Prices FAQs

Are Optimum and Altice the same thing?

Yes. Optimum, formerly called Cablevision, was acquired by Altice in 2015. Altice is now the parent company of both Optimum and Suddenlink.

Yes and no. Altice One combines your DVR, modem and router into one compact hub. However, you will still need an Altice One Mini for the other TVs in your home. The Altice One Mini connects to the main Altice hub through Wi-Fi, but must still plug into a coaxial cable.

Yes. Optimum allows you to block channels, titles or programs right from your TV screen or on the Optimum App.

No. Optimum does not have data caps or overage fees.

Yes. Optimum offers Altice Advantage Internet for households with qualifying New York students, veterans and seniors ages 65 and older who receive Supplemental Security Income.

The Optimum Broadcast Basic plan has 40+ channels, including local broadcast channels, C-SPAN, Court TV, HSN, Telemundo and Univisión, where available.

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