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Optimum by Altice offers customers high-speed cable internet plans starting at 25 Mbps. Internet speeds are as fast as 400 Mbps in select areas.

About Optimum Wi-Fi plans

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Optimum Triple Play bundles

Featured internet, TV and home phone plan starting at $69.99/mo.*

  • Up to 200 Mbps in select locations with whole-home Wi-Fi
  • 220+ channels and free Cloud DVR
  • Unlimited nationwide calling and 20+ calling features

Get more entertainment with Optimum

Optimum gives you the options you need to create the TV package you want. Choose one of Optimum’s cable TV plans to enjoy local channels, family entertainment, sports and more. Plus, each plan comes with HD channels and premium options.

About Optimum TV

  • Channel packages ranging from 220+ to 420+ channels
  • Select HD channels included
  • Record up to 15 programs at once
  • Access to thousands of On Demand titles and Primetime On Demand
  • Customize with premium channels, subscription On Demand, sports and more add-ons

Stay in touch with Optimum home phone

Optimum Voice provides home phone service that you can pair with internet or TV to create your perfect Optimum phone package.

Optimum Voice

Prices starting at $34.95/mo.*

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Competitive international calling rates
  • Manage your home phone service from your cell phone

Optimum services at a glance

We research some of the top internet and TV providers in the U.S. to help you decide which provider in your area is the best fit for you. Since we work directly with many of these providers, we gather service availability, plan details, customer satisfaction ratings and more for you so you can shop smart.

How does Optimum stack up against other providers? Here’s our take.


Optimum by Altice is available in select areas of the Northeast, such as New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Optimum provides internet, TV and phone services to more than four million people.


Optimum internet starts at a higher price for up to 25 Mbps in select areas than other comparable providers. However, faster Optimum speeds cost less than similar speeds from other providers.

Internet speed

Optimum offers internet speeds up to 400 Mbps, but only where available in specific regions. Additional Optimum internet plans start at tiers like 200 Mbps and 300 Mbps in select locations for more online activities.

Customer satisfaction

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index(ACSI), Optimum internet and TV service scored a 64/100 and 62/100, respectively, in 2018. These rankings put it toward the top of ACSI ranked internet and TV providers.

Service features that set Optimum apart

Total connection with Altice One

Rather than renting or purchasing multiple pieces of equipment to get your entertainment, Optimum offers an Altice One box that combines your modem, router and TV box into one device. Get access to whole-home Wi-Fi, 4K Ultra HD, popular streaming apps and more.

Optimum App

You can watch TV anywhere with the Optimum App. Watch On Demand titles, search your channel guide, view your favorite hit shows and schedule DVR recordings from your laptop, your phone and other compatible devices.

Two million+ Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots

Optimum has a network of more than two million free Wi-Fi internet hotspots so you can keep connected all over the New York tristate area. Plus, Optimum Wi-Fi is available at select NJ TRANSIT stations.

How does Optimum compare to other providers?

There may be many internet and TV providers in your area. In general, where Optimum’s available, it is a reliable cable internet and TV provider. Pricing, TV channels, internet speeds and phone features are all similar to the services other providers offer.

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Existing Optimum customers can call from 7-11 p.m. on weekdays or 7-10 p.m. on weekends for support.


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