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Verizon Fios services overview

Verizon Fios delivers internet and TV services over a 100% fiber-optic network, ensuring a fast and reliable connection. 

Verizon to help customers during the COVID-19 crisis

Verizon has taken a number of measures to provide relief for new and existing customers during this unprecedented period. Verizon has taken the Keep Americans Connected Pledge, which comes with the promise not to terminate any residential internet service due to non-payment and waive late fees through June 30.

Verizon is also promoting social distancing with their self-install options for new customers, eliminating the need for a professional installer when possible. Visit our Verizon COVID-19 response page to learn more about Verizon’s efforts during this time.

Available in eight states and Washington, D.C., Verizon Fios Mix and Match plans offer a variety of high-speed internet plans and TV packages with the option to add home phone service. Choose your Verizon Fios Home Internet plan with download speeds of 200, 400 or up to 940 Mbps, and get a Fios TV package with a channel lineup built around your favorites.  

Verizon Fios Mix and Match deals

Verizon Fios gives you the freedom to get the services you want. Shop internet, TV and home phone services and select the Verizon products that best suit your needs. You won’t find those rigid, pre-packaged bundles here.

  • Mix Verizon Fios internet and TV plans to match your needs
  • Pay for what you want with no surprises
  • No annual contract

Choose your Fios Home Internet speed

Verizon Fios internet delivers download speeds ranging from 200 Mbps up to 940 Mbps where available over a 100% fiber-optic network. If Verizon Fios is not yet in your area, Verizon High Speed Internet (DSL) plans may be available.

Verizon Fios Internet only plans starting at $39.99/mo.*

  • Built on a 100% fiber-optic network
  • Fast download and upload speeds

Your Fios TV is TV just how you want it

Tired of TV plans that have you at the mercy of what channels are included? Your Fios TV from Verizon is the solution.

Your Fios TV package: $50/mo.*

  • Personalize your plan by picking your five favorite channels and Verizon will recommend a package for you based on your picks
  • Record multiple shows at once with the Fios Multi-Room DVR Premium or Enhanced Service1
  • Watch live sports, news, On Demand and DVR recordings on the Fios TV app**

Verizon Home Phone is a great call

Fios Digital Voice from Verizon keeps you connected to friends and family with unlimited calling across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Make Fios Digital Voice part of your Verizon plan and enjoy 30+ calling and privacy features.

Verizon Home Phone: $20/mo.*

  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID

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Verizon Fios FAQs

How much does Verizon Fios cost?

  • Verizon Fios Home Internet 200/200 Mbps for $39.99mo* w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip charges
  • Verizon Fios Home Internet 400/400 Mbps for $59.99/mo* w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip charges
  • Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection – up to 940/880 Mbps for $79.99/mo** w/ Auto Pay + taxes

Verizon Fios Home Internet 200/200 Mbps for $39.99mo* w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip charges.

Verizon Fios Home Internet and Fios TV services are available in eight states and Washington, DC. Verizon TV service is not available to customers whose address is only eligible for Verizon High Speed Internet (DSL).

Verizon Fios Home Internet Gigabit Connection offers download speeds up to 940 Mbps and upload speeds up to 880 Mbps. These speeds are fast enough to handle streaming, gaming and browsing social media on multiple devices.

Verizon encourages new customers to break out of the bundle with their Mix and Match offer. Mix Verizon Fios Internet, TV and home phone plans to get the package that best matches your needs.

New Verizon internet customers can enjoy introductory pricing with Fios Home Internet plans starting at $39.99/mo.*  for 200 Mbps download and upload speeds and no annual contract.