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CenturyLink internet, TV, and phone services

CenturyLink has service in 36 states, covering more than 16% of U.S. households, or around 52 million people. Their DSL internet is available in all CenturyLink serviceable areas, fiber optic service is available to about 30% of people in CenturyLink service areas, and bundles with DIRECTV and home phone packages are also widely available.

CenturyLink provider overview

CenturyLink offers either DSL or fiber optic internet, depending on where you live, and CenturyLink home phone makes a great addition to CenturyLink internet services. Add DIRECTV to complete your home services package.

What we like

  • No contract internet and phone plans – CenturyLink doesn’t have pesky long-term agreements and early termination fees to worry about.

  • Bundle with DIRECTV to get the complete package – Though not required, the CenturyLink and DIRECTV bundling option is great if you need both TV and internet.

Things to consider

  • Your internet speed can vary depending on location – The speed of internet that CenturyLink offers in your area can vary, and fiber optic service is only available in select cities.

  • High fees – CenturyLink charges a $15 monthly fee for modem and router rental. Avoid this fee by purchasing your own equipment.

Interested in CenturyLink business internet? Call: (866) 983-0259

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Explore CenturyLink services, internet and TV bundles

CenturyLink offers internet up to 940 Mbps, Secure WiFi with parental controls plus unlimited home phone. Customize your plan with a DIRECTV package to get the best in live sports, including the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Are you an existing customer looking for help?

View CenturyLink customer service

Shop CenturyLink internet plans

Get CenturyLink DSL with unlimited data, or opt for CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit, where available, with speeds up to 940 Mbps. Fiber Gigabit also has fast upload speeds, perfect for video chatting or conferencing and uploading files to social media.

Explore CenturyLink internet plans

DIRECTV is a popular addition to CenturyLink internet services and is available throughout all CenturyLink service areas. DIRECTV’s main channel packages offer 165 to 340+ channels, plus lots of add-on options, like the exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

Explore DIRECTV packages

Stay safe and stay connected with CenturyLink home phone service, now offering local, long-distance and international calling to over 100 countries.

Learn more by calling (866) 983-0259.

Find the right TV and entertainment services with CenturyLink service

CenturyLink TV packages offer entertainment for every household.

CenturyLink Internet and TV FAQs

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