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CenturyLink availability

CenturyLink is one of the largest providers of DSL and fiber internet services in the US. In addition to high-speed internet, CenturyLink also offers home phone and TV and internet bundles featuring trusted TV providers such as DIRECTV.

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Check CenturyLink internet speeds in your area

Available internet speeds vary by location and internet type. CenturyLink DSL internet can reach speeds up to 140 Mbps. CenturyLink fiber internet can connect you to download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. See what CenturyLink internet speeds are available in your area and choose the best plan for your home with Allconnect.

Up to 20 Mbps

Great for casual internet use, including browsing the web, posting to social media, downloading music and streaming shows.

Up to 40 Mbps

Great for moderate internet use, including streaming in HD, gaming online and connecting 4-5 devices at once via Wi-Fi.

Up to 140 Mbps

Great for heavy internet use, including downloading movies, streaming 4K video, and connecting 7-8 devices at once.

CenturyLink Fiber delivers up to 1 Gbps

In select areas, CenturyLink offers fiber internet service that can connect your home to some of the fastest internet download speeds available – 1 Gigabit per second. Here’s what you could do with Gigabit internet from CenturyLink:

  • Connect 10+ devices at once
  • Stream HD and 4K video with little-to-no buffering
  • Play real-time games online with virtually no lag
  • Download 25 songs in 1 second
  • Download a 30 minute TV show in under 4 seconds
  • Download a 90 minute HD movie in under 34 seconds

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CenturyLink home phone services

Basic Phone Service

CenturyLink’s Basic Phone Service includes unlimited local calling. It’s ideal for staying in touch with local friends and family, or for serving as a landline connection for home security services.

Home Phone Unlimited

CenturyLink’s Home Phone Unlimited plan includes unlimited nationwide calling. You also get a number of calling features including Call Waiting, Caller ID, 3-Way Calling and Voicemail.

Bundle CenturyLink internet and TV

CenturyLink may offer several internet and TV bundle options in your area. These options could include CenturyLink internet and TV service from another provider, such as DIRECTV.

If you want to bundle CenturyLink internet and TV service together, check to see which providers and plans are available in your area.

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CenturyLink offers internet and home phone services in select areas across 35 states. Depending on your location, you could have access to DSL and fiber internet services from CenturyLink. Call to check CenturyLink availability in your area.

In select areas, CenturyLink used to provide TV service called Prism TV. Similar to AT&T U-verse TV, Prism TV delivers video via a DSL internet connection. 

A one-time fee will apply for standard installation. Other initial costs for new CenturyLink services may include activation fees and equipment purchases. Rely on Allconnect to explain all additional costs that may come with new services.

CenturyLink does not require you to sign a contract for services or to get special introductory pricing. However, if you bundle CenturyLink internet with TV or phone from other providers, keep in mind that those providers may require a contract.

For most internet plans, yes. With any plan less than 1 Gbps, you will have a monthly data limit of 1 TB. Exceeding your data limit may result in added fees or disruption in service. Few users, however, will need anywhere close to 1TB of data per month.

Last updated 9/25/18.

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