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HughesNet delivers satellite internet to the contiguous United States and Alaska. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky to get HughesNet, making it the perfect high-speed internet solution for rural areas. Find HughesNet plans and pricing in your area with Allconnect®.

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What is HughesNet Gen5?

HughesNet Gen5 satellite internet service is the latest satellite internet technology from HughesNet. The satellite internet service is the first in the U.S. to offer FCC-defined broadband speeds nationwide with plans that reach speeds up to 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. Data limits are also higher with Gen5 than with HughesNet Gen4.

HughesNet Gen5 comes with integrated Wi-Fi in the modem, another new feature. Use Allconnect to shop available HughesNet Gen5 plans in your area.


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What comes with HughesNet internet?

All HughesNet packages come with speeds up to 25 Mbps and these features:

  • Free off-peak data (up to 50 GB, between 2-8 a.m.)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • HD- and standard-quality video streaming
  • Data monitoring, account management and internet speeds with the HughesNet App

Popular HughesNet packages

HughesNet packages are categorized by how much high-speed data they include. Here’s a breakdown of what users can expect with each data tier of popular HughesNet plans.

For casual internet use. Connect one or two devices for low-bandwidth activity, such as:

  • Checking stocks and scores
  • Reading news and weather reports
  • Sending and receiving email

Ideal for families with kids. Connect one or two devices for low-bandwidth activity, like:

  • Accessing kid-friendly websites
  • Homework help and research
  • Checking social media accounts

Bigger families with multiple devices will find more capacity with 30 GB. Connect multiple devices for moderate activity, like:

  • Sharing pictures on social media
  • Streaming music on one device

It’s the maximum data for HughesNet satellite internet plans. Connect multiple devices for moderate activity, such as:

  • Instant messaging/social media
  • HD-quality movie streaming

Get answers to your questions about HughesNet

Whenever you use the internet, you use data. Each HughesNet package comes with a data limit per month. How much data you use will depend on the type of internet activity and how frequently and how long you stay connected to the internet.

If you exceed your monthly data limit with HughesNet, you can still connect to the internet but you will experience reduced speeds for the rest of your billing cycle. The good news is that you won’t be charged extra for data overages.

Satellite internet is a wireless means of connection to the web. In contrast, cable, DSL and fiber internet all used wired transmission and connection.

With satellite internet, data travels between a dish at your home, the network operation center and a satellite in outer space. Any home with a clear view of the southern sky should be able to receive satellite internet.

 People who live in rural regions or where options for cable and DSL internet are limited, tend to choose satellite internet. That’s because cable internet and DSL providers tend to have broader coverage in more densely-populated areas where TV and phone lines are already in place. Satellite internet is wireless and doesn’t rely on phone lines or cable wiring to deliver a signal.

If you live in a rural area or have limited options for cable or DSL internet, Hughesnet may be a good option for your internet service. Compared to other satellite internet providers like Exede, HughesNet offers greater coverage, up to 25 Mbps download speeds on all plans and lower prices for the speeds and data allowances that you get with HughesNet Gen5 internet service.


If you reach your monthly data limit and want to boost your speeds back to normal, you can purchase HughesNet Data Tokens. These blocks of extra data range from 3 to 25 GB and do not expire.

Last updated on 03/28/18.

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