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The best internet deals of September 2020

Looking for a good deal? Here are the latest internet bargains and promotions.

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Providers are offering more benefits and services to address COVID-19.

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Current best home internet deals 

No matter what internet providers are available in your area, most of them offer some type of promotion to get you to sign up. In some cases, these are fairly inconsequential. But in others, the deals are actually worth hundreds of dollars upfront or over the life of your service contract. To explore the following deals in greater depth, click the links below to jump down to the relevant sections.

  • AT&T – $100 Visa card, one month of HBO Max
  • CenturyLink – Free modem and installation, Price for Life guarantee
  • Frontier – Price guarantee and no data overage charges
  • Optimum – $10 off first month, free installation, Price for Life and $100 Amazon card
  • Spectrum – Contract buyout up to $500, free modem and antivirus software
  • Verizon – One year of Disney+ for free
  • Xfinity – 4K streaming device and Peacock streaming service included

Spot the best internet prices: low cost per Mbps

If you’re looking for high-speed internet for a reasonable price, many providers offer plans that will cost you less than $1 per Mbps – which is a fairly good deal for internet service. These won’t always be your cheapest internet plans, but they will be more cost-effective, making the money you spend on internet each month go a bit further.

Cost per Mbps internet deals

**Rate requires paperless billing. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. Offer Details

Find the best internet deals by provider

What’s the “best internet deal” for you? Depending on which internet service providers (ISPs) are available in your area, you could be eligible for a variety of internet deals, such as discounted internet plans, price guarantees or streaming subscriptions. Here are a few internet providers that often feature internet deals from special limited-time offers to year-round savings.


Deal: $100 Visa card, one month of HBO Max
How to get it: You’ll immediately get a $100 Visa Reward Card and qualify for a free month of HBO Max, a $15 value, when you sign up for an AT&T internet plan that gets speeds of 25 Mbps or higher — in other words, all of AT&T’s plans.

AT&T is the only provider that’s currently offering a deal in the form of a cold hard gift card. t’s always nice to get money upfront, but make sure you compare how valuable that $100 is compared to monthly savings from other providers. If you can pay $10 less per month through Spectrum, for instance, your total savings will surpass that gift card within a year.

In addition to the Reward card, AT&T is also offering one month of free HBO Max to new internet customers, a $15/mo. value on its own. This is a nice perk, to be sure, but Xfinity and Verizon both offer a free year of their respective streaming services to new customers.

Deal:  Free modem and installation, Price for Life guarantee
How to get it: CenturyLink is including a modem and standard installation at no extra cost with all online orders. The Price for Life guarantee is applicable to all internet plans up to 100 Mbps.

While not as flashy as a $100 gift card, CenturyLink’s internet deals for new subscribers may actually be worth more in the long run. The company is currently offering a free modem and installation with all online orders. CenturyLink typically charges up to $15/mo. for modem rentals and up to $125 for setup fees, so this deal could save you more than $300 in your first year.


Deal: Price guarantee and no data overage charges
How to get it: Unlimited data is included with all Frontier internet plans while their price guarantee comes with Frontier High Speed Internet (DSL) plans. 

Like CenturyLink, Frontier also provides a Price for Life guarantee on its internet plans. If you’re happy with the price you’re paying, you can keep it as long as you want. Frontier internet also has no-contract options on many of its plans, so you can cancel anytime without incurring early termination fees.


Deal: $10 off first month, free installation, Price for Life and $100 Amazon card
How to get it: New customers who order online will qualify for $10 off their first bill and free standard installation. Customers who sign up for Optimum internet plans starting at $65/mo. can lock in their price for as long as they have the plan. The $100 gift card comes with Optimum Triple Play packages. 

Optimum is currently offering a variety of deals for new customers when they sign up online. These are great prices to lock into for those interested in high-speed internet. Optimum’s gig-speed plan only costs $70/mo., compared to $110 from Spectrum and $150 from Frontier. If Optimum’s gig-speed plans are available in your area, this deal is absolutely worth a look.


Deal: Contract buyout up to $500, free modem and antivirus software
How to get it: Your Spectrum modem is included with all Spectrum internet plans, while those enrolling in the Spectrum Gig plan will also get free antivirus software. The contract buyout offer is reserved for new customers who sign up for qualifying Double or Triple Play bundles.

If you’re locked into an internet contract that’s not living up to the price, consider making the jump to Spectrum for up to $500 to help you out of your contract.
In addition to their contract buyout offer, Spectrum is currently including free modem rentals for new internet subscribers — typically around $10/mo.


Deal: One year of Disney Plus for free
How to get it: Sign up for any Verizon Fios internet plan.

This promotion for new Verizon customers will be a lot more enticing for most people than free modem rental or waived installation fees. You’ll get an entire year of Disney Plus when you sign up for any Verizon Fios internet plan, an $83.88 value on its own. The streaming service has one of the best 4K libraries in all of streaming, and you’ll have plenty of internet speed to take advantage of it.


Deal: 4K streaming device and Peacock streaming service included
How to get it: Sign up for any Xfinity internet plan to receive a Flex 4K streaming device plus access to Peacock Premium at no extra cost.

While Verizon offers a year of Disney Plus, Xfinity actually ups the streaming ante by including its Flex 4K streaming device with all internet plans at no extra cost. For comparison, similar devices from Amazon and Roku typically cost around $50. You’ll also get a free subscription to NBC’s latest streaming service, Peacock Premium, a $4.99/mo. value. Peacock features over 500 classic shows like Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live, plus an impressive library of movies.

Get the best deals on gigabit internet

Sometimes the best internet deal isn’t the cheapest plan, but the plan that gives you the fastest internet speeds. Many cable and fiber-optic internet providers offer “gigabit” internet plans, which feature download speeds approaching 1,000 Mbps or higher.

Fast internet connections can support HD and 4K streaming, online gaming and much more across multiple devices – which can quickly use up large amounts of data. When comparing deals on high-speed internet, you may also want to consider an internet provider with unlimited data or high data allowance to avoid speed throttling or overage fees.

High-speed internet and data deals

  • AT&T Internet 1000 – Up to 1,000 Mbps for $49.99/mo.* with unlimited data
  • CenturyLink Gigabit – Up to 1,000 Mbps for $65/mo. with 1 TB/mo.**
  • Cox Gigablast – Up to 940 Mbps for $99.99/mo.* with 1 TB/mo.
  • Spectrum Internet Gig – Up to 940 Mbps for $109.99/mo.* with no monthly data limit
  • Verizon Fios Gigabit – Up to 940/880 Mbps for $79.99/mo.* with no monthly data limit
  • XFINITY Gigabit Pro – Up to 2,000 Mbps for $299.99/mo.* with 1 TB/mo.

Don’t overpay for internet. Get the speeds you need

Fast internet speeds are great, but the fastest plans available might not be the internet deal you’re looking for if it delivers way more speed than you need. 

Consider your internet activities and determine what internet speed you really need. Then, shop plans and internet promotions in your area that best match those speeds. This way, you’re likely to get a connection fast enough to handle your favorite online activities without overpaying for speeds you won’t use.

Not sure what speeds you need or which internet provider has the best deal for you? Call to speak with our internet experts. We’ll detail available providers and plans in your area, help you pick the right plan and take advantage of any available special offers in your area.

Internet deals FAQs

Take some of the mystery out of shopping for internet deals in your area. You’ll find answers to some of the common questions many people have when looking for an internet provider below. Give us a call to learn more about internet deals from providers near you.

Who has the best deals on TV and internet?

Xfinity offers some of the best deals on TV and internet with multiple plans to choose from and added savings for each Xfinity service you select. Plus, you’ll get a 4K streaming device and a free subscription to NBC’s Peacock streaming service. Many providers, including AT&T, Cox and Spectrum also offer discounted pricing deals on TV and internet bundles.

Aside from logging in at free public Wi-Fi spots, you may be able to take advantage of free internet from sources such as FreedomPop or NetZero. These ISPs typically come with highly limited speeds and data allowances, but can serve as a free connection if you aim to use the internet for little more than sending an email.

While no internet providers offer free internet plans specifically for seniors, many have lower-priced options for seniors, veterans and low-income households. Read this article about internet deals for seniors, and contact your local internet provider to ask about specific deals available for your household.

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