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Cheap TV and internet packages

Here are the cheapest TV and internet bundles available from major internet and TV providers we partner with in the U.S. ordered by lowest monthly rate.

Provider Price Internet speeds up to Package name Channels Bundle features


$44.99/mo.* 60 Mbps Internet Plus Instant TV 10+ HD service, no required TV box, customizable TV plan, access to XFINITY Stream app
Cox Communications Logo


$54.99/mo.* 10 Mbps Cox TV Starter and Internet Starter 10 75+ Cox mini-box has parental controls, easy self-installation and HD programming
AT&T logo


$65/mo.* with autopay 5 Mbps DIRECTV SELECT + Internet Double Play 155+ Unlimited internet data, HD programming, 3 months of free premium channels
Verizon Fios Logo

Verizon Fios

$79.99/mo.* 100 Mbps Fios Double Play bundle  155+, varies by Custom TV package Optional DVR and premium channels, can customize channel package
Spectrum Logo


$89.98/mo.* 200 mbps Spectrum TV Select + Internet 125+ Fast speeds, unlimited internet data, free HD, free access to Spectrum TV app
Frontier Logo


Varies by location 6 Mbps Broadband Core + DISH America’s Top 120+ 190+ 24/7 customer support team, comes with HD programming & 2-year price guarantee

*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. Last updated on 1/21/19.

Some TV and internet providers offer different cable and internet deals across the country, so not all offers may be available in your area. To find the best internet and TV deals near you, call Allconnect® at {{}} to compare internet and cable plans.

TV and internet packages from top providers near you

Cable TV and internet package providers

Buckeye Broadband – Enjoy both TV and online entertainment from Buckeye Broadband with HD Cable TV & Broadband Internet, Popular Standard TV & Broadband Internet, Express Essential, Express Essential Plus and Express Ultimate packages.

Cox – Get internet and TV from Cox with their Cox Bronze Duo, Cox Silver Duo and Cox Gold Duo packages. You can also enjoy a Cox TV Starter package paired with one of many internet speed options.

MCTV – Combine high-speed cable internet and TV with Home Internet and Basic Cable TV or Home Internet and Lifeline Cable TV from MCTV.

Spectrum With Spectrum, you can pair TV Select, TV Silver or TV Gold with an internet plan starting at 100 Mbps. Where available, you can upgrade to internet speeds as fast as 940 Mbps.

Optimum – Get TV and internet with bundles from Optimum such as Core TV and Internet 200, Select TV and Internet 200, Core TV and Internet 400 and Premier TV and Internet 200.

Suddenlink – Suddenlink has a variety of internet and cable options for customers such as Value TV & Internet 100, Select HDTV & Internet 100, Value TV & Internet 400 and Select HDTV & Internet 400.

XFINITY – Bundle Comcast internet and TV with one of XFINITY’s many cable and internet plan options. Combine a customizable, cable-free Instant TV plan with internet, or choose a package such as the X1 Preferred Double Play, X1 Premier Double Play or one of many other double play options.

Fiber TV and internet packages

AT&T Fiber – AT&T offers a variety of TV and internet packages, including fiber internet options that you can bundle with DIRECTV or AT&T U-verse TV. Pair fiber internet with U-Family TV, U200 or U300 to create an internet and cable package or match fiber internet with any DIRECTV plan.

Verizon Fios – Verizon offers the ability to bundle your 100% fiber connection with one of their numerous TV options. Match Fios internet with Custom TV, Preferred TV, Ultimate TV, Extreme TV, Local TV, Mundo TV or Mundo Total TV to build your perfect internet and cable bundle.

Frontier FiOS– Bundle fiber internet with TV by choosing a Frontier bundle such as the FiOS 50/50 + FiOS TV Prime HD package, the FiOS 100/100 + FiOS TV Prime HD or the FiOS 50/50 + FiOS TV Prime HD + Digital Voice package.

Satellite TV and internet package providers

DIRECTV and internetDIRECTV satellite services can be bundled with internet from providers such as AT&T, CenturyLink, HughesNet and Mediacom.

DISH TV and internet – DISH offers a variety of bundles by partnering with HughesNet and regional internet providers, such as Frontier, Verizon and Windstream.

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Is bundling TV and internet cheaper?

By bundling your TV and internet plans with certain providers, you could save up to $25 per month.* You may be able to enjoy even higher savings when you bundle TV, internet and phone.

AT&T DIRECTV SELECT + Internet Double Play Bundle

  • Starting at $75/mo.*
  • Internet $50/mo. for up to 100 Mbps*
  • TV $35/mo. for 155+ channels*
  • Bundled savings: $10/mo.*

CenturyLink internet & DIRECTV bundle

  • Starting at $80/mo.*
  • Internet $45/mo. for up to 40 Mbps*
  • TV $35/mo. for 155+ channels*
  • Bundled savings: $0/mo.*

Cox TV Starter TV and Internet Starter 10

  • Starting at $54.99/mo.*
  • Internet $29.99/mo. for up to 10 Mbps*
  • TV $25/mo. for 75+ channels*
  • Bundled savings: $0/mo.*

Spectrum Internet and TV Select package

  • Starting at $89.98/mo.*
  • Internet $44.99/mo. for up to 100 Mbps*
  • TV $44.99/mo. for 125+ channels*
  • Bundled savings: $0/mo.*

Verizon Fios Double Play bundle

  • Starting at $79.99/mo.*
  • Internet $39.99/mo. for up to 100 Mbps*
  • TV $40/mo. for 155+ channels*
  • Bundled savings: $0/mo.*

XFINITY Internet Plus Instant TV

  • Starting at $44.99/mo.*
  • Internet $39.99/mo. for up to 60 Mbps*
  • TV $30/mo. for 10+ channels*
  • Bundled savings: $25/mo.*

*Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. As of 1/21/19.

Bundling internet and TV with a provider in your area may not give you savings on your monthly rate. However, many providers offer exclusive bundle bonuses such as a gift card, free installation or unlimited internet data.

Special deals for bundling TV & internet

  • AT&T – Unlimited internet data and free installation with qualifying packages
  • CenturyLinkGet a rewards card up to $300 for bundling high-speed internet and DIRECTV
  • Verizon Fios – Amazon Prime for 12 months and Amazon Echo speaker with 2-year agreement and home phone service

Allconnect can help you find the best internet and cable bundles in your area. When you call our experts at {{}}, they can help you find cheap internet and TV services that help you maximize your home entertainment.

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Frequently asked questions about TV and internet packages

Yes. Some internet and TV packages, such as those with satellite TV or DSL internet, offer bundled services from different providers, such as AT&T and DIRECTV. Your TV and internet bundle providers will vary based on your location.

Cable TV and internet providers vary by location, but it’s easy to find which providers are available near you. Use Allconnect to learn which TV and internet providers service your address. We’ll show you a list of available providers plus their current offers so you can compare providers and plans in one place.

Many providers offer discounted rates and introductory pricing with their TV and internet packages. Allconnect is the easiest way to find the latest TV and internet deals from providers in your area.

No, for bundles that include fibersatellite or cable internet, you do not need a home phone connection. However, if you want home phone, you can add it to almost any TV and internet bundle. In some cases, adding home phone is free. Adding home phone service could lower your monthly rate with select providers, such as Verizon  Fios.

Cox, Spectrum, Verizon and XFINITY all offer TV and internet bundle options with no-contract options. However, if you choose a package without a term agreement, you may pay a higher monthly rate or you may not qualify for additional bundle features.

Certain providers offer internet and streaming-only TV bundles. With AT&T, you can pair DIRECTV NOW with high-speed internet. XFINITY provides XFINITY Instant TV and internet packages, and CenturyLink partners with DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV to offer CenturyLink internet and streaming bundles.

Last updated 1/21/19.

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