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The best internet and TV deals for 2020

We’ve listed the starting prices and service details for the top TV and internet providers, but you’ll likely have more package options from these providers or others in your area.

ProviderMonthly internet price starting at*Monthly TV price starting at*Internet speeds starting atChannel counts starting at
$49.99$49.995 Mbps65+ channels
$29.99$25.0010 Mbps75+ channels
Frontier Communications
$29.99$64.9950 Mbps155+ channels
MediacomMediacom$19.99$49.9960 Mbps50+ channels
OptimumOptimum$29.99$74.9920 Mbps220+ channels
$49.99$44.9960 Mbps125+ channels
SuddenlinkSuddenlink$34.99$57.99100 Mbps225+ channels
Xfinity logo
$29.99$49.9915 Mbps125+ channels

The faster internet speeds and larger TV packages you choose for your bundle will likely increase the monthly price, but it may also qualify you for added incentives such as free installation, equipment upgrades or steeper bundle discounts. You may also receive Wi-Fi when you bundle TV and Internet together!

Compare TV and internet providers near you

Cable and fiber-optic internet providers will likely be your best options to get internet and TV from the same provider. We’ve listed some of the most popular TV and internet providers below. Click on any of them to learn more about their bundle offers.

Can I bundle TV with satellite or DSL internet?

About 10% of those living in the U.S. won’t have access to cable or fiber internet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have TV and internet bundle options. Satellite and DSL internet providers often partner with satellite TV providers to offer TV and internet bundles.

The biggest satellite TV providers, DIRECTV and DISH, don’t provide satellite internet, but you may still be able to bundle your satellite TV package with other internet providers near you. 

Depending on which internet providers are in your area, satellite TV and internet bundles may or may not come with additional savings or bundle deals. Popular internet providers to bundle with DIRECTV or DISH packages include:

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Best TV and internet bundles for 2020

Bundling internet and TV can get you deals and monthly savings that may not otherwise be available with standalone services. Add that to the convenience of shopping for two or more services at once and it’s easy to see why so many choose to bundle home services.

Top TV and internet deals

Depending on which cable and internet providers are available in your area, you could have access to a variety of bundle offers and the perks that come with them. Click “Shop bundles” to view some cable and internet providers near you. Or, call to speak with our TV and internet bundle experts about specific plans and deals available at your address.

Cheap internet and cable bundles

Bundling TV and internet is a great way to potentially save on your monthly bill. You may get even higher savings when you bundle TV, internet and phone. For more information about bundling, head on over to our Resource Center to learn how to get the most out of your bundle.

Many providers offer monthly savings or exclusive bundle bonuses such as a gift card, free installation or unlimited internet data with their bundle packages. Call for details on special bundle offers in your area.

Call for details: (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

TV and internet bundle details by provider

Altice – Optimum and Suddenlink

The biggest advantage of bundling Optimum or Suddenlink (both Altice brands) is access to the Altice One device. This unique device acts as your TV box, internet modem and router all in one, further streamlining how you bundle. 

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $64.99/mo.* (Optimum), $54.99/mo.* (Suddenlink)
  • Discount for bundling: Yes, varies by package
  • TV and internet bundle perks: Altice One device upgrade. $100 gift card with select bundles. Free installation with select bundles


You’ll get the fastest internet speeds from AT&T’s fiber-optic network, but internet and TV bundles are available whether AT&T Fiber or DSL is available in your area. AT&T gives you the option to bundle with their satellite TV service, DIRECTV, or their new streaming service, AT&T TV.

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $79.98/mo.*
  • Discount for bundling: $10 off internet and TV for bundling
  • TV and internet bundle perks: Unlimited monthly internet data, gift cards included with select bundles, numerous TV options with AT&T TV and DIRECTV

CenturyLink has scaled back their TV service, Prism TV, and now promotes bundles featuring CenturyLink internet and TV service from DIRECTV. It won’t get you any additional discounts, but it does make shopping for home services a little simpler. 

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $98.98/mo.*
  • Discount for bundling: None
  • TV and internet bundle perks: None


Cox is known for their bundle discounts, making them a popular choice for internet and TV service. Cox also gives you lots of bundle options with monthly savings varying from package to package.

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $89.99/mo.*
  • Discount for bundling: Up to 60% or more off the monthly price compared to purchasing services individually
  • TV and internet bundle perks: In addition to some of the best discounts for bundling, Cox also offers free installation with select packages


Frontier Vantage and FiOS plans come with fast speeds, unlimited data and no contracts, even if you don’t bundle. If you want Frontier TV service, however, you’ll need to bundle with internet as TV is only available as part of a bundle package.

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $64.99/mo.*
  • Discount for bundling: N/A as standalone TV options are not available
  • TV and internet bundle perks: Frontier may incentivize bundling with gift cards and free installation with select packages


HughesNet does not provide TV service, but their satellite internet service brings broadband to millions of rural households. If satellite is your go-to option for internet, you’ll likely also want to consider satellite service from DIRECTV or DISH for your TV service.

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $89.98/mo.* (with DIRECTV)
  • Discount for bundling: None
  • TV and internet bundle perks: None


Mediacom’s speeds and TV plan options are similar to other cable providers. If you want TV, you’ll have to bundle with internet as no standalone TV options are available.

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $59.99/mo.*
  • Discount for bundling: N/A as no standalone options are available
  • TV and internet bundle perks: None other than the convenience of having multiple services on one bill


In most service areas, Spectrum offers three internet packages and three TV packages, all of which you can combine in any way to build a bundle with the internet speeds and TV choices you want. 

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $89.98/mo.*
  • Discount for bundling: Yes, typically $5-$10 depending on your package options
  • TV and internet bundle perks: Contract Buyout offer. Qualifying Spectrum bundles can get you up to $500 in credits to help you get out of your current contract


Like HughesNet, Viasat provides satellite internet but not TV service. Viasat promotes DISH packages with their internet service, but pairing the two is not likely to get you any special offers or savings.

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $129.99/mo.*
  • Discount for bundling: None
  • TV and internet bundle perks: None


Windstream Kinetic TV service is available in select areas to bundle with Windstream internet, but your best options for Windstream and TV will likely include a satellite TV provider.

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $69.98/mo.*
  • Discount for bundling: None with satellite TV. Varies with Windstream Kinetic
  • TV and internet bundle perks: None that aren’t available with standalone Windstream internet 


Xfinity TV and internet packages vary by location, as does their bundle pricing and perks. Those in Xfinity service areas can expect discounts and extra bonuses for bundling, regardless of plan options and pricing.

  • TV and internet bundles starting at: $40.00/mo.*
  • Discount for bundling: Yes, $10 or more for each service you add 
  • TV and internet bundle perks: Most Xfinity bundles enable customers to get the X1 TV box and xFi Gateway router. Xfinity bundles may also come with free installation and additional services (such as Netflix and premium channels), but vary widely by package and location 
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TV and internet packages FAQs

Who has the best TV and internet package?

Larger providers, such as AT&T, CenturyLink, Cox, Spectrum, Verizon Fios and Xfinity offer some of the best TV and internet packages across the country. However, regional cable and internet providers, like Buckeye Broadband, MCTV, Optimum and Suddenlink, may also provide competitive bundles in your area.

Can I bundle wireless plans with internet?

Yes. With certain providers such as AT&T, you can bundle wireless phone plans with internet or TV packages. Traditional bundles include home phone instead of wireless; however, it may be possible if the provider offers wireless service to do a double or triple bundle with cell phone service. In some cases, you may even be able to do a quad bundle with internet, TV, home phone and wireless phone service.

Can I get TV and internet from different providers and still get a bundle?

Yes. Some internet and TV packages, such as those with satellite TV or DSL internet, offer bundled services from different providers, such as AT&T and DIRECTV. Your TV and internet bundle providers will vary based on your location.

Do I have to get home phone with my bundle?

No. However, if you want home phone, you can add it to almost any TV and internet bundle. In some cases, home phone is included at no extra cost.

Who offers cable and internet packages without an annual contract or term agreement?

Cox, Frontier, Spectrum, Verizon and Xfinity all offer cable and internet bundle options with no-contract options. However, if you choose a package without a term agreement, you may pay a higher monthly rate or you may not qualify for additional bundle features.

Can I get a streaming TV and internet bundle?

Certain providers offer internet and streaming-only TV bundles. With AT&T, you can pair AT&T TV NOW with high-speed internet. Xfinity provides Xfinity Instant TV and internet packages, and CenturyLink partners with AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV to offer CenturyLink internet and streaming bundles.

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