Ziply Fiber

Ziply Fiber will offer internet, TV and home phone to select customers formerly served by Frontier Communications. Learn what that means for you.

What is Ziply Fiber?

Ziply Fiber is a brand of WaveDivision Capital, who recently acquired internet, TV and home phone networks formerly operated by Frontier Communications in areas of the northwestern U.S. Effective May 2020, the Ziply Fiber brand will take the place of Frontier Communications in areas of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. 

What does this mean for existing Frontier customers in these service areas? What can new customers expect from Ziply Fiber? Details are still to come regarding Ziply Fiber plans and pricing, but you’ll find information helpful to current Frontier Communications customers and potential new Ziply Fiber customers below.

Where will Ziply Fiber be available?

Ziply Fiber is replacing Frontier Communications in all areas of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington that were previously serviceable for Frontier. Top service areas where Ziply Fiber will offer services include:



Portions of Lincoln County including:

  • Callows Island
  • Libby
  • Pioneer Junction
  • Troy
  • Yakt


Ziply Fiber has not announced plans to extend services beyond the network areas acquired from Frontier Communications, but may offer service to more areas in the coming future. To find out if your area is eligible for Ziply Fiber or other internet service providers, call to speak with our internet experts.

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Introducing Ziply Fiber internet, TV and home phone services

Since Ziply Fiber will use the same networks Frontier used to deliver services, available internet speeds, TV channels and home phone capabilities will be largely the same. Current Frontier Communications customers should see no change in their internet service and few changes to their FiOS TV service.

Ziply Fiber customer service and billing information

We understand you have concerns about the transfer from Frontier Communications to Ziply Fiber and the effect it will have on your service and costs. You’ll find Ziply Fiber customer support and billing information below.

Ziply Fiber customer service number: 866.699.4759

Prior to the transfer of services, your call will be answered by a Frontier representative.

Ziply Fiber billing information

You will receive your Ziply Fiber bill the same way you currently receive your Frontier Communications bill, either by mail or e-mail. 

How to pay your Ziply Fiber bill 

  • Online through your bank – Pay the same as you would for your Frontier bill, but set the payee address to:

    Ziply Fiber
    PO Box 740416
    Cincinnati, OH 45274-0416

  • By mail – Send your payment to:

    Ziply Fiber
    PO Box 740416
    Cincinnati, OH 45274-0416

  • By phone – Call the Ziply Fiber customer service number at 866.699.4759 to process your payment by phone. Note that the number to pay your Ziply Fiber bill by phone may change.
  • In person – The same locations that currently accept Frontier Communications bill payments will also accept Ziply Fiber payments.

If you are enrolled in automatic payments with Frontier Communications, either by credit card or ACH, no action is required on your part. Ziply Fiber will automatically transfer your information.

Will my bill increase?

Currently, Ziply Fiber has indicated that customers will see no changes to their monthly bill.

Ziply Fiber frequently asked questions

Why did Frontier Communications sell to Ziply Fiber?

These types of transactions are common in the telecommunications industry. In fact, Frontier Communications purchased the very same networks they are now selling to WaveDivision Capital from Verizon in 2009. The good news is current customers can expect few changes to the service, if any.

When is the transition from Frontier to Ziply Fiber happening?

Frontier Communications services will transfer to the new Ziply Fiber brand in May 2020. The transfer will be automatic and customers are likely to experience no service disruptions during the transfer.

Who owns Ziply Fiber?

Ziply Fiber is part of WaveDivision Capital.

Will my current Frontier modem and router work with Ziply Fiber?

Yes. The modem and router you currently use with your Frontier internet service is compatible with Ziply Fiber.

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