About Allconnect

Allconnect is a free resource that simplifies how you shop for internet and TV services. Our purpose at Allconnect is to provide you with the most simple and accurate way to compare and purchase the best internet service plan for your needs.

What we do: Inspire informed decisions, not influenced ones

Instead of trying to sell a product, we give you the information needed to let the product sell itself through researched reviews and guides, written by experts in the broadband field. 

It sounds simple, but we feel it’s the best way for our customers to truly get what’s best for them.

We currently get over one million unique visitors to the site per month and have over 60 team members working to gather info from top providers across the U.S. and make sure to include everything you’d want to know — availability, pricing, deals, special features, even the fine print. Then, we objectively present it all and let you decide which providers and plans are best for you.

We also want to make sure you have the tools to make the best internet service decisions. Our team of expert writers create easy-to-digest guides to help you understand the industry’s technical jargon:

Our Resource Center also provides coverage on topics such as getting help to pay for your internet bill, 5G coverage and the digital divide. 

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, we’re ready to complete your order and schedule your installation.

How we do it: Partnerships, tech… and lots of hard work

Allconnect partners with more than 30 internet providers to bring you some of the best options available at your address, so you can find and compare your options all in one place.

Learn how to partner with us

How does Allconnect know which plans are available in your area?

It’s all thanks to our in-house technology and dedication to bringing you accurate, up-to-date information. The plans and pricing you get from Allconnect are the same as what you’ll find on individual providers’ sites. The difference is we provide them all in one place to help you compare.

Why we’re different: It’s all about you

Allconnect focuses on what’s important to you, like:

  • What’s available in your area
  • What’s best for your needs
  • How you can save money without compromising service quality
  • How to avoid getting stuck with a plan you don’t want or need

At Allconnect, we want to give you all the information you’d need to make an informed decision. Allconnect is your source for provider info and comparisons, interesting stats for your area and, most importantly, the best plans available for your home.

Allconnect Utilities

You may have noticed that we share a similar name to our sister business, Allconnect Utilities. After setting up utilities with your electricity or gas provider, you can choose to be transferred to Allconnect to set up internet, TV or security services. 

Through Save on Energy, you can make your utility choices and learn more about solar energy. Using similar technology as our broadband finder, you will input your ZIP code and be able to compare energy plans available to you. 

Through our Mover Connection Center, you can also get connected to your new area before your upcoming move. From home services to updating your voter registration information, you get access to everything in one place.

If you have questions about an existing utility order, please call 844.263.2443.

Or if you prefer, you can reach us via email at: customercare@allconnect.com. Learn more about our customer service here

What drives Allconnect

  • Our team: At Allconnect, we are analysts, sales specialists, researchers, writers, designers and developers — but no matter our individual roles, we’re all industry experts. We’ve done the research on what to look for in internet or TV providers, and we’re eager to pass those learnings on to you.
    If you’re interested in joining the Allconnect team, check out career opportunities.
  • Our tech: Allconnect uses patented technology to bring you accurate, up-to-date info on plans no matter where or when you use our site. Designed for speed, agility and security, our technology supports nearly 5 million customer transactions a day.
  • Our sales agents: They use the same technology to see exactly what’s available for your home. When you call, they’ll be able to tell you what providers and plans are available, as well as give you the specific details of each plan.

Our history

Allconnect, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia, with the goal of creating a simple marketplace for people to shop for multiple services, from multiple providers, all in one place.

In addition to Allconnect.com, Allconnect also partners with utility companies across the country to help customers who are starting or transferring their electric service connect with all the other home services they need when they move.

Twenty years later, Allconnect has helped more than 33 million people across the country set up home services.

In 2017, Red Ventures acquired Allconnect, Inc., bringing new technology, extra talent and fresh perspectives to the business. Allconnect is now based in the Charlotte, NC, area with offices as well as sales and customer care centers in Atlanta and across the U.S.

Meet the Allconnect team

Answers to your Allconnect questions

Here are some quick answers to common questions about Allconnect. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Allconnect sells a variety of home services from top providers across the U.S. Services include internet, TV, home phone, home security and energy in deregulated states. Allconnect doesn’t provide any of these services outright but instead connects you to the top available providers who do.

Allconnect partners with most of the top providers available. Some providers not currently sold via Allconnect may include small, highly-localized providers. We strive to partner with the biggest providers and continuously seek to establish new partnerships in order to bring you the most reasonable and reliable options when shopping for home services.

Allconnect is completely free to use. Any costs that come with setting up new services come straight from the providers, not Allconnect. You will not be charged any fees or premiums for ordering services through Allconnect.

Allconnect has financial partnerships with the providers we sell products for. Whenever we sell a provider’s product, the provider compensates us for that sale. This allows Allconnect to always be free for the customer to use. See our advertiser disclosure for more information.

Allconnect has a few call centers, and your call could go to any one of them depending on when and where you’re calling from. Regardless of which call center you reach, an experienced, knowledgeable Allconnect associate will handle your order. They will ask you what you’re looking for, tell you what’s available in your area, process your initial payment over a secure network and schedule your installation.

In many cases, when customers are setting up electricity services, they are also in the market for other home services, such as internet and TV. That’s why Allconnect partners with many electricity providers to help customers who have just started or transferred their electric service set up all their other home services at the same time.