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AT&T vs. Cox

Compare AT&T and Cox internet and TV packages to find the best fit for you.

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Is AT&T or Cox better for you?

AT&T and Cox offer comparable internet, TV and home phone services in many of the same areas. If your home is eligible for both services, you may be wondering, “Is AT&T or Cox better?” Depending on what you’re looking for, either service could prove to be the better one for your home.

AT&T vs. Cox quick summary

  • Cox has more internet plan options than AT&T, especially for those looking for plans with lower speeds.
  • AT&T and Cox offer gigabit internet plans with speeds approaching 1,000 Mbps, but AT&T’s gigabit service is available in more areas and for a lower price. 
  • Cox gives you steeper discounts for bundling internet and TV, but AT&T gives you more TV options with DIRECTV and its new streaming service, AT&T TV.
  • AT&T ranked considerably higher in customer satisfaction than Cox for both TV and internet services in 2018 and 2019, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

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AT&T vs. Cox internet side-by-side comparison

AT&T vs. Cox internet packages

Cox is likely to give you more internet package options than AT&T, with up to five packages ranging from 10 to 940 Mbps in most areas. AT&T’s internet package options vary by whether AT&T High-Speed Internet (DSL) or AT&T Fiber is available.

AT&T internet plans

PackageMonthly starting price*Speeds up toData cap
AT&T Internet$49.99100 Mbps1 TB/mo.
AT&T Fiber 1000$49.991,000 MbpsNone

AT&T’s fiber-optic internet service features faster speeds and higher monthly data allowances than their DSL service, but is available in fewer areas. Your AT&T internet service comes with no contract agreement, although there may be a term limit in place for promotional pricing. In cases of early termination, your fee will be prorated based on your plan.

Another benefit of AT&T Fiber is speed tier consistency. Speeds of 1,000 speed tiers are typically available in all AT&T Fiber service areas. On the other hand, you are limited to whatever speeds the network can deliver, anywhere between 5 and 100 Mbps, with AT&T’s DSL service.

Cox internet plans

PackageMonthly starting price*Speed up toData cap
Internet Starter 10$29.9910 Mbps1 TB/mo.
Internet Essential 30$39.9930 Mbps1 TB/mo.
Internet Preferred 150$59.99150 Mbps1 TB/mo.
Internet Ultimate$79.99300 Mbps1 TB/mo.
Gigablast$99.99940 Mbps1 TB/mo.

Cox internet plans give you a bit more flexibility with speeds and pricing. While available speeds and pricing may vary by location, you’re likely to have options ranging from a basic connection to one with all the speed you could want.

Cox internet plans are offered without contract agreements and may be canceled within the first 30 days of service at no cost to the subscriber. After 30 days, a termination fee of up to $120 will be charged to your account.

See what Cox internet plans are available, and how they compare to AT&T plans in your area. Click “Shop plans” to get started.

AT&T vs. Cox internet equipment and features

Aside from speed and pricing, what else can you expect from AT&T vs. Cox internet? Here’s a look at equipment, security and app features from both providers.

Internet equipment

AT&T and Cox offer their own, similarly-functioning routers. Both the AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway Router and Panoramic Wi-Fi Router from Cox feature whole-home Wi-Fi connectivity and smart-connection technology that automatically connects devices to the fastest available signal. You can also add Wi-Fi extenders to your equipment with either provider.

Monthly equipment fees for AT&T vs. Cox are the same ($10/mo. for AT&T and Cox). However, Cox gives you the option to use your own compatible Cox equipment and save on the monthly fee, but you’ll have to sacrifice some of the tech support and app-control features that come with the Cox equipment. 

Wi-Fi apps

AT&T’s Smart Home Manager connects to your Wi-Fi Gateway device and lets you monitor and control which devices are connected to your network. You can also troubleshoot connection issues and test your speed from the app.

Cox’s Panoramic Wi-Fi App also enables you to monitor and limit which devices are connected to your network. Create profiles for each user and device for the ability to monitor usage, set parental controls and even schedule “downtime” where Wi-Fi access is restricted for a certain time.

Internet security

Cox and AT&T include their version of Security Suite powered by McAfee® with all internet plans. Once installed, the Security Suite will assist with virus and malware protection, spyware blocking and parental controls. It also performs automatic security updates as needed and comes with free online support.

AT&T vs. Cox TV service

When comparing AT&T vs. Cox, you’ll find TV services to be where the two providers differ most. AT&T has the advantage over Cox in terms of number of available packages and channels, as well as streaming options and availability. Cox does, however, feature better DVR technology with their Ultimate DVR Service, a cloud service capable of recording an insane number of shows at once, 24. 

AT&T TV services

AT&T gives you more TV options than any other provider. Thanks to their satellite TV service, DIRECTV, and their new streaming service, AT&T TV, AT&T is able to offer TV service all over the U.S.

Equipment and service features will vary with each AT&T TV service, but you can expect common TV features, such as DVR service, live TV streaming and add-on packages with all of them.

Cox TV services

Cox gives you far fewer TV options than AT&T with only two standalone cable TV packages available: Cox TV Starter and Contour TV. Cox TV Starter is the basic cable TV plan from Cox including local programming, news and weather reports. Contour TV includes local programming, popular networks and access to on-demand and DVR content via the Contour TV app. Two additional TV packages are available only when you bundle with Cox internet.

  • Cable TV
  • Plans starting at $25/mo.*
  • 75 – 250+ channels
  • Add-on packages for sports, premium networks or international channels
  • Record up to 24 shows at once
  • Stream live or On Demand TV with the Cox Contour App

AT&T vs. Cox bundling TV and internet

AT&T and Cox offer bundles with various combinations of internet, TV and home phone services. Cox also offers home security services available to add to your bundle. Both providers offer discounts for bundling. For example, you can choose any AT&T TV plan and receive gig-speed internet for only $39.99/mo.* (A total savings of $20 per month for both services). AT&T also partners with DIRECTV to offer additional TV, internet and home phone bundles under the AT&T brand.

While AT&T gives you a standard savings each month, typically $10 off per qualifying service you add, Cox lowers the package price for individual services in each bundle. This means total savings on your bundle can vary widely depending on which combination of services you choose.

AT&T vs. Cox availability

Roughly 18 million residents across the U.S. will have the option of AT&T and Cox internet for their home. Here’s a look at some regions and major cities where AT&T and Cox serviceability overlaps.

Is AT&T or Cox available in your area, or perhaps in the city you’re moving to? See more details on AT&T and Cox availability or enter your ZIP code above with our provider search tool.

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AT&T vs. Cox frequently asked questions

Can I get NFL SUNDAY TICKET with Cox?

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a DIRECTV exclusive through the 2020 NFL season. Therefore, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is not currently available with Cox TV service or AT&T TV.

Can I bundle Cox internet and DIRECTV?

You can order both services together but getting internet from one provider and TV from another may disqualify you for savings you would get for bundling with the same provider.

Is AT&T or Cox internet cheaper?

Internet pricing varies by location, but Cox offers cheaper standalone internet with plans starting at $29.99/mo.* AT&T does, however, offer gigabit internet for a lower price, starting at $49.99/mo.* vs. $99.99/mo.* for Cox.

Is AT&T or Cox internet faster?

AT&T’s Fiber 1000 plan gives users download speeds up to 940 Mbps. Cox’s Gigablast internet gives users download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. Though Cox offers slightly faster speeds, AT&T brings their fastest internet plan to more areas.

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