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Illinois internet provider comparison

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Illinois internet at a glance

You’ll find a variety of internet providers and connection types in the Prairie State. Major providers include AT&T, Frontier and Xfinity. HughesNet, Viasat and Starlink are three satellite internet providers each covering 98% of the state.

Most widely-available internet providers in Illinois

  • T-Mobile: 88% coverage. T-Mobile has one 5G home internet plan with no price hikes or hidden fees.
  • Xfinity: 71.5% coverage. Xfinity has a wide range of plans covering the Northeast, Central/Southern and Western regions of the country.
  • AT&T: 62% coverage. AT&T offers unlimited data and no contracts.

Fastest internet in Illinois

  • Xfinity: Xfinity is a cable internet provider offering speeds up to 3,000 Mbps depending on your location.
  • AT&T: AT&T’s fiber optic network offers speeds up to 4,700 Mbps.
  • Frontier: Frontier Fiber 5 Gig offers speeds up to 5,000 Mbps, depending on your location.

Cheapest internet in Illinois

  • Xfinity: $29.99/mo.* for up to 75 Mbps
  • Frontier: $49.99/mo. for up to 500 Mbps
  • T-Mobile: $50.00/mo. for up to 182 Mbps

Quality of internet access in Illinois

The entire state of Illinois has access to the minimum recommended broadband speed, with one-third of the state able to access gigabit speeds:

  • Residents with broadband access (speeds at or over 25/3 Mbps): 100%
  • Residents with access to gigabit speeds (at or over 1000/100 Mbps): 33%
  • Average download speed in Illinois: 95 Mbps