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Spectrum cable bundles

Shopping for TV and internet? Spectrum makes it easy to get the services you need all in one place with their Double and Triple Play cable bundles.

All Spectrum internet plans come with a free internet modem and no data caps while Spectrum TV comes with free HD, even if you don’t bundle. If you choose to bundle services, you can enjoy additional perks, such as:

  • Bundle savings – Combining Spectrum services can get you a discounted rate compared to if you ordered them individually. Additionally, bundling Spectrum services can save you on installation and activation fees.
  • Shopping and billing convenience – Spectrum offers three TV packages and up to three internet plans and lets you combine them however you want to build the right bundle for your home. Once you have your bundle, you can enjoy the simple, streamlined billing that comes with bundling with one provider.
  • Phone options – Choosing Spectrum internet or cable TV services opens up more phone options. Spectrum Mobile is available when bundled with Spectrum internet services, and Spectrum home phone is available as part of internet and/or TV bundles.

Spectrum bundle offers – Double Play

Double Play bundles are the combination of two services, such as internet and TV, internet and home phone, or TV and home phone.

We’ve listed pricing for Spectrum Double Play bundles featuring the standard Spectrum Internet package below. Faster speeds may be available in your area, but will add to the monthly rate of service.

Spectrum Double Play bundle packages

Bundle packageDownload speeds up toTV channel countHome phoneStarting price*
Double Play Select200 Mbps125+N/A$89.98/mo.
Double Play Silver200 Mbps175+ N/A$114.98/mo.
Double Play Gold200 Mbps200+ N/A$134.98/mo.
Internet + Voice200 MbpsN/AUnlimited nationwide calling$59.98/mo.
TV Select + VoiceN/A125+Unlimited nationwide calling$54.98/mo.

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Spectrum Select, Silver and Gold bundles

When it comes to Spectrum internet and TV bundles, the TV package you choose determines if your bundle is Select, Silver or Gold. 

The Double Play Select bundle includes Spectrum Internet and the Select TV package. The Double Play Silver bundle includes Spectrum Internet and the Silver TV package. Same goes for the Double Play Gold bundle. And if you want to add home phone, the bundle becomes a Triple Play.

Where available, you can upgrade your internet plan from Spectrum Internet to the Ultra or Gig plans. This won’t change your bundle name from a “Silver” to a “Gold,” but it will get you faster internet speeds, and a marginally higher monthly bill.

Spectrum bundle offers – Triple Play

Spectrum Triple Play bundles include cable TV, internet and home phone services. You’ll find details and pricing for Select, Silver and Gold Triple Play bundles below. Like with Spectrum Double Play bundles, faster speeds may be available in select areas for an added monthly cost.

Spectrum Triple Play bundles

Bundle packageDownload speeds up toTV channel countHome phoneStarting price*
Triple Play Select200 Mbps125+Unlimited nationwide calling$99.97/mo.
Triple Play Silver200 Mbps175+Unlimited nationwide calling$124.97/mo.
Triple Play Gold200 Mbps200+Unlimited nationwide calling$144.97/mo.

Spectrum internet and wireless bundles

New to the Spectrum bundle catalog are internet and wireless bundles. Available only with Spectrum internet services, Spectrum Mobile offers unlimited or by-the-gig plan shared data options for up to four lines.

Spectrum bundles frequently asked questions

How much is internet and phone with Spectrum?

Pricing for the Spectrum Double Play Select bundle starts at $89.98/mo.* This bundle comes with the standard Spectrum Internet plan, offering speeds up to 200 Mbps where available, and the Spectrum TV Select package, which includes 125+ channels.

Can you bundle Spectrum Mobile and internet?

Yes. In fact, Spectrum Mobile is only available to Spectrum internet customers, so bundling the two is mandatory.

What does a Spectrum bundle include?

Spectrum internet bundles include a free modem and unlimited data. Spectrum TV bundles include free HD. So if you get Spectrum internet and TV together, you will get a modem, unlimited internet data and free HD included with your bundle.

Does Spectrum offer a bundle discount?

Depending on the plans you choose, bundling Spectrum services can get you a discounted rate compared to if you ordered them individually. You can also add home phone to your Spectrum bundle starting as low as $9.99/mo.*

Does Spectrum have a skinny bundle?

The Spectrum TV Essentials plan is available to Spectrum internet customers starting at $14.99/mo. for a bundled price of $64.98/mo.* This skinny bundle includes internet speeds up to 200 Mbps and 60+ live streaming channels plus On Demand viewing.

How much will my Spectrum bundle be after 12 months?

Spectrum price increases to the standard price after 12 months of service. Exactly how much your bill will go up may vary by location and the plans included in your bundle.

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