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What is fiber-optic internet?

While DSL and cable internet  are fast, fiber internet is much faster – up to 25x faster. The materials in fiber-optic lines give it many advantages over conventional copper cable.

Fiber internet uses glass (in a very fine and flexible form) to transmit information via pulses of light. This makes fiber internet more resistant to interference when compared to the copper wires used by other internet providers. Fiber also transmits data much faster over greater distances because the cable is smaller and weighs less, making it ideal for quickly transporting information.

However, fiber broadband service is not perfect – at least not yet. This is because most fiber-optic networks are not currently as far reaching as DSL or cable high-speed internet service. However, fiber optic is the future of the internet and will be become increasingly available in more neighborhoods soon. Use Allconnect® to see if fiber internet is available in your area.

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5 benefits of fiber-optic internet

  • Ease: Plug in your modem and tell the provider to flip a switch. Once fiber-optic lines are installed in more regions, connecting will be this easy for more people.
  • Quality: Since fiber’s main conductor is glass, it is resistant to interference. This helps it produce a connection that’s known for superior performance.
  • Speed: Up to 25x faster than cable or DSL, with a clean and consistent connection coming into your home.
  • Value: The price you pay for the speed you get is more affordable than cable or DSL, and you get more reliable service. Because fiber-optic cables cost less to maintain, the price for service is expected to decrease over time, too.
  • Availability: As providers install more fiber-optic lines, fiber internet will become available to more people. But at this time, fiber is only available in a select cities and neighborhoods.

How to order fiber-optic internet service

Use Allconnect to see if fiber internet is available at your address. If it is, we’ll help find and set up your fiber internet service for free. Fiber optic networks are the fastest internet connections offered to date. Since this technology is so new, however, it’s not as readily available as other internet service options.

Only a few providers like Verizon, AT&T, Frontier and Comcast XFINITY are currently offering a residential fiber-optic internet connections, but they are working to rapidly expanding to provide this service in more neighborhoods. And, many other providers are trying to tap into this state-of-the-art internet technology.

If fiber internet has not yet reached your home, we’ll still give you a full breakdown of all the internet providers available in your area and the packages they offer to help you choose the best internet service for your home.

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