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Internet providers in Oregon

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Internet providers in Oregon

Oregon’s “Silicon Forest” has been a technology center since the 1970s, so it should come as no surprise that cities here have speedy internet service. A 2014 United Van Lines survey found that two families were moving into the state for each one that left. New residents will find a diverse state, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and high desert to the east.

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Oregon internet at a glance

While some rural areas of Oregon lack reliable internet service, its larger cities have access to 1 Gbps download speeds from multiple providers.  

Internet availability in Oregon

96.3% of Oregon homes can have access to some form of internet service.

Fastest internet in Oregon

The fastest internet connection possible will likely leave you most satisfied, as a fast connection means quicker results when downloading large files such as graphics. It also gives you the best streaming performance, with less (or no) buffering of movies and videos. And, a fast internet connection is important for online gaming.

Providers using cable and fiber may offer download speeds up to 1 Gbps. Portland, in particular, offers 1 Gbps service from several providers. Xfinity and CenturyLink are major players around the state in the 1 Gbps club.

  • Spectrum: 940 Mbps
  • CenturyLink: 940 Mbps
  • Xfinity: 1 Gbps

Cheapest internet in Oregon

Some internet users won’t have a need to stream video and may simply want to send and receive email and similar, non-data heavy uses. If that’s the case, an inexpensive plan may do the job. Xfinity offers service starting at $29.99 in most cities, and you can upgrade later to faster plans if you wish. You’ll want to look for unexpected charges, such as installation, which may be waived with a contract, or a fee to purchase a satellite dish or fixed wireless antenna.

  • Whiz to Coho | $24.95/mo.
  • Xfinity |  Xfinity Performance Starter| $29.99/mo.
  • CenturyLink | DSL Price For Life | $49/mo.

Summary of Oregon internet providers

Use the outline below to find the internet service providers in Oregon that best suit your budget, speed preferences and availability: