Explore WOW! internet, TV and phone services

WOW! is a cable and fiber internet provider covering parts of the Midwest and Southern U.S. WOW! also offers home phone and mobile plans, as well as bundling options.

WOW! provider overview

WOW! is a regional cable and fiber internet provider with mobile and home phone services also available. WOW!’s cable and fiber services offer great plan variety and speeds for your home network.

What we like

  • No contracts – No contract is required with WOW! internet plans.

  • Pricing – WOW! has some of the best valued plans available, with

  • Speed – WOW! offers high speed cable plans up to 2,000 Mbps and fiber plans up to 5,000 Mbps.

Things to consider

  • No TV service – WOW! doesn’t have its own TV service, but you can save on YouTube TV if you bundle with WOW!

  • Limited to the south and Midwest –  WOW! has limited availability in a handful of states.

Interested in WOW! business internet? Call: (866)-983-3957

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Explore WOW! services

WOW! offers fiber and cable internet service in parts of the Midwest and Southern U.S. Explore WOW! internet and mobile phone plans.

WOW! coverage and availability map. 

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WOW! internet

WOW! offers cable internet plans starting at $30.00/mo. with speeds from 300 – 2,000 Mbps. WOW! also offers fiber internet starting at $30.00/mo. with symmetrical speeds from 100 – 5,000 Mbps.

Explore WOW! internet

WOW! does not offer its own TV service, but if you bundle your WOW! internet plan with YouTube TV, you can save $10/mo. for one year on your YouTube TV subscription. YouTube TV offers 100+ live TV channels.

WOW! offers home phone service is $9.99/mo. and mobile phone service starting at $15/mo. per line.

You can bundle WOW! internet, mobile and home phone services. Bundle your internet plan with YouTube TV to save $10/mo. for one year on YouTube TV.

WOW! equipment

What to know about WOW!

WOW!’s cable and fiber network has limited availability across the midwestern and southern U.S. WOW! has a variety of cable and fiber internet plans with competitive cable speeds up to 2,000 Mbps and fiber speeds up to 5,000 Mbps, where available.

You can bundle your WOW! internet service with WOW!’s home phone or mobile service. WOW! doesn’t have its own TV service, but you can bundle your internet with YouTube TV to save $10/mo. for one year.

In our customer satisfaction survey, WOW!’s customers were especially satisfied with their speed. Read more about what WOW! customers think below.

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