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Compare Spectrum vs. Kinetic by Windstream

See how Spectrum and Windstream internet and TV services stack up

Is Spectrum or Kinetic by Windstream the provider for you?

Considering Spectrum or Windstream internet for your home? Compare provider features like pricing, internet speeds and more to get the right service for your home. Take a look at our breakdowns of both providers.

How we scored internet providers

We evaluate broadband providers in four categories: affordability, performance, value and customer satisfaction. Each category contains multiple sub-factors, all of which are weighted differently to impact the provider’s overall score.

We evaluate broadband providers in four categories: affordability, performance, value and customer satisfaction. Each category contains multiple sub-factors, all of which are weighted differently to impact the provider’s overall score.

For each sub-factor, we score all providers on a continuous scale of 1 to 5, relative to the industry as a whole. Because the average download speed in America is currently 180 Mbps, for example, we assigned all plans with download speeds between 100 and 299 Mbps a score between 3 and 4. Xfinity’s 200 Mbps plan received a 3.50 score for download speed, while Spectrum’s 400 Mbps plan got a 4.16.

We only considered standardized data points in our scoring system. More abstract data like consistency of service and brand reputation is still part of our analysis, but we opted to let our writers address them in the context of each review.

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Spectrum vs. Kinetic by Windstream internet

Windstream fiber offers an overall better value for internet service than Spectrum internet since it offers similar speed plans, but at a lower price than Spectrum. If only Windstream DSL is available to you, however, you will want to go with Spectrum internet since Windstream DSL only offers speed plans between 15 and 50 Mbps.

Spectrum internet plans

Kinetic by Windstream internet plans

Starting internet speeds from Spectrum or Windstream will mostly depend on where you’re located even though the starting price tends to remain the same. Spectrum speeds start out at 100 to 200 Mbps, while Windstream’s range all the way from 25 to 200 Mbps. A gig-speed internet service option is also available from both providers, although availability varies.

Which internet plan should you choose?

Best overall internet plan: Windstream Kinetic Internet 500

Windstream’s fiber plan, Kinetic Internet 500, is a great option if you are looking for a fast internet plan for a good value. The plan starts at $57/mo. and will increase to $75/mo. after the first 12 months. For comparison, Spectrum’s 400 Mbps plan costs $69.99/mo. and increases to $94.99/mo. after the first 12 months. With 500 Mbps, you won’t ever have to worry about your internet speeds or how many devices you have connected to the internet at a time.

Cheapest internet plan: Windstream Kinetic Internet 200

Windstream offers 200 Mbps for only $37/mo. Even better, Windstream offers symmetrical download/upload speeds, so no matter what online task you are performing, you will get the same great speeds. Spectrum, in comparison, offers a 200 Mbps plan for $49.99/mo. and the upload speeds for this plan are only 10 Mbps. If only Windstream DSL is available in your area, however, you will see plans for $37/mo. for only 15 to 25 Mbps. If this is the case, you will want to pay Spectrum’s slightly more expensive fee and get the 200 Mbps plan instead.

Fastest internet plan: Windstream Kinetic GIG

Both Spectrum and Windstream offer internet plans as fast as 1,000 Mbps. However, Windstream offers this plan for less and provides faster upload speeds. For instance, while Spectrum offers its gig plan for $109.99/mo. with 1,000/35 Mbps (download/upload), Windstream offers it for $67/mo. with 1,000/1,000 Mbps.

Additional things to consider 

Data caps: Neither Spectrum or Windstream impose data caps.

Equipment fees: Spectrum only charges a router fee which is $5/mo. The modem comes for free. Windstream charges $9.99/mo. for its equipment.

Installation fees: Spectrum offers a much lower installation fee compared to most internet providers. While Spectrum only charges $9.99, Windstream charges $50.

Contracts: There are no long-term contracts with either Spectrum or Windstream internet plans.

Spectrum vs. Windstream bundles

Spectrum offers its own cable TV service, so if you bundle with Spectrum, you will have considerably more plans to choose from. Windstream doesn’t have its own TV service, but it does allow you to bundle with Youtube TV and DIRECTV. Spectrum bundles offer a less expensive starting price, but Windstream’s cheapest bundle plan will get you a higher channel count. Spectrum also offers bundle savings of $5/mo., whereas Windstream does not offer any bundle savings.

For more information on bundles from Spectrum or Windstream in your area, click below to see available packages.

Spectrum vs. Windstream TV

Spectrum offers three main cable TV packages and Windstream lets you bundle with your choice of five DIRECTV packages or YouTube TV’s single plan. You’ll have a greater TV selection with DIRECTV, but the service requires a two-year contract and satellite installation, something you wouldn’t have to worry about with Spectrum. 

With Spectrum TV, you can expect a channel count between 125+ and 200+ channels. With DIRECTV, you’ll have a slightly higher channel count of 160+ to 330+ but it will cost you more. Finally, with YouTube TV, you will get a channel count of 95+ channels and it will cost the same as DIRECTV’s 160+ channel plan ($64.99/mo.). 

Spectrum vs. Windstream customer satisfaction

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Spectrum internet ranks slightly higher in customer satisfaction than Windstream. In 2020, Spectrum received a 63/100 and Windstream received a 61/100. Although Spectrum scored slightly higher than Windstream, both internet providers ranked below the average customer satisfaction rating (65/100).

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