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Compare Spectrum vs. Windstream

Compare Spectrum and Windstream internet and TV services to see how they stack up.

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Is Spectrum or Windstream the provider for you?

Considering Spectrum or Windstream internet for your home? Compare provider features like pricing, internet speeds and more to get the right service for your home. Take a look at our breakdowns of both providers.

  • Spectrum is available in far more areas than Windstream, covering 33% of the U.S. population compared to Windstream at 3%.
  • Spectrum offers cable internet and TV service. Windstream internet uses a DSL or fiber-optic network, depending on location.
  • Windstream has cheaper internet plans than Spectrum, but Spectrum will probably give you more speed options.
  • Spectrum and Windstream both include unlimited data with their internet plans, and neither require a contract.
  • Spectrum offers internet, TV and home phone bundles. Windstream bundles include DIRECTV as the TV provider.
  • Spectrum internet scored slightly higher than Windstream in customer satisfaction in 2020, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Spectrum vs. Windstream quick comparison

  • Available in 46 states
  • Bundles starting at $89.98/mo.*
  • Speeds from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps
  • TV channel range of 125-200+ channels
  • Record up to two shows at once
  • No contact required
  • Modem rental included
  • Available in 18 states
  • Bundles starting at $90/mo.*
  • Speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps
  • TV channel range of 155-250+ channels
  • Record up to five shows at once with DIRECTV
  • No-contract internet plans available

Spectrum vs. Windstream availability

Spectrum is available in more than twice as many states as Windstream and offered in more major metropolitan areas nationwide. Windstream serviceability covers a mix of rural and more densely populated areas primarily in the South and Midwest.

States and areas where Spectrum and Windstream availability overlap may include:

Which internet providers and plans are available in your area? Click “Check availability” below to see if Spectrum, Windstream or other internet providers are available in your ZIP code.

Spectrum vs. Windstream internet

Starting internet speeds from Spectrum or Windstream will mostly depend on where you’re located even though the starting price tends to remain the same. Spectrum speeds start out at 100 to 200 Mbps, while Windstream’s range all the way from 1.5 to 200 Mbps. A gig-speed internet service option is also available from both providers, although availability varies.

Cheapest internet plans

Since the starting speeds of either provider vary so greatly from region to region, you won’t have much say in what speeds you’ll get with the most basic internet plan. Price point, installation options and equipment included will be the biggest points of comparison between Spectrum and Windstream’s cheapest plans.

Windstream’s cheapest internet plan is half the price of Spectrum’s cheapest plan, but Spectrum generally offers higher speeds with its lowest plans. When you consider cost per Mbps, Spectrum is likely to offer the better deal with its cheapest internet plan.

Fastest internet plans

Spectrum and Windstream both offer gig speed internet options in some areas. If gig-speeds from both providers are available to your home, you’ll save about $40/mo.* with Windstream internet. Windstream also uses a fiber-optic connection to provide these higher speeds, which is known for reliability as well as speed.

Spectrum vs. Windstream bundles

Spectrum and Windstream have similar bundle offerings, making it easy to compare monthly savings.

Monthly bundle savings with either provider will mostly depend on your bundle selection, the services you choose to bundle and availability of services in your area. For more information on bundles from Spectrum or Windstream in your area, click below to see available packages.

Spectrum vs. Windstream TV

Spectrum offers three main cable TV packages and Windstream lets you bundle with your choice of five DIRECTV packages. You’ll have a greater TV selection with DIRECTV, but the service requires a two-year contract and satellite installation, something you wouldn’t have to worry about with Spectrum.

Spectrum vs. Windstream TV packages and pricing

  • Packages starting at $44.99/mo.*
  • 125-200+ channels
  • Free self-installation available
  • DVR service starting at $12.99/mo.* and $6.99/mo.* for DVR/HD box rental
  • Record up to two shows at once
  • No contract required

  • Packages starting at $59.99/mo.*
  • 155-250+ channels
  • Free professional installation available
  • DVR device included, $7/mo.* for each additional receiver
  • Record up to five shows at once
  • Two-year contract required

Spectrum vs. Windstream customer satisfaction

Based on consumer feedback, J.D. Power gives TV and internet service providers like Spectrum and Windstream an annual power circle score rating of 1 through 5. Consumer factors include billing and customer service, communication, programming, cost of service and overall satisfaction.

In TV service, Windstream’s DIRECTV earned 4s and 5s over all categories across the country and the top spot in the West out of eight major providers, including a category labeled “other” that contains multiple provider scores. Spectrum received an average of 3 in all categories across the country, except for billing and customer service in which it earned 3s and 4s in various regions.

Spectrum internet service earned an average score of 3 in all categories across regions, while Windstream is not one of the providers ranked.

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Spectrum vs. Windstream frequently asked questions

Is Spectrum internet cable or DSL?

Spectrum internet uses a cable network. Unlike with DSL, you do not need a phone line to get internet with Spectrum.

What internet speeds does Spectrum offer?

Spectrum internet speeds start at up to 100 Mbps. In select areas, starting speeds may be up to 200 Mbps, with higher tiers offering speeds up to 400 Mbps and 940 Mbps.

Is Spectrum or Windstream better for internet?

In areas where only Windstream DSL is available, Spectrum is likely to offer faster speeds and a more reliable connection. In areas where Windstream’s fiber-optic service is available, Windstream may have plans with faster speeds and lower pricing than Spectrum.

Does Windstream have free anti-virus?

Windstream includes McAfee Multi-Access with select Windstream packages. This software offers anti-virus and anti-spyware protection on up to three devices. If the service is not included with your Windstream package, you can add it for an additional monthly fee.

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