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Best internet providers of 2020

Your available internet options will depend mostly on where you live. With the exception of satellite internet, internet service providers (ISP) will vary by location. Your specific address could also have access to cable, fiber and DSL internet service providers. Available internet speeds, plan pricing and bundle options will also vary by ISP and location.

Compare home internet prices and speeds

Choosing a home internet service is a process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult or confusing one. We make it easy to find and compare internet service providers for your ZIP code. Give us a call to learn more about internet providers in your area, or explore available internet options online.

Internet provider pricing and speed details

ProviderMonthly price range*Download speed rangeData cap
$39.99-$49.995-1,000 Mbps1 TB/mo. Unlimited with AT&T 1000 and qualifying bundles

$49.00-$65.003-940 Mbps1 TB/mo.
$29.99-$99.9910-1940 Mbps1 TB/mo.
Frontier Logo
$27.99-$74.991-940 MbpsNone
$49.99-$139.9925 MbpsNo hard data limits
$39.99-$69.99200-940 MbpsNone
$49.99-$109.9960-940 MbpsNone
$34.99-$84.99100-940 Mbps250-350 GB/mo. Unlimited plans available
Verizon Fios
$39.99-$79.99200-940 MbpsNone
Windstream Logo
$19.99-$67.001-1,000 MbpsNone
Xfinity logo
$20.00-$299.9915-2,000 Mbps1 TB/mo. for most plans

Get in-depth internet provider comparisons

Comparing internet service providers head-to-head is one of the best ways to avoid overpaying for internet service or signing up for a plan that doesn’t fit your needs. Click to view in-depth comparisons of various internet providers.

Save with cheap internet providers

Monthly costs for internet service is likely one of the main things you’ll want to consider when choosing an ISP and plan. If you’re looking for the cheapest internet service, there are a few high-speed internet service providers with plans starting at $30 or less. Starting prices for the cheapest plans from other internet providers typically range from $30 to $50/mo.

When shopping for cheap internet, also consider data caps, equipment fees and installation costs in addition to monthly internet service pricing. Some providers offers special savings, such as student discounts or the option to save on equipment costs by using your own modem and router.

Internet service providers and cost per Mbps

Sometimes the lowest price isn’t the “cheapest” internet. When shopping the best internet deals, divide the monthly cost of the plan by the advertised speed to get the cost per Mbps. You’ll find that internet service providers such as AT&T, CenturyLink, Cox, Spectrum and Verizon Fios may offer select internet plans that will cost you less than a quarter per Mbps.

What internet speeds do you need?

According to the FCC, you don’t need a lot of speed for common activities such as browsing the web, streaming video or gaming online. Keep in mind, however, that their recommended speeds are the minimum required. Another consideration should be the potential number of connected devices. Adding users and connected devices will require faster speeds.

General use

  • Browsing the web/email – 1 Mbps
  • Social media – 1 Mbps
  • File downloading – 10 Mbps


  • Audio – Less than 1 Mbps
  • Standard definition video – 3 Mbps
  • High definition video – 8 Mbps
  • 4K video – 25 Mbps


  • Connecting a console – 3 Mbps
  • Playing real-time multiplayer games – 4 Mbps

If you value internet speeds as much as internet price, we partner with some of the fastest internet service providers.

Take our internet speed test to gauge your current internet provider’s performance. If you need faster speeds, shop internet providers in your area to get a plan with the speeds you need.

What types of internet are available?

Know the basics of each internet type and choose the best one for your home.

The internet speeds you can get for your home depend mostly on what type of internet connections are available. Fiber-optic, cable, DSL and satellite internet connections offer different speeds, reliability and availability.

Each internet type presents specific advantages and potential disadvantages. Cable and fiber-optic internet service providers are likely to give you actual internet speeds closer to the plan’s advertised speeds. Plus, fiber-optic services are less vulnerable to slower speeds during peak usage times.

Fiber-optic typically offers more speed consistency and reliability, but is less available than cable internet. DSL connections are ideal for cheap internet, but can’t deliver the speed potential of cable or fiber-optic. Satellite internet is a great option for high-speed internet in rural areas.

Choosing an internet service provider

Choosing the best ISP for your home is about more than just finding the lowest price. Here are a few tips for choosing the right internet service provider for your home:

  • Search for available internet provider options in your area – Enter your ZIP at the top of the page, or call our internet experts to find internet providers for your address.
  • Decide what internet speeds you need – Choose a plan that gives you the internet speeds you want, but not one that has you paying for speeds higher than you need.
  • Compare internet providers and pricing – Consider what each plan costs and what speeds you get for the price to determine the best internet deal.
  • Check out special offers – Promotional and bundle offers could save you on monthly costs, equipment fees, installation and more.
  • Know the hidden costs – Most ISPs have added fees for equipment, installation, Wi-Fi service, etc. Additionally, some internet providers have monthly data caps, and may charge you an added fee or slow your speeds if you go over the limit.
  • Consider contract obligations – Signing a contract can be an issue if there are price increases during the length of your contract or fees for discontinuing or moving service before the contract is up.

Start with a search of what’s available in your area, or give us a quick call to hear about internet offers for your address.

Internet provider frequently asked questions

How much is internet only?

Depending on what internet options are available in your area, you may be able to find cheap internet-only plans ranging from $20 to $50/mo. For higher-tiered internet plans with faster speeds, monthly costs for internet could easily reach $100 or more.

Who has the best home internet service?

Verizon Fios and AT&T were ranked highest for customer satisfaction in 2019 by the American Customer Satisfaction Index with scores of 70 and 69 out of 100, respectively. Other top internet providers include Spectrum, rated by as the “best cable internet provider,” and Xfinity for having the “best maximum speeds.”

What’s a good home internet speed?

Speeds of 25 Mbps and up are considered broadband and are ideal for most online activity including web browsing, streaming and downloading music. If you plan to connect multiple devices, you’ll want faster speeds to accommodate them all. Speeds of 100+ Mbps are best for connecting multiple devices.

Which internet provider has the fastest speed?

Xfinity currently offers the fastest home internet service with download speeds up to 2,000 Mbps. Other internet cable providers including Cox and Spectrum offer speeds up to 940-1,000 Mbps in select areas. Fiber-optic internet providers AT&T, CenturyLink and Verizon Fios also offer speeds around 1,000 Mbps where available.

Can I get cheaper internet?

Local internet service providers often run special promotions on select internet plans or bundles, so it’s always a good idea to compare providers in your area. Even if you keep the same internet provider, you may be able to upgrade your plan to a faster speed, or lower your plan for a cheaper monthly price.

Should I bundle internet and TV?

If you plan on ordering multiple services anyway, such as internet and cable TV, bundling is a convenient way to do it. Bundling also comes with extra incentives such as discounted monthly pricing and equipment upgrades that would not be available with standalone services. For example, qualifying AT&T bundles can get you added monthly discounts plus unlimited internet data.

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