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Tips for protecting your identity while surfing the Web using a high-speed Internet connection

No home security plan is complete without a digital component.

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Remember viewing sizes when setting up your big screen [Video]

Don't sit too close to your big screen television.

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Strategies for getting the most from your Wi-Fi [Video]

Don't let your Wi-Fi signal languish from lack of action.

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Enjoy your life a little more with a faster Internet connection

Don’t give in to slow Internet speeds when you can simply upgrade your connection.

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4 tips for homeowners to reduce expenses on moving day

Take the time to employ each of these tips and save big when moving.

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No end date in sight for the FCC’s net neutrality decision

A closer look at the brewing net neutrality debate shows why a patient decision may be the best one.

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Time Warner Cable Internet Speed to Increase

As a competitive response to Google’s new “Google Fiber,” Time Warner Cable is rolling out a free speed upgrade for customers who subscribe to their cable internet service.

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People Moving Less These Days

It seems that Americans are far less likely to move than they were in previous generations.

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