Guide to UbiFi 4G internet in 2022


May 20, 2021 — 4 min read

Rural residents in AT&T coverage areas have a new option for internet service.

What is UbiFi internet?

UbiFi provides internet service to people who live in the rural U.S. If you’re in a region where traditional internet service providers (ISPs) are unavailable, this company’s unlimited 4G rural internet might do the trick. 

As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), UbiFi does not own its own wireless network. Instead, UbiFi piggybacks on AT&T cell towers. So how well this option works for you depends on where you live. If you’re located in a place with good AT&T cell coverage, you should be able to enjoy reliable service with UbiFi. 

However, if there isn’t a AT&T cell tower nearby, UbiFi probably isn’t the best bet. Other popular services for rural internet users include Viasat and HughesNet, both of which are worth checking out. It’s always smart to look into all your options before selecting which internet service to use at home. 

Who should get UbiFi internet?

For those living in rural areas where AT&T connectivity is good, UbiFi is a solid choice. Some rural internet providers limit monthly data usage, but UbiFi advertises no data caps. So people who are working from home should be able to use this for their job, as well as streaming entertainment in the evenings, without worrying about running out of data.

You’ll have to spend a few hundred dollars on equipment when you start using UbiFi internet, but there’s no contract term, so you can buy service month-to-month. If you plan to go back to the office soon, you’ll have flexibility with UbiFi. 

The exact internet speed you’ll get with UbiFi varies. But the company claims you can stream unlimited video at 1080p resolution, which works for services like Netflix and Hulu. And with a typical latency response of <75 ms, gamers should be able to use UbiFi. However, according to the company, gamers could run into some issues “that may result in a ‘Strict NAT’ or ‘NAT Type 3’ error for online gaming on a console.”

If you do get errors on a gaming console, you have the option to subscribe to MoFi’s Cloudlink service through UbiFi, which should fix the problem.

How does UbiFi internet work?

UbiFi provides internet service through a 4G LTE connection. You may be familiar with 4G LTE networks because smartphones use them. UbiFi is a MNVO, which means they use another company’s wireless networks to deliver their services. In this case, UbiFi uses AT&T.

One of the nice things about this service is that UbiFi will test the connectivity at your service address and give you an estimate of the internet speed that’s available before you sign up. 

After UbiFi determines their internet service will work at your address, you’ll need a MoFi SIM4 LTE Gateway, which costs $314.99. Aside from the gateway, some people might need an antenna or signal booster kit to help with the 4G LTE signal reception, which costs extra. The Mofi SIM4 LTE Gateway should be very easy to set up, but the antenna or signal booster kit might take a bit more know-how to install.

What is UbiFi coverage like?

UbiFi claims their internet service is available throughout the U.S. However, the availability of UbiFi internet in your area depends on the local AT&T infrastructure. But if you are able to get a 4G LTE signal, you should be able to access UbiFi internet.

What are plans and prices for UbiFi internet like?

UbiFi only offers one plan. The Simply Unlimited plan costs $99.99/mo. This plan comes with unlimited data usage and requires no contract. UbiFi doesn’t advertise a download speed with their plan, because the speed you’ll get is determined by cell tower proximity.

UbiFi offers a 30-day free trial for their internet service and 30-day return policy for equipment, so you don’t have to commit right away. However, UbiFi charges a 15% restocking fee on all equipment returns. That means you’ll pay a small fee out-of-pocket if you change your mind. 

How reliable is UbiFi internet?

When 4G was introduced, it opened up new opportunities for LTE home internet. UbiFi runs on 4G LTE, so if you can get a good LTE signal where you live, UbiFi should be reliable. But UbiFi doesn’t own its own network. If the AT&T network your UbiFi connection uses is busy with AT&T’s own traffic, it can affect your internet speed. And UbiFi admits that increased traffic can lead to slow connectivity. 

The bottom line

If you live in a rural area with an AT&T cell tower nearby, UbiFi internet is an option to consider. Depending on the LTE connectivity where you live, UbiFi can offer fast internet speeds at a competitive rate. However, buying the gateway you’ll need to connect makes the initial cost high. Rural internet users also have other options, such as satellite internet, that might make more sense, especially if AT&T cell towers are located far from where you live.

UbiFi internet FAQs:

Is UbiFi internet legit?

Yes, UbiFi is a company offering internet connections that run on 4G LTE.

The Simply Unlimited Plan costs $99.99/mo., plus equipment costs.

UbiFi explicitly advertises no data caps with their plan.

UbiFi can be a good option for gaming, but you may need additional equipment/subscriptions for everything to work correctly.

By Julian Dossett