Google Fiber seeks ‘Trusted Testers’ for new 2 Gig service

Robin Layton

Oct 22, 2021 — 2 min read

If you are looking for more from your internet service, Google wants to hear from you.

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In response to the increased need for more internet speed and bandwidth, Google Fiber is launching a test for a 2 Gig service.

Launched in 2010, Google Fiber offered 1 Gig speeds at a time when the average residential internet speed was 7.12 Mbps down and 2.42 Mbps up.

Not only will this new program double the currently available speed, but it will also be $100/mo. and come with a Wi-Fi 6 router and mesh extender, according to Google.

Initially, testers are only needed in Nashville and Huntsville, but other Google Fiber cities will be added soon. 

“Game changers, super users, and families who need more from their internet can join the Google Fiber Trusted Tester program to be among the first to put the extra speed to use,” Google announced.

Google has used the Trusted Testers program for many years. Participants get to test Google Fiber products before they are officially available. Confidentiality is stressed to testers, as well.

According to the program overview, tests run one to four months. Not everyone who signs up will be chosen, but if you aren’t picked for this test, other tests will come along. 

You do need to sign up for the service, first, though. “You have to sign up for Google Fiber service in order to be a trusted tester. However, you could be a new customer and qualify for some tests,” explains Google.

How to sign up

Google asks everyone to sign up here, using their custom form. 

Some things to know:

  • You can opt-out at any time
  • You will need to file a non-disclosure agreement and some tests may have other confidentiality requirements
  • If you signed up in 2019 to be a tester, you will need to sign up again to be considered for this new test
  • Some tests may offer compensation
  • You are expected to provide critical feedback on a regular basis

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