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Verizon to help customers during the COVID-19 crisis with sweeping policy moves

Lisa Iscrupe

Mar 22, 2020 — 2 min read

Verizon enacts policies to ensure connectivity for customers during coronavirus outbreak in response to FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge.

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In the past week of abundant school and business closures, many people have come to rely on their home internet for work-from-home purposes, remote learning, buying supplies, receiving healthcare advice and keeping in touch with family. In short, virtually every action that can transition to an online model already has or will soon.

In quick response to this shift, the FCC introduced a 60-day action plan called Keep Americans Connected, which asks telecommunication companies to refrain from terminating services due to past unpaid bills, among other measures.

Verizon’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak is especially pivotal to the country. As the largest telecom provider in the U.S., many other businesses will be looking to them to set the precedent for policies and behaviors during this time. 

Verizon has aligned with the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge and seems confident to meet the increased online traffic and data demands.

Verizon extended commitment through June 30, 2020.

They will neither terminate service nor charge late fees to postpaid wireless, residential and small business customers who notify Verizon of their inability to pay their bills due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If Verizon customers are experiencing a hardship, they should visit the appropriate page below:

Other actions Verizon has taken

  • On 3/12/20, Verizon increased its capital guidance range by half a billion dollars. (This essentially means they raised their annual estimates of revenue, earning and capital spending for 2020.)
  • Verizon is monitoring network usage in hotspot cities and keeping hospitals and first responders as top priority in connectivity.
  • Waiving activation fees on new lines of service and upgrade fees.
  • Verizon is monitoring network usage in hotspot cities and keeping hospitals and first responders as top priority in connectivity. 
  • Waiving activation fees on new lines of service and upgrade fees.
  • Offering free international calling through 4/30/20 to countries identified by the CDC as Level 3.
  • Enabling more Verizon employees to work from home and enhancing social distancing measures by allowing one customer per employee into their retail locations. 

Check out Verizon News or Verizon’s  Up To Speed Twitter account for updates. 

And, of course, keep an eye on our Resource Center and follow our experts on Facebook and Twitter for additional news you can use during this time. 

Ways to track data usage

  • Your router: Some routers do track the amount of data you are using. Use the router’s app or log-in page, and look for a data usage section.
  • Your ISP: Some ISPs provide an app to check on your data and/or a mid-month, opt-in email alert to let you know how much you’ve used to date.
  • Apps: Third-party apps like Glasswire and Data Monitor are available on Google Play and the App Store to monitor data use.

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