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Residential internet providers in Boston, MA

The major ISPs in Boston: choose fiber optic over cable or DSL, if possible

The three major internet service providers in Boston are Verizon, Xfinity and RCN giving you the option of cable, DSL or fiber optic internet, depending on where you live. RCN and Verizon are the only two major providers in Boston that offer fiber optic service. If either provider is available in your area, you will likely get the best deal with them. 

Fixed wireless: a new, attractive option 

An alternative option is fixed wireless internet, which is becoming an increasingly popular option as 5G home internet continues to expand across the country. NetBlazr is a local fixed wireless internet provider and Starry is a brand new provider that is currently only available in apartment or condo buildings. However, if you do live in an apartment or condo in Boston, Starry is a particularly desirable option as it offers fast speeds (100 or 200 Mbps) for a lower price than cable or fiber optic internet providers offer. Plus, there are no commitments or hidden fees. 

Satellite internet: slower internet, but available everywhere 

If none of these internet providers are available in your area, then you can always go with satellite internet, which is available anywhere in Boston. Your two options are Viasat and HughesNet. Neither Viasat nor HughesNet is an ideal option as you will receive slower speeds for a higher price; however, if those providers are your only option, HughesNet offers a slightly better deal. 

Expert tip: Starry, RCN and Verizon offer the best deals in Boston

Overall, Starry, RCN and Verizon are likely your best options for internet as they offer the fastest speeds for the lowest prices.

Which are the cheapest internet plans in Boston?

  • Viasat – $30/mo. for up to 12 Mbps and 12 GB 
  • RCN – $34.99/mo. for up to 250 Mbps 
  • Verizon – $39.99/mo. for up to 200 Mbps 
  • Starry – $50/mo. for up to 200 Mbps 

Which provider should you choose? Starry, if it’s available to you

If Starry is available in your area and you live in an apartment or condo, then this is your best option for cheap internet. 

Your next best option for cheap internet after Starry internet is RCN as it offers a much better deal than Viasat and is slightly less expensive than Verizon.

Which are the fastest internet services in Boston?

  • Xfinity – Up to 2,000 Mbps for $299.99/mo. 
  • RCN – Up to 1,000 Mbps for $59.99/mo. 
  • Atlantic Broadband – Up to 1,000 Mbps for $79.99/mo. 
  • Verizon – Up to 940 Mbps for $79.99/mo.

Which provider should you choose? RCN offers the best value

While Xfinity offers the fastest internet service in Boston (or anywhere), RCN’s 1,000 Mbps for $59.99/mo. is an unbeatable deal. 

Which providers offer the best bundle deals in Boston?

  • Xfinity – 100 Mbps and 10 channels for 49.99/mo.
  • RCN – 100 Mbps and 64 channels (including SHOWTIME & The Movie Channel for a year) for $54.52/mo. 
  • Atlantic Broadband – 100 Mbps and 60+ channels (including HBO and EPIX) for $59.99/mo. 
  • Verizon – 200 Mbps and 125+ for $89.99/mo. 

Which provider should you choose? RCN offers the best bundle deal

RCN offers the best bundle deal with 100 Mbps and 64 channels, including SHOWTIME and The Move Channel for the first year, for only $54.52/mo. While Xfinity offers the cheapest bundle package, it only provides 10 channels and is only $5/mo. less than RCN. 

Which internet providers offer the best benefits in Boston?


  • No contracts 
  • No hidden fees or price increases 
  • Free installation 


  • No contracts 
  • Select premium channels included for a year when you bundle 


  • No contracts 
  • Added perks with most plans, such as free streaming service subscriptions, gift cards or smart home devices


  • Xfinity Flex (Xfinity’s exclusive streaming device and voice remote) and Peacock Premium included at no extra cost  
  • Xfinity offers millions of Wi-Fi hotspots. Most providers offer only a few hundred or thousand. 
  • Free internet security when you rent Xfinity’s Wi-Fi equipment  

Which provider should you choose? Starry will likely save you money

With no hidden fees or rate hikes, Starry likely offers the best benefits out of any internet provider. Unlike the rest of the internet providers listed, Starry includes its equipment fees in its listed price and you can cancel your subscription with Starry at any time.

If Starry isn’t available in your area and you also aren’t interested in bundling your internet service with cable TV, then Verizon Fios is likely your next best choice for receiving the best benefits. However, if you are looking to bundle, then go with RCN. 

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