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Internet providers in Pittsburgh, PA

Find the best high-speed internet providers and compare their prices, plans and options in Pittsburgh.

Internet options in Pittsburgh, PA

Relocating to or around Pittsburgh? Don’t forget to set up internet and TV services for your new home to ensure a successful move! Even if you’re staying in the same address, switching providers is a great way to get a better deal or more perks. Use Allconnect® to find and compare internet and cable providers in the Pittsburgh area with just a few clicks.

Pittsburgh internet at a glance

We found 10 internet providers serving the Pittsburgh area. You may be able to choose from multiple providers and access various internet types based on your ZIP code and address.

Internet availability in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh residential internet providers

Compare the largest internet providers in Pittsburgh

The three major internet providers in Pittsburgh are Verizon, Xfinity and HughesNet. Here’s a comparison of their availability, internet plan options, pricing and additional features.

Availability for other Pittsburgh internet providers

  • CenturyLink – DSL connection with speeds of up to 6 Mbps available to 4% of the area
  • Consolidated Communications – DSL internet with speeds up to 3 Mbps serving 2% of Pittsburgh
  • Full Service Network – Wired connection with a maximum speed of 44 Mbps covering 55% of the city
  • Pivotal Global Capacity – DSL network with speeds up to 6 Mbps covering 39% of the area
  • Salsgiver – Fiber-optic connection with maximum speeds of 1,000 Mbps available to 2% of the city
  • Viasat – Satellite internet available to 100% of Pittsburgh with maximum speeds of 12 Mbps
  • VAST – Satellite connection with speeds up to 2 Mbps covering the entire area

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Fastest internet in Pittsburgh

Download speeds 250 Mbps or higher

Pittsburgh – 99%

Pennsylvania – 87%

U.S. – 73%

Download speeds 1,000 Mbps or higher

Pittsburgh – 0.02% 

Pennsylvania – 15% 

U.S.  – 16%

The fastest internet services in Pittsburgh are offered by providers with a fiber-optic or cable/fiber-optic network. Here are the fastest fiber-optic and cable internet providers in the Pittsburgh area.

Pittsburgh’s fastest max advertised download speeds

  • Verizon – DSL and fiber-optic network with download speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Xfinity – Cable internet with speeds up to 400 Mbps
  • Salsgiver – Fiber-optic network with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Full Service Network – Wired internet with speeds up to 45 Mbps

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Cheapest internet service providers in Pittsburgh

Looking for an affordable internet service in Pittsburgh? You can find multiple providers with plans starting below $50/mo. You can also save more by combining internet with TV and home phone services or using your own compatible hardware to lower equipment rental costs.

Cheap internet plans in Pittsburgh

  • Verizon – $39.99/mo.* for up to 50 Mbps
  • Xfinity – $29.99/mo.* for up to 400 Mbps

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Free Wi-Fi hotspots in Pittsburgh

To get free internet access while you’re on the go, you can use the many Wi-Fi hotspots available throughout the Pittsburgh area. However, keep in mind these public networks aren’t secure so avoid conducting online activities that may compromise your sensitive information.

Here are some public places offering free Wi-Fi in Pittsburgh:

  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main Library
  • Carnegie Library, Mount Washington Branch
  • The Mall at Robinson
  • Target
  • Restaurants and coffee shops such as Starbucks, Panera Bread and McDonald’s

Xfinity internet customers can also use the provider’s hotspot network in Pittsburgh. Hotspot availability often correlates with a provider’s availability in an area, so some neighborhoods may get more coverage than others.

Compare internet plans near Pittsburgh

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