Verizon heralds the arrival of its 5G Home Internet service to eight U.S. cities

Robin Layton

Oct 1, 2020 — 2 min read

New 5G Internet Gateway device declared a “game changer.”

This was a big news week for Verizon. On Sept. 29, the communications giant announced the addition of two cities, for a total of eight, where their 5G Home Internet service is available, with exclusive perks for new customers. Along with the expansion, Verizon also introduced an all-in-one 5G home internet receiver and Wi-Fi router, available now for 5G Home Internet customers.

New Verizon customers in Chicago, Detroit, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis, and now Minneapolis and St. Paul, will get YouTube TV for one month and Disney Plus for one year, for free. 

The perks keep coming for 5G customers, with a free Amazon Smart Home Bundle that includes an Echo Show 5, Ring Stick Up Cam, Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug.

In addition, the first three months of 5G Home Internet are free. After that, the service will cost you $50/mo. if you are a Verizon mobile plan customer and $70/mo. if you do not have Verizon Wireless. There are no annual contracts required. 

The 5G Internet Gateway

Verizon’s press release calls their new 5G Internet Gateway device a “game changer.” 

“With people spending more time at home during these challenging times, the expansion of 5G Home Internet to new markets with new and improved hardware will provide customers with the flexibility and reliability to enjoy more digital experiences and increased productivity from the comfort of their home,” said Frank Boulben, SVP of Verizon Consumer Marketing and Products.

Delivered to your home, the MMwave 5G CPE/Router comes with set-up instructions to mount it to a wall or window, with the help of the 5G Home Install app, which will show you the best placement for the strongest signal.

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The receiver/Wi-Fi combo is expected to give customers typical speeds of 300 Mbps, with a peak of 1G. It also boasts an augmented reality functionality that helps the device confirm when it finds a 5G signal in your home.
To find out if 5G Home is available in your area, visit Verizon hopes to have 5G Home Internet in a total of 10 cities at least ten cities by the end of 2020.

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