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The best modems & routers for Verizon Fios

AJ Dellinger

Jun 24, 2021 — 5 min read

Want to use your own equipment for your internet service? Here’s a list of compatible routers with Verizon Fios and High-Speed Internet.

Verizon Fios compatible modems and routers

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Considering Verizon Fios as your internet provider? You likely noticed the $15 fee that you have to pay each month to rent equipment. While Verizon doesn’t allow you to bring your own modem for its Fios service, you can save by buying your own router. The upfront cost is a little steeper, but it’ll make your monthly bill cheaper and you won’t have to be beholden to the equipment that Verizon provides, which might not fit your needs.

How we chose the best modem/router for Verizon Fios

There are lots of great routers out there, making it hard to pick which one is right for you. To help narrow it down, we scoured the specs, reviews and information for dozens of options to help select the best of the bunch. We took into consideration top speeds, connectivity, support for devices, range, and a variety of other factors that matter to consumers. Price and bang-for-your-buck are taken into account, along with situations that the routers would work best for. We considered the following:

  • Supported speeds
  • Price and value
  • Features 
  • Specific customer reviews
  • What device it is best for

Best router for Verizon Fios: Linksys Max-Stream AC2200  

verizon fios Linksys Max-Stream AC2200

When it comes to picking a router for your Verizon Fios internet service, the most important aspect is staying connected throughout the house. The Linksys Max-Stream AC2200 is perfect for exactly that. This router features tri-band technology that allows you to get a fast connection speed on multiple devices, even when they are using the internet at the same time. That means that streaming, gaming and more can all coexist at the same time within the same house.

While this router does not lack for speed, topping out at up to 2.2 Gbps, it also has plenty of range. You can get up to 1,500 square feet of wireless internet coverage, which can support dozens of devices. Set up is simple and the MU MIMO (Multi User Multiple Input Multiple Output) systems makes sure that all of your devices maintain an optimal connection no matter where they are in the house.

Pros and cons of Linksys Max-Stream AC2200

  • Great speeds

  • Tri-band technology

  • Wireless range

  • No WiFi 6 support

Best bang for your buck: TP-Link AC1750

Great speeds and connectivity don’t have to come at a steep price. The TP-Link AC1750 is all the proof you need of that. This router is ideal for anyone on a budget who doesn’t want to compromise. It provides top speeds of up to 1,750Mbps and dual-band technology ensures that you’ll be able to stay connected with multiple devices without sacrificing top speeds to any of them. If you need gigabit speeds, you can connect via the LAN port for even faster connections.

You also won’t have to worry about any troubles with this router. It comes with a two-year warranty, among the best in the business. It has also won the J.D. Power award for highest customer satisfaction in 2017 and 2019, so you know that you’ll be able to get the help and support you need if necessary. 

Pros and cons of TP-Link AC1750

  • Great value

  • Fast top speeds

  • LAN ports for wired connection

  • No WiFi 6 support

Fastest router: NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000

NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 verizon fios

Whether you’re gaming or streaming, you need speed. That is exactly what the NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 provides. This powerful router provides unmatched speeds, up to 1,900Mbps, that can carry multiple devices in use at the same time. Streaming in 4K, play games without lag, browse the internet, support your smart home devices — you can do it all at the same time with this router. It supports as many as 30 connections at once.

You can get even faster speeds by hardwiring via the Ethernet port, and a dual-core processor helps to manage and prioritize traffic in a way that allows your household to stay connected. Make lag and buffering a thing of the past with this router.

Pros and Cons of NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000

  • Blazing fast speeds

  • Support for lots of devices

  • Gigabit Ethernet port

  • Dual-band technology

  • Extras require monthly subscription

Best router for security: Synology RT2600ac

Synology RT2600ac verizon fios

We hear about hacks and stolen data seemingly every day now, and while there isn’t a lot you can do about how other companies manage your information, you can at least protect your home network. The best way to do that is with the Synology RT2600ac. This router is like having a vault for your home internet network. With built-in traffic monitoring tools, you won’t have to wonder if someone is trying to spy on your activity or join your network without permission. 
And while security is a great selling point, this router is great at keeping you connected, too. It has an impressive range, capable of covering up to 3,000 square feet. And you’ll get great speeds, maxing out at 2.5Gbps.

Pros and Cons of Synology RT2600ac

  • Security protocols keep you safe

  • Wide coverage area

  • Blazing fast speeds

  • Limited Wi-Fi protocols

  • No WiFi 6 support

Should you rent or purchase your Verizon Fios equipment?

Pros and Cons of Renting Equipment

  • Customer support

  • Guaranteed software updates

  • Easy to return equipment

  • Guaranteed speed and plan compatibility

  • Repair service included

  • Monthly rental payments

  • Payments are thrown away on usage

Pros and Cons of Buying Equipment

  • One-time charge

  • Long-term investment in equipment

  • Lower monthly internet bill

  • Choose the equipment you want

  • Repair and equipment upgrades are your responsibility

  • Limited customer support after the warranty expires or device ages

What to look for in a Verizon Fios compatible modem

  1. Speed capability – Your router can only provide speeds as fast as your internet plan, but if you get Verizon Fios, you’re going to want to be able to capitalize on its gigabit connection. Find a router capable of matching the top speeds of your plan. An underpowered router can limit internet speeds no matter what plan you’re paying for.
  2. Traffic management – If you are in a household with lots of devices that may be in operation at the same time, you need a router that can handle that. Dual-band or tri-band routers are equipped to maximize speeds even with multiple devices connected at once
  3. Range – You want your entire home to be blanketed with internet, so make sure you take into account range. The best and most consistent connection will come from being hard-wired but you should still get a steady connection throughout your home with a good router.
  4. Security – Protecting your home network is important. Make sure your router has at least WPA2 or WPA3 encryption so you can set a password and ensure that your connection is secure. Check for additional safety features like traffic monitoring and VPN capabilities, as well.

Need a faster internet plan?

While a modem and router can be the difference between a steady connection and a spotty one and can help maximize your internet connection, it can’t speed up your internet. If you find yourself in need of a faster internet connection, you will have to change your internet plan. Contact your internet service provider or shop around for others in your region to find a faster connection plan that will better serve your needs.

The bottom line

You won’t be able to bring your own modem to Verizon Fios, but you can save on your monthly bill by bringing your own router. Keep in mind things like range, speeds and number of connections, along with security. Balance these needs when deciding which router is best for you. Also, remember that your connection will only be as good as your internet plan, so consider what plan you purchase. 

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