Easily transfer your Verizon service with this 2022 guide

Taylor Gadsden

Jul 22, 2019 — 3 min read

Learn how you can successfully schedule your move and anticipate some fees that may show up on your next monthly bill.

The logistics of a big move can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Verizon Fios offers a quick and simple online process that makes transferring your TV and internet services the least of your worries. And when it comes to the costs, our experts have you covered. Take a look at some fees that may be associated with your move and some tips you should know before the big day.

Does Verzion Fios have transfer fees?

When it’s time to move your Verizon Fios services, it’s as easy as filling out the online transfer form and scheduling your installation. But what are the fees associated with your move and how can you make your transfer as cost-efficient as possible? See a breakdown of what you can expect on your next Verizon monthly bill after you settle into your new place.

Verizon Fios transfer fee

At this time, Verizon does not charge a fee to transfer your services from one address to the next. However, you experience moving charges in the form of installation fees if you’re unable to self-install.

Verizon Fios professional installation

Professional installation by a Verizon Fios technician will cost a one-time fee of $99 and will only be necessary if fiber-optic wiring is not already set up at your new residence.

Verizon Fios self-installation

You’ll be able to self-install your Verizon Fios services at your new address if the home has already been wired to accommodate a fiber-optic network. If self-installation is an option for you, Verizon will send you a kit with instructions and pictures. If you’d rather leave it to a professional, you can arrange for a technician to come out at your earliest convenience.

Frequently asked questions about moving Verizon services

How do I let Verizon know that I’m moving?

First, log in to your Verizon account online and then submit a service transfer request. A representative will process your form and reach out to schedule your installation and move at a time that works best for you.

Do I need to return my existing equipment to Verizon?

If services at your new address require the same equipment as service at your existing location, you may be able to take your devices with you. If it requires new equipment, you’ll need to return your devices. Talk to a Verizon representative today to find out whether you need to return your equipment and how you can do so.

What if Verizon services aren’t available at my new address?

If Verizon services are unavailable at your new address, you’ll need to locate a serviceable provider in your area before your move. Call now to speak to an expert about what’s available in your area and to schedule your new services today.

How soon can I get Verizon services at my new address?

Once you place your online transfer request, you can schedule your installation date for the next available weekday or weekend appointment. Select your date from a list of open appointments and you’ll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Same-day appointments can be made based on availability.

Can I activate Verizon services at my new address before I move in?

Yes. However, the current resident at your new address must have already disconnected their old services before yours can be installed. Complete your online transfer form and a representative from Verizon will reach out to the current resident at your new address to make arrangements for service disconnection.

Verizon recommends a two-week lead time before setting up your service transfer.

What if I need to change my move-in date?

It’s fine! Verizon wants your move to go as smoothly as possible. You’ll get a reminder email a couple of days before you’ve scheduled your service transfer, and you’ll be able to request an appointment change. If you’d like to reschedule before your reminder, call 1.800.VERIZON.

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