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What is Digital TV?

Digital TV is a type of cable distribution that has transformed the TV viewing experience. With digital TV you get better picture, sound quality and a wider variety of channels to choose from.

Back in June of 2009, the United States Federal Communications Commission made its nationwide switch to digital TV. This largely wiped out the bunny-eared analog antenna that had kept the country entertained for the past 60 years. In turn, that analog signal was replaced with a digital one that delivered clearer picture and crisper sound to our TV sets.

Despite much of the worry behind the switch to digital cable, people who had older TVs only needed a simple converter box to receive and display this new, digital TV signal. Any TV set built after March 2007 already had this capability built in.

And those people who were already subscribing to cable TV services didn’t have to do or change a thing at all. Their cable TV service providers had already taken care of them long before. So, if you were a cable TV subscriber back in 2009, then your viewing just suddenly got a whole lot better when it became digital TV – all without any work on your end.

Benefits of Digital Cable

The advanced technology behind the digital cable TV signal means that it can be compressed better and transmitted further than the older, analog one ever possibly could. That’s because this digital signal can transmit multiple, compressed digital channels, whereas the analog signal could only handle transmitting a single TV channel at a time. And by making more efficient use of the bandwidth given to broadcasters, digital TV companies are able to provide their customers with so much more than just TV.

Not only can digital cable broadcasters provide additional digital TV channels, better picture, and better sound quality, they can also use this technology to provide their customers with advanced, added features. Some of these include high-definition TV service (HDTV) and other non-TV services such as multimedia or interactivity. Digital TV also includes special services such as program guides and additional languages (spoken or subtitled).

And as a result, today, nearly every TV station is delivering 100% digital, higher-definition signals into customers’ homes – making digital cable TV even more enjoyable and entertaining.

Set Up Digital TV - Find Plans and Providers

So, now that you know about all the benefits of digital cable TV, are you ready to have the signal in your home?

Whether you want to simply move beyond broadcast TV channels or make the complete upgrade to HDTV everything, finding digital cable TV providers has never been easier. Our partners – such as Charter SpectrumCoxSuddenlink, and XFINITY – offer a wide selection of basic digital cable and full-fledged digital HDTV packages. And that means you choose exactly how many channels you want. Our help with getting you connected to the provider of your choice remains absolutely FREE no matter what.

You can also bundle multiple cable services together (such as digital cable TV and Internet) and get even more out of your digital TV connection. And with our help, together we’ll get you connected through your preferred cable company for all the digital TV entertainment you want.

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