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Optimum cable TV packages

Optimum cable TV serves the northeast Tri-State region, offering four main TV packages and lots of add-on options. Get hundreds of HD channels and the Altice One device for HD streaming.

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Why choose Optimum TV?

Formerly known as CableVision, Optimum is available to millions of people in New York City and the greater area, including further north to Yonkers and Poughkeepsie, as well as parts of northeastern New Jersey and southwestern Connecticut.

Optimum TV offers more channels than most cable providers, but at a potentially higher cost. Read our breakdown of Optimum TV packages and features below to determine if Optimum cable is the best choice for TV service for your home.

What we like

  • Lots of channels – Optimum’s lowest package comes with 220+, more than you’ll get with some higher-tiered packages from other providers
  • Altice One device – This device serves as a cable box, streaming hub, modem and router, but you’ll have to bundle with Optimum internet to get it
  • Bundle discounts – Speaking of bundles, Optimum further incentivizes customers to bundle by offering deep discounts on TV and internet packages

Things to consider

  • High prices for standalone TV – Optimum packages start at $74.99/mo., a higher starting price point than many cable providers
  • High equipment fees – Adding to the already relatively high pricing are the fees for cable boxes, which could add $11/mo. or more per device, plus extra if you want DVR capability
  • No “basic cable” option – Optimum has an impressive channel lineup overall, but we’d like to see a more basic, and cheaper, Optimum cable package available

Optimum TV packages and pricing

Though Optimum TV packages offer more channels, there aren’t many channels that particularly stand out compared to similar packages from other providers. 

  • For example, Core TV comes with many of the channels you’d expect in a low-tiered package: locals, news channels, ESPN and regional sports networks, plus popular networks like TNT and USA, but nothing extraordinary. Spectrum’s TV Select package (125 channels) has many of the same channels, but the starting price is around $30 less per month.
  • On the other hand, Optimum cable gives you a good value when you break down the per channel cost. Optimum’s Core plan has 220 channels for $74.99/mo., which equals approximately 34 cents per channel.
  • Similar basic TV packages from DIRECTV, Verizon and Xfinity come out to between 35 – 42 cents per channel. The only cheaper per channel option was Cox TV Starter, which gives you 75 channels for $25/mo., or about 33 cents per channel.

View our complete comparison table page for more details about Optimum TV to decide if the service is right for your home.

Optimum TV equipment and fees

Equipment fees

Equipment fees can be pricey for standalone TV services. 

  • Each cable box will add $11/mo. to your bill
  • Adding Cloud DVR service will increase your monthly bill by $17.99/mo.

Installation fees

  • Standard installation for Optimum cable TV is a one-time fee of $59.99.
  • Professional installation can run up to $149.99, but isn’t required for most homes.
  • You may be able to get the installation cost waived altogether, especially if you choose a higher-tiered TV package or bundle with internet.

Unreturned equipment fees

  • Fees for unreturned equipment, such as the Altice One device or remotes, could come with a charge of $12 to well over $300, so be sure to return your equipment if you cancel Optimum TV service.
  • You can package your equipment, with a copy of your bill and drop it off at Walgreens, FedEx Office or any authorized FedEx location.

Pro tip: Bundling Optimum services can be more cost effective when it comes to equipment fees. The Altice One device, which is a superior device to the cable box you’d get with standalone internet, is only $10/mo., and DVR service adds another $10/mo.

Choose the best Optimum TV plan

Everyone has their favorite channels, and Optimum TV packages do a decent job of meeting the entertainment demands of any household. You’ll find a list of some of the more popular channels included in each package below.

Optimum streaming TV options 

Can’t find an Optimum TV package to fit your needs? If you are not seeing an optimum package in your desired price range, or with your most-wanted channels, there’s another option. Try combining your high-speed Optimum internet with a streaming TV package. 

Besides Netflix and Hulu, you can also try checking out some of these streaming TV providers. We recommend:

Additional benefits of Optimum TV service

Altice One device

In addition to acting as your modem, router and cable box, the Altice One device can record up to 15 shows at once and has a built-in feature for accessing streaming apps. Rental fees for the Altice One device are also cheaper than standard cable boxes from Optimum.

Live TV streaming

Optimum TV to GO is available on your computer or mobile device and offers live TV streaming on many of the channels included in your Optimum TV package. You’ll also have access to your DVR library as well as thousands of on-demand shows available.

No contract, contract buyout offer

You aren’t locked into a long-term agreement with Optimum TV service, so you can change your service as needed without fear of early termination fees. And if you’re stuck in a contract with your current provider, Optimum has a contract buyout offer for qualifying customers.

Compare Optimum cable packages to other TV providers

If Optimum is a TV option in your area, it likely isn’t the only one. Satellite TV providers are available nationwide and your address may also be serviceable for other cable or fiber-optic TV providers. See how Optimum cable TV compares to other TV providers below.

How does Optimum cable TV compare in customer satisfaction?

It’s no secret that cable providers don’t always have the best reputation for customer satisfaction, but according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Optimum fares better than most.

In 2020, the ACSI gave Optimum cable TV a customer satisfaction score of 63/100. While marginally lower than satellite TV providers DISH and DIRECTV, Optimum’s score is tied with Xfinity and higher than many other major cable TV providers, including Cox (62), Spectrum (61) and Mediacom (60).

Optimum add-on packages

Optimum TV FAQs

What is Optimum TV to GO?

Optimum TV to GO is Optimum’s TV viewing service available on the Optimum App or on an internet browser. TV to GO allows you to watch Optimum TV from your laptop, desktop computer or any internet-enabled device. Anywhere you have an internet connection, log into your Optimum account and then click on the show or movie you’d like to watch.

Cablevision was a cable TV service operating in the NYC area prior to being acquired by Altice (the parent company of Optimum) in 2016. Many of the existing Cablevision networks are now used to supply Optimum service, but the Cablevision product is no longer available.

Yes. You can get Optimum TV without a cable box. If you have a television with built-in CableCARD technology, you can enjoy Optimum TV programming without a cable box. To do so, you can lease a CableCARD from Optimum for $2.50/mo.* However, customers using a CableCARD can’t access some premium programming, such as subscription On Demand channels.

Yes. Subscribers 62 and older are eligible to receive discounted basic cable TV service. Users must also meet annual income requirements based on marital status to be eligible for the Optimum senior discount ( $24,432 for single income and $29,956 at the married income level).

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