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Mediacom TV overview

Mediacom offers cable TV and internet services in 22 states and 1,500 communities, covering much of the central and Midwest states, as well as parts of the Southeast and areas of California. 

What we like:

  • Impressive channel lineups — Popular channels, kids’ networks and sports comes with every Mediacom TV plan
  • Affordable bundles — Your Mediacom cable package automatically comes with internet, starting under $50/mo.
  • Lots of customization options — Tailor your plan specifically for you, including premium and sports add-ons.

Things to consider:

  • Local TV fees — You’ll incur a $6 charge for each TV that you’d like local TV on
  • Extra DVR charges — TiVo DVR charges start around $15/mo. per box

Take control of how you watch with Mediacom TV

Mediacom TV and internet packages

Standalone Mediacom TV packages are not available as Mediacom only offers TV service as part of an internet and TV bundle. Take a look at what you can expect as far as pricing and benefits from your Mediacom TV bundle.

What channels are in Mediacom TV packages?

Mediacom TV plans include all your favorite networks and some new ones to explore:

One of the best ways to ensure you get all the channels you need in your TV package is to give us a quick call. Tell our TV experts your must-have channels, and we’ll recommend the best Mediacom TV package for you.

Call for Mediacom TV package options: (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

Mediacom TV add-on packages

Mediacom TV plans allow you to watch all your favorite shows wherever you go. But which TV plan has the channels you want?

Get more of what you watch most with Mediacom add-ons. Add premiums and Digital Extras to any package, or choose the Variety TV package for additional Digital PAKs add-on options.

Available Mediacom TV package add-ons and pricing may vary by location. Call for Mediacom package and pricing info for your address.

Mediacom TV coverage

Mediacom availability maps

Wherever Mediacom cable services are available, you’ll find TV and internet bundles with a variety of channel lineups and internet speed options.

With your Mediacom TV service, you’ll receive the Xtream Voice Remote, the intelligent TiVo search guide and the freedom to enjoy your on-demand and DVR titles anywhere in your home.

Mediacom equipment and fees

When considering Mediacom TV service for your home, keep in mind some of the Mediacom fees that you may run into. 

  • Mediacom TV service comes with local TV for $6 per device covered. 
  • TiVo DVR is also available to schedule and record shows at your leisure. Single-room service is $14.95/mo.* and multi-room service is $19.95/mo.* 
  • TV service will also incur a local broadcast station charge that will vary based on location ($16/mo. in Auburn, IN, just to get an idea). 
  • Since TV and internet are bundled together, you’ll also need a Mediacom modem. You can rent one for $12/mo. or provide your own
  • Paying on time will pay off with Mediacom, as late payments can cost up to $10.
  • If you end your Mediacom cable agreement early, watch out for early termination fees (ETFs). ETFs are prorated based on how long you have had the service. However, promotions that waive the setup fees are sometimes available.

Watch TV on-the-go with TV Everywhere™

The entertainment doesn’t stop once you leave the house. Mediacom’s TV Everywhere app lets you watch most of your channel lineup as well as on-demand movies and TV shows from any Wi-Fi-connected screen. Whether it’s your tablet, smartphone or laptop, you won’t miss a thing when you download the TV Anywhere app. 

What channels can I watch on the TV Everywhere™ app?

From ESPN and ABC to BET and Comedy Central, if it’s included in your Mediacom TV plan, you may be able to stream it live from the app. Networks that aren’t available for streaming do not own the rights to all of the content they air. This means that content cannot be viewed online or by app. 

Click below to input your ZIP Code and Mediacom TV plan. Networks marked “TVE” are available for streaming when you download the app.

Mediacom TV vs. the competition

Multiple internet and TV providers probably offer TV plans in your area, so we help you compare your options. Select a competing provider to see how Mediacom TV prices, channels and more stack up.

Mediacom AT&T
Starting price at
$49.98/mo.* (when bundled with internet) $59.99/mo.*
50+ 65+
Streaming access
Mediacom TV Everywhere AT&T TV
1 show at once 4 shows at once
1-year contract No or 1-year agreement
Starting price at
$49.98/mo.* (when bundled with internet)
Streaming Access
Mediacom TV Everywhere
1 show at once
4 shows at once
1-year contract
No or 1-year agreement

Mediacom customer satisfaction ratings

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) evaluates feedback from real customers of major TV providers like Mediacom to determine annual scores for each provider.

In 2020, the ACSI gave Mediacom a score of 60/100, which is a noteworthy improvement from Mediacom’s 2019 score of 56/100. However, Mediacom’s customer satisfaction score is slightly lower than other popular cable providers, such as Xfinity (63/100), Cox (62/100) and Spectrum (61/100).

Cable TV providers historically receive relatively low customer satisfaction scores, so don’t let that shy you away from Mediacom service or other major TV providers. When shopping for a TV provider, consider the available packages and pricing in your area and choose the service that best fits your needs.

Mediacom TV FAQs

How much does Mediacom basic cable cost?

The lowest Mediacom TV bundle includes the Local TV package, which includes 50+ channels and an internet connection with speeds up to 60 Mbps starting at $49.99/mo.*

Mediacom participates in the Connect2Compete program, which serves to offer affordable internet options to low-income households. Go to for more information and details on how to apply.

Mediacom does not sell or support Roku services, but you can use your Mediacom internet connection to stream on your Roku device.

Cable TV connections like you get with Mediacom are often more reliable than satellite TV, which can go out during inclement weather, or streaming services, which are at the mercy of your internet service for connection and picture quality.

TV service from Mediacom is available only as a part of a TV and internet bundle. You can also add Mediacom home phone to your internet and TV package.

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