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Cox Communications TV packages

With Cox TV packages, you’ll be able to design a channel lineup that your family will enjoy. Cox offers an add-on option for every TV fan, whether you’re interested in premium channels or entertainment, lifestyle and unlimited sports.

Cox Communications TV plans and prices

Things we like: 

  • If you’re looking for basic cable, Cox has you covered. Finding an affordable cable plan including local and news networks can be difficult, but Cox offers a cheap starting plan with the basics and popular channels included. 
  • The Cox Contour TV app allows subscribers to enjoy their channel lineup (120+ live networks) on any Wi-Fi-connected device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Things to consider:

  • Cox offers a limited amount of plans compared to competing cable providers who, on average, offer at least four.
  • Starting at $12.99/mo.*, Cox DVR service is not included with TV service and tends to cost a little more than competitor DVR services. Spectrum’s is $4.99/mo.* for one device and $9.99/mo.* for 2+.
  • Fees can add up quickly once you’ve chosen your initial Cox TV package. Receiver, regional sports and broadcast fees can add up to a whopping $29/mo.* without DVR or Complete Care.  
  • Premium channels add-ons are offered at the same price as you’d get them as standalone services.

Along with your monthly TV plan price, you’ll pay additional subscriber fees for broadcasting, regional sports, receiver rentals, installation, activation and taxes. If you choose to add extra equipment like the Cox Contour TV Stream Player, you’ll also find a monthly rental fee for those devices on your statement. See a full list of Cox TV fees and what they really mean before you receive your first monthly bill. 

If you’re looking to save money, build a Cox bundle with TV, phone and internet services. Cox Contour TV as a standalone service would cost $69.99/mo. But for an additional $20/mo., you can get internet service with speeds up to 150 Mbps and Cox Voice with 14+ calling features. Learn more about the Cox duos with two services and bundles with three services to increase your savings and simplify your monthly bill.

Get Cox Contour TV for a better experience

Cox makes selecting a TV plan simple with two customizable package options. Choose from the Cox TV Starter plan for viewers who only want the basics, or the Cox Contour TV plan for more entertainment. Both packages are completely customizable, or you can bundle TV and internet to save even more. 

Additional Cox TV customer benefits:

  • Watch TV anywhere. With the Cox Contour TV app, watch up to 120 live networks on any computer, eligible Kindle, Google and Samsung tablets.
  • Never miss your shows. Record up to six shows with Cox Whole Home DVR service.
  • Customize your plan. Personalize with Channel Paks for sports, entertainment, news and Spanish programming.
  • Upgrade your devices. For only $5/mo.*, turn any TV into a smart TV with the Cox Contour Stream Player. Sync all your streaming accounts like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime, and view content in 4K.

Cox equipment and fees

Cox TV also provides two DVR rental options. Depending on your recording needs, you can rent the Record 2-HD DVR or the Record 6-HD DVR. See below for details.

DVR plans and prices

The difference between the two DVR options has to do with storage space and the number of shows you can record at a time (two shows or six shows). While many people likely don’t need more than 100 hours of storage or to be able to record more than two shows at a time, larger families or major sports fans often opt for the more expensive plan. 

Receiver plans and prices 

In addition to a TV plan and a DVR, you will likely also want to select a receiver. The receiver cost is $3.99/mo. or $10/mo., depending on which package you choose. The cheapest choice is the Mini Box, which gives you access to a limited number of channels. The Contour HD Receiver, the most expensive option, gives you access to all your channels, apps and more in one place. Note that the cost of the receiver is per TV. 

Cox TV fees

Standard: The prices for Cox Contour TV plans are merely starting prices for the first 12 months. Keep in mind that prices will likely increase by approximately 30% after your first year. Although significant, some providers increase prices by up to 50% after the first 12 months. Also note that both plans come with additional fees:

  • Broadcast fee: up to $10/mo.
  • Regional sports fee: up to $9/mo.
  • Cox early termination (within the first 24 months): $240 minus $10 for every paid month

Technical: Another optional fee is the Cox Complete Care plans, which costs an additional $10/mo. The Cox Complete Care plan covers any technical difficulties you may have, including in-person technician visits. 

Enjoy the best with Cox channels

Cox TV Starter vs. Cox Contour TV 

Cox Starter TV has over 75 channels, including your local broadcast stations like PBS, news and weather reports. Contour TV has over 140 channels, including Lifetime, FX, Disney, ESPN and more. Customizations are easy with premium channels and Channel Pak add-on options that help you design a channel lineup that’s perfect for you. 

Call for details: (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

Add premium channels and add-on Paks

Your favorite premium channels are easy to add to your Cox TV plan for an additional $10-$16/mo. Pick a few or add them all for a channel lineup that’s as premium as you want.

  • HBO ($16/mo.)
  • STARZ ($12/mo.)
  • SHOWTIME ($12/mo.)
  • CINEMAX ($12/mo.)
  • EPIX ($12/mo.)

Looking for a TV plan with channels specific to your taste? Add a Channel Pak with options geared toward popular networks, movies, sports and Latino programming.

Compare Cox to other top TV providers

If you’re considering multiple cable TV providers in the area, try a quick comparison of important features like starting plans, channel counts, access to streaming apps and contract availability to help you decide.

Cox Armstrong
Starting price at
$25/mo.* $125/mo.* (when bundled)
75+ 35+
Streaming access
The Contour App TV Everywhere
6 shows at once 6 shows at once
1-year service agreement 6-month agreement
Starting price at
$125/mo.* (when bundled)
Streaming Access
The Contour App
TV Everywhere
6 shows at once
6 shows at once
1-year service agreement
6-month agreement

See more in-depth details about how Cox compares to major providers in your area. Check out Cox vs. AT&T or Cox vs. Centurylink to see a breakdown from our experts.

Cox customer satisfaction

Considering how others see their Cox TV service can help potential subscribers make an informed decision on whether or not the provider is best for them. Check out how Cox has scored with American Consumer Satisfaction (ACSI) Index from 2017-2020.

According to the ACSI, Cox has seen an improvement in customer satisfaction since a small drop in 2019. Despite the progress, Cox still has consistently ranked on the lower end of the subscription TV scores for the last three years when compared to competitors like Verizon Fios (a score of 69 in 2020) and DISH (67).


Does Cox offer a senior discount?

Yes. Customers age 60 and over with an annual salary of less than $24,000 can receive a 30% discount on the Cox TV Starter plan (basic cable).

Yes. You can sign in to view the TV listings for your plan and manage your Cox DVR so you don’t miss a thing while you’re away.

For an additional monthly charge, get upgraded technical support for all your Cox home services. Enjoy 24/7 access to live troubleshooting and quick solutions to internal wire repairs.

Yes. Log in with your Cox user ID and password to watch On Demand and live TV content from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Cox customers must have a minimum of Video Essential TV service and Internet Essential 30 internet service to watch TV online.

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