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Xfinity bundle deals starting at $49.99/mo.

  • Save monthly when bundling 2-3 services
  • Bundle with internet speeds 25 – 1,000 Mbps
  • Add unlimited nationwide calling with Xfinity Voice
  • Free self install kit at $59.99 value

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Xfinity bundle package pricing

Xfinity offers a variety of bundle possibilities. Build your Xfinity bundle with internet speeds ranging from 25 to 1,000 Mbps, basic and robust TV packages, plus the option to add home phone, home security and mobile phone plans. Take a look at our Xfinity review for a detailed breakdown of Xfinity services, pricing and equipment.

Xfinity bundle packages

PackageSpeeds up toChannelsHome phoneStarting monthly price*
Choice Double Play100 Mbps10+N/A$49.99
Choice Double Play + Performance Pro Internet200 Mbps10+N/A$64.99
Standard Double Play200 Mbps125+N/A$69.99
Select Double Play200 Mbps210+N/A$79.99
Super Double Play300 Mbps250+N/A$129.99
Performance Internet & Xfinity Voice Unlimited100 MbpsN/AUnlimited nationwide calling$59.99
Standard Triple Play200 Mbps125+Unlimited nationwide calling$79.99
Signature Triple Play600 Mbps210+Unlimited nationwide calling$119.99
Super Triple Play1,000 Mbps250+Unlimited nationwide calling$149.99

As the largest cable internet and TV provider in the U.S., Xfinity covers many different areas. Depending on which Xfinity service area you live in, your bundle options and pricing could differ from the bundles listed above.

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Featured Xfinity bundle deals

Bundling Xfinity internet and TV services is convenient and can save you more than just time when shopping for home services. Here are a few Xfinity bundle deals that offer exceptional savings month after month:

What’s included with your Xfinity bundle?

Xfinity bundles come with reliable internet and TV service, but what else do you get? Here’s a look at some of the potential added benefits of bundling with Xfinity.

  • Monthly savings – Xfinity gives you discounts for bundling services. The total amount of monthly savings you get will vary by the bundle, but you could enjoy monthly savings of $50 or higher with select packages.
  • Added services such as Netflix and HBO® – Select Xfinity bundles include a subscription to services such as Netflix, HBO® or SHOWTIME® at no extra monthly cost. See what’s new on Netflix here.
  • DVR and HD service – Get up to 150 hours of DVR service plus HD programming at no additional cost with select Xfinity bundles.
  • Equipment upgrades – The Xfinity xFi gateway router and X1 DVR device are available with Xfinity bundles.
  • Installation costs – While self-installation is an option for select Xfinity services, some bundles may require professional installation, which may be included at no extra cost.

Xfinity bundle perks will vary by package and are an added bonus to getting the internet, TV and other services you need. Call to shop available internet speeds and TV packages in your area. Our bundle experts will inform you of the bundle offers and extras available at your address.

Add home security or a wireless plan to your Xfinity bundle

Xfinity gives you the option to add home security and wireless services to your bundle. Bundling with Xfinity home security can also boost your monthly savings by $10 or more.

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Xfinity bundles frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest Xfinity package?

The Xfinity Internet plus Basic starts at $34.99/mo.* and gives you speeds up to 60 Mbps and 10+ TV channels including locals. If you want more Xfinity TV channels, consider upgrading to the X1 Starter Pro Double Play.

Does Xfinity give a discount for autopay?

Yes. Xfinity offers monthly savings up to $10/mo. for customers who enroll in autopay and ecobilling (paperless billing). Note that this discount is often temporary and may expire after a term.

Does Xfinity offer discounts for seniors?

The Xfinity Internet Essentials plan starts at $9.95/mo.* for up to 15 Mbps. The plan is designed to give seniors and low-income households a low-cost quality internet connection. Xfinity does not offer discounts for seniors on their standard internet and TV packages.

How do I negotiate with Xfinity?

Current Xfinity customers should contact Xfinity customer service to negotiate better pricing or terms. If you are not in a contract, or your contract is set to expire soon, simply asking for a better Xfinity deal may get you lower pricing. You may also want to consider downgrading services for a lower price, or bundling services for a lower total monthly rate.

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