How ISPs are handling professional installation amid COVID-19

Lisa Iscrupe

May 14, 2021 — 4 min read

It can be tricky to get internet service set up during a time of social distancing. We’ll show you how!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many internet providers have stepped up to the plate and pledged to Keep Americans Connected by offering unlimited data, additional Wi-Fi hotspots and waiving late fees. Now, with the goal of keeping both their customers and hard-working technicians healthy and safe, many providers have rolled out new adjustments to the way your internet and TV services get installed.

There could be several reasons you need self-install or contact-free internet service set up in your home. Whether you are concerned about the coronavirus or have an extremely busy schedule, many customers find it more convenient to opt for installation services that do not require you to be home or to meet with a technician. 

So, which internet service providers (ISPs) have these types of services? We’ll show you which internet companies are upholding social distancing guidelines by offering contactless internet install, and what each self-install option entails.


  • AT&T professional installation safety precautions — When possible, all AT&T employees are attempting to install or repair AT&T services without entering the residence. 
  • AT&T self-installation — If you are signing up for new service during the COVID-19 pandemic, your most convenient option is AT&T self-install. Follow our easy-to-read AT&T self-installation guide to get online quickly.
  • Read more about AT&T’s COVID-19 policy changes.

  • CenturyLink professional installation safety precautions — CenturyLink has provided all technicians with disinfectant supplies and are following social-distancing guidelines when in-home visits are necessary. 
  • CenturyLink self-installation — If you opt to lease your modem with your CenturyLink internet service, you can expect your equipment to arrive on or before the day your service is scheduled to begin. You should also get an email with a tracking number prior to delivery. Or if you prefer, you can always choose to provide your own CenturyLink-compatible router.


  • Cox professional installation safety precautions — Cox is now allowing technicians to enter homes and businesses again but leaving it on a case-by-case basis. If your technician is unable to come into your home, Cox will help walk you through the self-installation process via their Easy Connect program and live video chat.
  • Cox self-installation — Cox will ship equipment to your home within five business days of the order date. Customers can lease equipment or provide their own Cox-compatible router.


  • Frontier professional installation safety precautions — Frontier technicians are entering homes for professional installation again; however, they are still taking safety precautions, such as wearing protective equipment and maintaining social-distancing. Customers are required to wear a face mask when technicians are present. 
  • Frontier self-installation — Frontier self-install kits will be shipped to your home with equipment and instructions, or you can find Frontier self-install directions here. Make sure that you have a Frontier-compatible router if you are electing to provide your own home internet equipment.



  • Mediacom professional installation safety precautions — Mediacom’s technicians will continue to practice social distancing when inside a customer’s home and will require the participation of customers for the installation process. Technicians will complete all possible installation steps outside of the home.
  • Mediacom self-installation — Mediacom ships a self-install kit to your home with instructions included. You can also find self-install instructions online here. Customers can either rent their modem from Mediacom for a monthly fee, or choose to provide their own Mediacom-compatible router.


  • Spectrum professional installation safety precautions — Spectrum is once again offering professional installation to its clients, but has implemented COVID-19 safety precautions. All technicians must wear face masks and practice social distancing. They must also disinfect the trucks and equipment regularly, and handle as little equipment as possible. Before entering any customer’s home, technicians must also conduct a self-assessment of their health, including taking their own temperature.
  • Spectrum self-installation — Follow these simple instructions for setting up your Spectrum service. Equipment for your Spectrum internet service is typically shipped to your home in two to five business days, or you can provide your own Spectrum-compatible router.
  • Read more about Spectrum’s COVID-19 policy changes.


  • Verizon professional installation safety precautions — Verizon is offering professional installation again, but it will not be available to everyone. If professional installation is not available, Verizon will provide self-install or technician-assisted options.
  • Verizon Fios self-installation — If your residence already has all necessary indoor wiring, then Verizon’s self-installation will be a breeze. Just follow the instructions in the Verizon self-install kit. If you wish to provide your own Verizon Fios router, make sure it is compatible with Verizon internet service.
  • Read more about Verizon’s COVID-19 policy changes.


  • Xfinity professional installation safety precautions — Xfinity is once again offering professional installation, but only in certain areas and only for certain services. These decisions are made by Xfinity’s local teams. If professional installation is available to you, you will be required to wear a face mask for the duration of the technician’s visit and maintain 10 feet of social distance.
  • Xfinity self-installation — Xfinity’s standard self-installation option remains unchanged. Any necessary equipment will be shipped to your home with easy installation instructions. Follow our Xfinity self-install guide for help setting up your service. You can also choose to provide your own Xfinity-compatible router
  • Read more about Xfinity’s COVID-19 policy changes.

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