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Frontier Communications internet plans and pricing

Frontier offers three separate internet services: Frontier High-Speed Internet (DSL), Frontier Vantage (fiber hybrid) and Frontier FiOS (100% fiber optic). Availability for each Frontier internet service will vary by location, and the plan pricing and speeds you can get will depend on the service type available at your address.

Call for details: (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720

About Frontier Communications internet

Frontier internet coverage spans areas of 25 states, primarily serving suburbs and rural areas with their DSL service. Frontier FiOS is available in select cities in California, Texas, Florida and Indiana while Frontier Vantage covers parts of the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast. Previous Frontier service areas in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington are now served by Ziply Fiber, who recently purchased all Frontier networks in these states.

Frontier internet speeds range from 3 Mbps to 940 Mbps depending on your location and which service type is available at your address. Wi-Fi service is available with all plans, but Frontier Wi-Fi speeds are likely to be slower than a wired connection. Regardless of plan price and speeds, Frontier internet comes with no data caps or contracts.

What we like

  • Availability in rural areas – Frontier serves many small cities, suburbs and rural areas across the U.S. 
  • FiOS delivers fast speeds for the price – With gigabit speeds starting under $80/mo. and 500 Mbps under $50/mo., FiOS plans are as fast and competitively priced as about any on the market

Things to consider

  • Limited fiber optic availability – Fiber optic services FiOS and Vantage are only available to around a third of addresses eligible for Frontier internet 
  • Low customer satisfaction – The American Customer Satisfaction Index ranked Frontier lowest among major internet providers with a score of 55/100 in 2019 and 2020

COVID-19 update: Social-distancing installation solutions

Safety-first Installation: A Frontier technician will perform your installation with appropriate safety protocols including wearing protective equipment and maintaining social distancing. In taking these precautions, it’s recommended that Frontier customers wear a face mask or face covering for the safety of technicians.

Call (844) 451-2720 (844) 451-2720 for availability

Frontier FiOS Internet

FiOS, Frontier’s premier internet service, gives you a reliable connection for online gaming, streaming your favorite shows and working or learning from home. 

Thanks to a 100% fiber optic network, FiOS features significant advantages over Frontier’s DSL service. Take a look at the benefits of Frontier FiOS:

  • Faster download and upload speeds – While Frontier DSL download speeds top out around 25 Mbps, FiOS can reach gigabit speeds, up to 940 Mbps. Additionally, FiOS can deliver much faster upload speeds, up to 880 Mbps, whereas DSL upload speeds are unlikely to reach more than 10 Mbps. 
  • More Frontier internet plan options – FiOS presents three or more plan options with speed tiers of 50, 500 and 940 Mbps. With DSL internet service, you’re likely to have only one or two Frontier plan options with speeds varying by what’s available in your area. 
  • Lower cost per Mbps means better value – The fast speeds and comparatively low prices of Frontier FiOS plans give you more speed for the money. Frontier’s fastest internet plans, 500/500 and 1 Gig, will both have you paying less than $0.10 per Mbps.

Compare Frontier FiOS plans

If Frontier FiOS is available at your address, you’ll likely have a few speed tiers to choose from. Compare Frontier FiOS plans below to find the best one for your home.

What about Frontier High-Speed Internet and Vantage speeds?

Those in Frontier DSL or Vantage service areas often have fewer speed options and may be limited to whatever speed is available at their address. 

For example, available Frontier speeds over DSL may be 3, 6, 12 or 24 Mbps depending on your address and how far you are from a service hub. Similarly, available Frontier Vantage speeds can vary from 25 to 45 or 115 Mbps while some locations serviceable for Vantage service may be eligible for gig speeds.

Frontier Wi-Fi service, equipment and fees

Wi-Fi service is available with all Frontier internet plans. And as with any internet provider, you can also anticipate added fees with your service, but you’ll find Frontier’s to be lower than most.

How to get Frontier Wi-Fi service

Since Wi-Fi is available with all Frontier internet plans, all plans could be considered “Frontier Wi-Fi plans.” You’ll need a router to get Wi-Fi service, which you can rent from Frontier or use your own. 

The Frontier Wi-Fi equipment fee is $10/mo. and includes your modem and Wi-Fi router in a single “gateway” device. Necessary Wi-Fi equipment may vary by internet type and speed you choose, but you can trust Frontier to provide the right device for your connection.

Frontier is also one of the few internet providers that doesn’t explicitly restrict you from using your own compatible equipment. Using your own modem and router can save you on equipment rental costs, but you likely won’t be eligible for the same install and technical support from Frontier that you’d get if renting their equipment. Furthermore, you may still be charged the $10/mo. rental fee. 

Frontier internet contract, data cap and installation details

No-contract options are available with most Frontier internet plans, but select promotional offers may come with a 24-month term agreement. Be aware of hidden costs, such as early cancellation fees (up to $400) and late payment fees (up to $10). 

There are no monthly data caps with Frontier internet, so you don’t have to worry about watching your data usage to avoid overage fees. That’s not to say Frontier internet is truly unlimited, however, as excessive data use may violate the Frontier terms and conditions.

Additional charges may include an installation fee (up to $75). In order to avoid the installation fee, check to see if you are eligible for self-install. Reference the Frontier Help Center for instructions on how to install your Frontier internet equipment.

How does Frontier compare against other internet providers?

If you have the option to choose between Frontier and another internet service provider, there are a few things you’ll want to consider, such as starting price, speeds, data limits and contracts.

Already have Frontier internet? Test your Frontier internet speed and see how they compare to other Frontier customers across the U.S.

Frontier Armstrong
Starting price at
$27.99/mo.* $34.95/mo.*
Internet Speeds
1-940 Mbps 12 Mbps – 500 Mbps
Data cap
None 200 GB – 2 TB
None No contract agreement
Starting price at
Internet Speeds
1-940 Mbps
12 Mbps – 500 Mbps
Data cap
200 GB – 2 TB
No contract agreement

Frontier internet FAQs

What is the difference between Frontier high-speed internet, Vantage internet and FiOS internet?

Frontier offers three types of internet connections based on where customers are located. Frontier high-speed internet is a DSL connection that uses the existing copper phone network in your home to deliver internet service. Frontier Vantage is an internet connection which delivers data over fiber optic and copper lines to allow for a faster connection. Frontier FiOS uses an all fiber optic line for the fastest and most reliable transmission of data.

No. Frontier internet plans come with unlimited data so you won’t have to worry about going over a data limit, paying overage fees or dealing with reduced speeds at the end of the month.

Frontier is available in select areas of 25 states. Availability, pricing and speeds may vary by location as Frontier offers three distinct internet services: Frontier High Speed Internet, Frontier Vantage and Frontier FiOS. Call to speak with our experts about available Frontier plans in your area.

All Frontier FiOS plans come with speeds suited for streaming, online gaming and browsing the web. As you connect more devices, however, you’ll find that faster speeds will likely give you a better online experience. Speeds of 50 Mbps are ideal for smaller households with few connected devices while faster speeds, such as 500 or 940 Mbps, will better accommodate larger households with numerous devices in need of a fast connection.

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