Should you buy your own Cox cable modem? The compatible modem kit you need

Buying your own cable modem rather than renting from your provider can save you money.

However, it does come with some risk — in general, you may find it harder to get tech support.

And don’t forget you’ll also need a wireless router as well — you can see our favorites here.

For a full explanation of the pros and cons, read our full guide here.

Cox tells customers: “Only modems and devices purchased or rented directly from Cox are supported by Cox Customer Support.”

What this means is that, if something goes wrong, Cox won’t help you. You’ll still be able to get in touch with the manufacturer of your modem or router, but it may be a little more challenging.

If you obtain your devices from a non-Cox vendor, Cox is not able to support service and technical assistance to these devices. If you choose to purchase your own Cox modem, there are a lot of choices out there.

Cox’s flagship modem and router, called the Panoramic, costs $10.99 more per month on top of your existing internet costs.

Cox won’t sell you the Panoramic, which it says “ensures that we have the capability to upgrade the software and firmware on these devices to add functionality and protect and manage devices connected to our network.”

However, it will sell (but not rent) extender pods for the system, called Panoramic Wifi Pods, which cost $129 for a 3-pod pack.

If you do decide to buy your own modem and router instead, here are the compatible modems, according to Cox:

ARRISSurfboard CM8200, DG2460, SB6141, SB6180, SB6182, SB6183, SB6190, SB8200, SBG10, SBG6400, SBG6580, SBG6700, SBG6782, SBG6900, SBG6950, SBG7400, SBG7580, SBG7600AC2, SBG8300, TG1682, TG2472, TM3402
AsusCM16, CM32
CiscoDPC3008, DPC3010, DPC3825, DPQ3212, DPQ3925
LinksysCG7500, CM3008, CM3016, CM3024
MotorolaMB7220, MB7420, MB7621, MB8600. MG7310, MG7315, MG 7540, MG7550, MG7700
NetgearC3000, C3000v2, C3700, C3700v2, C6220, C6250, C6300, C6300BD, C6300v2, C6900, C7000, C7000v2, C7500, C7800, CBR40, CG3000D, CG3000Dv2, CG4500BD, CM400,CM500, CM600, CM700, CM1000, CM1000v2, CM1100, CM1200
TP-LINKTC-7610, TC-7620, TC-7650, TC-W7960, CR500, CR700, CR1900
UbeeDDW365, DDW366, DVW326
Zoom5341J, 5345, 5350, 5352, 5354,5363,5370