Find the right Spectrum-compatible modem for your needs

Having the right modem and router can make all the difference when it comes to internet speed and connection strength throughout your home.

For Spectrum internet customers, a network-approved modem is already covered and included with your plan. However, you do have the option to purchase your own. Additionally, you must either rent a pre-configured Wi-Fi router from Spectrum for a monthly fee or use your own.

When choosing whether to buy your own modem, it’s important to make sure whatever you pick is compatible with your Spectrum internet service.

Top Spectrum-compatible modems

Spectrum-compatible modems are authorized for specific speed tiers. Check your original plan agreement to find out what tier you’re paying for then view the approved modems below. Some of the modems on this list, like the Netgear C6250, are actually modem-router combos, which means you can get away with just one device.

Using a modem or router that’s not authorized for your speed tier could result in slower internet speeds or a weaker connection.

Approved for Spectrum internet up to 60 Mbps

ArrisSB6120 SB6121

Approved for Spectrum internet up to 100 Mbps

ArrisSB6141 SBG6400 SBG6580 SBG6580-2 SBG6700-AC
D-Link DCM301
MotorolaMB7220 MG7310 MG7315
NetgearC3000 C3000-100NAS CG3000D C3700-100NAS CM400
TP-LinkTC-7610 TC-W7960
Zoom5341J 5345 5350 5352 5354 5360 5363

Approved for Spectrum internet up to 300 Mbps

ArrisSB6183 SBG6900-AC
MotorolaMB7420 MG7540 MG7550
NetgearC6250 CM500 CM500-100NAS
SMC Networks D3CM1604
TP-LinkCR500 CR700 TC-7620

Approved for Spectrum internet up to 400 Mbps

ArrisSB6190 SBG7580 SBG7580-AC
ASUSCM-32 CM-32_AC2600
NetgearC6900 C7000-100NAS CM600 CM700

Using your own router for Spectrum Wi-Fi

Spectrum doesn’t maintain a list of network-approved routers and they won’t provide technical support to any router you purchase yourself. However, they do provide a few recommendations:

  • Router should be a draft 802.11N router with a built-in gigabit switch
  • Router should have concurrent dual-band wireless-AC connections for households with heady internet usage

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that whatever router you choose is compatible with your modem and speed tier to ensure you’re getting the speed you’re paying for at home.