Fios TV One

Discover a whole-home TV solution with Verizon Fios TV One.

What is Verizon Fios TV One?

Fios TV One is the whole-home TV set-top box you’ll receive when you order a Verizon Fios TV plan. Fios TV One is Wi-Fi connected and compatible with 4K Ultra HD content for the ultimate home entertainment experience. Shop Verizon Fios TV plans to get your Fios TV One box today.

Features of Fios TV One

Multi-room DVR

Your Fios TV One DVR extends through your entire home, no matter how big the residence or amount of devices. Record six to 12 shows at once depending on your DVR service level and enjoy from one room to the next. 

4K Ultra HD quality 

Your favorite TV shows and movies have never looked better. Fios TV One is 4K Ultra HD compatible for better resolution and a broader color range than ever before. 


Connect your Netflix and YouTube accounts to enjoy your content on any TV in your home. Simply tell your Voice Remote “Netflix” or “YouTube” to access instantly.

Fios TV One equipment

Your Fios TV One set-top box comes with the Fios TV Voice Remote, the fastest way to change channels, search content and manage your DVR.  Push the microphone button on your remote and say commands like “Pause,” “Netflix” and “On Demand.” 

The more TVs you have, the more Fios TV One Mini boxes you need to equip your entire household with your brand new Fios TV service. Connect the minis anywhere in your home to extend the Wi-Fi in your Fios TV One. 

Do I need Verizon Fios TV One?

Fios TV One is a necessity if you’re looking for an integrated home entertainment experience. Fios TV One is also included with Fios TV plan. You will need to select your DVR tier and whether or not you’ll require standard (up to 5 TVs and record up to 6 shows at once) or premium DVR service (up to 10 TVs and record up to 12 shows at once). Call now to explore Verizon Fios TV plans and to order your Verizon Fios TV One equipment.

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