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XFINITY xFi Gateway

XFINITY brings you home Wi-Fi coverage with the xFi Gateway. It’s a modem and router in one, making setup and getting online simple. Ask for the XFINITY xFi Gateway with your XFINITY internet plan.

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XFINITY providers a variety of internet plans, ranging from 60 Mbps to 2 Gbps. Compare popular XFINITY internet plans below, and call to check XFINITY internet availability in your area.

Performance Starter Internet Performance Internet Performance Pro Internet Blast!® Internet Extreme Pro Internet Gigabit Internet Gigabit Pro Internet
Download speeds Up to 25 Mbps Up to 60 Mbps Up to 150 Mbps Up to 250 Mbps Up to 400 Mbps Up to 1000 Mbps Up to 2000 Mbps
# of devices 2-3 4-5 6-7 10-11 13-14 Unlimited Unlimited
Data cap 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB None
Ideal for Checking email, browsing the web Light video streaming, downloading images HD video streaming, online gaming, downloading music HD video streaming, downloading movies HD and 4K video streaming, downloading video games HD and 4K streaming on multiple devices Any and all internet activity on numerous devices

XFINITY internet speeds, data caps and plan pricing will vary by location. See what XFINITY internet speeds are available in your area with Allconnect.

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Why choose XFINITY internet?

XFINITY gives you many internet plans to choose from, so you can get the internet speeds and pricing that’s best for you. With each XFINITY internet plan, you can enjoy:

Online security included

Get Norton™ Security Online included with your XFINITY internet for added protection against viruses, malware and ransomware.

Whole-home Wi-Fi

The XFINITY xFi Gateway delivers a strong Wi-Fi signal for all your devices. Add XFINITY xFi Pods to extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

24/7 tech support

XFINITY internet support is available when you need it. Get assistance setting up your equipment, troubleshooting problems and more.

Control your home Wi-Fi with xFi

Available with XFINITY xFi Gateway devices, xFi lets you control how connected devices use your home Wi-Fi service. With xFi, you can:

  • Customize Wi-Fi settings Control Wi-Fi access for every connected device
  • Set parental controls for every connected device
  • Limit time spent connected to the Wi-Fi network
  • Manage your Wi-Fi connection from your mobile device

XFINITY Wi-Fi hotspots have you covered on the go

Your XFINITY internet service doesn’t stop at the door. There are thousands of XFINITY Wi-Fi hotspots across the U.S. As an XFINITY internet customer, you get access to the XFINITY Wi-Fi hotspot network at no extra cost.

Where is XFINITY internet available?

XFINITY internet is available in select areas of 40 states. Primary areas of XFINITY internet service include:

  • Albuquerque
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Jacksonville
  • Little Rock
  • Miami
  • Minneapolis
  • Nashville
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Portland (OR)
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Seattle

Available internet speeds, plan pricing and special offers will vary by location. Use Allconnect to find available XFINITY internet plans in your area.

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Got questions about XFINITY internet?

Rely on Allconnect for all the info you need to choose new home internet services. Here are a few answers to common XFINITY internet questions. For more info, or to place your order for internet, call to speak with one of our XFINITY customer service internet experts.

XFINITY internet pricing varies by location, but the cheapest XFINITY internet plan in your area is likely the XFINITY performance Starter. Speeds and pricing vary. Call Allconnect for details.

No. You can use your own modem and router if compatible with XFINITY internet services. However, renting your XFINITY xFi Gateway router offers many benefits that using your own equipment can not.

XFINITY xFi is a customizable home Wi-Fi connection that allows you to monitor and control Wi-Fi access and use on any connected device.

Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Wait 10-15 seconds and plug the device back in. Give it 2-3 minutes to power back up, then check your internet connection.

  1. 1. Locate the cable port dedicated for XFINITY internet service.

  2. 2. Plug the power cord into your Gateway device, then plug it into an outlet.

  3. 3. Finger-tighten one end of coaxial cable to the Gateway device. Connect the other end to the cable port in your wall.

4. Wait a few minutes for the device to power up, then go to to activate it.

You can check your XFINITY internet connection speed here. The internet speed test will measure download speed, upload speed and ping.

Many factors can affect your internet speed, such as number of connected devices, proximity to a Wi-Fi router or booster, and time of day you are performing the test.

To upgrade your internet speed, call Allconnect.

Last updated 6/13/18.

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