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The hidden Xfinity fees on your bill (and what they really mean)

Taylor Gadsden

Oct 23, 2019 — 3 min read

Confused by your Xfinity bill? Learn more about some hidden fees you can expect and what they mean.

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If you’re currently an Xfinity customer, you may have noticed a few changes to your channel lineup lately. For instance, the absence of Turner Classic Movies. You may be wondering why the change took place and how Xfinity can even do this without your approval.

The answer is simple and it’s outlined in the fine print details of your contract. Here are a few fees hidden in that fine print that Xfinity customers should expect on their upcoming bill and what they mean for service changes and price hikes in the future.

Xfinity TV fees

Xfinity TV customers can expect the most additional charges on each monthly bill and potential changes to their lineup based on programming costs. Take a look at some Xfinity TV fees that may appear on next month’s bill and what they mean for your service going forward.

The Xfinity TV feeWhat it really means
Broadcast TV feeAn itemized monthly charge for providing local broadcast stations. This fee includes charges from broadcast stations to carry their channels and may increase. Customers should receive advance notice before a price increase takes place. Changes to this fee may also affect the TV channels you receive.
Regional Sports Network feeAn itemized monthly charge for providing regional sports networks which include fees incurred from these networks to carry their channels. This fee may increase, but customers should receive advance notice.
State and Local Communications Services sales taxTaxes imposed locally or by the state for communications services like voice, data, audio or TV.
State and Local Gross Receipts and Utility taxesTaxes assessed locally or by certain states. This fee may vary from state to state and by locality.
FCC regulatory feeAnnual fees collected by the FCC to reimburse the FCC for regulating cable operators. Under the Communications Act of 1934, the FCC allows cable providers to recover these fees from cable subscribers in 12 monthly payments.
Franchise feeFees paid to local governments for use of the public rights-of-way and easements. Cable operators may collect this fee from customers under the Federal Cable Act.
Public, Educational, Governmental Access feeFees associated with providing local access channels.

Optional or additional Xfinity TV fees

Customers that choose to add premium channels, HD or standard DVR service and multiple TVs to an Xfinity TV plan can expect to see some additional monthly fees associated with each feature.

The Xfinity optional feeWhat it really means
Additional Outlet Adapter feeA monthly charge for each digital TV box (including your first box) required by a household. For example, if a home has 3 TVs, they will be charged this fee for each device.
Premium channel feesMonthly charges for premium add-on options like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Starz® and more.
DVR Service feeA monthly fee for customers who opt for Xfinity X1 DVR service.
HD Technology feeAn additional monthly charge for cable subscribers who opt for Xfinity X1 HD DVR service.

Xfinity Internet fees

Shopping for Xfinity Internet? Here are some fees to expect on next month’s bill and why.

Xfinity Internet feeWhat it really means
Universal Connectivity chargeFee representing a contribution by Xfinity to a federal fund that ensures affordable communications are available to low-income and rural customers.
State and Local Communications Services Sale taxTaxes imposed locally or by the state for communications services like voice, data, audio or TV.

Optional or additional Xfinity Internet fees

If you’re looking to cut back on Xfinity Internet costs, consider investing in your own equipment to eliminate monthly rental fees.

Optional Xfinity internet feeWhat it really means
Wireless Gateway rental feeMonthly 2-in-1 router/modem rental fee. Price is subject to change at the discretion of Xfinity.

Xfinity Voice fees

Some of the fees and taxes associated with Xfinity Voice are similar to the state and local fees associated with internet or TV service. Take a look at some other fees that come with Xfinity Voice.

Xfinity Voice feeWhat it really means
Regulatory Recovery feeFees accessed by federal, state and local governments on businesses that offer voice services. This fee may change and is not government-mandated.
State and Local Communications Services sales taxTaxes imposed locally or by the state for communications services like voice, data, audio or TV.
State or Local 911 feeFee to fund local and state governments 911 and other emergency services. Fees vary by state and locality.
Federal Excise taxTax required by the federal government on some types of voice services.

Conditional Xfinity fees

Fees for early cancellation, late payment or reactivation only appear on an Xfinity monthly bill if a customer cancels their contract or fails to pay their monthly bill.

Xfinity Conditional FeeWhat it really means
Early cancellation feeProrated fees incurred with the early cancellation of an Xfinity contract before the term ends. Starting cost will depend on the length of your service agreement.
Late payment feeFees incurred for late payment of an Xfinity bill. These fees vary by location. For instance, Maryland residents may be charged 10% per month of the amount not paid.
Reactivation feeOne-time fees incurred for the re-connection of one or more Xfinity services after failure to make payment.

Frequently asked questions about Xfinity fees

How do I get out of Comcast Xfinity’s early termination fee?

If an Xfinity customer attempts to cancel service before the end of the agreed-upon contract, an early termination fee will be assessed depending on how much of your initial term remains. This fee amount can be found in the Legal Agreements & Contract details of the account information online.

Do I have to pay Xfinity’s broadcast TV fee?

Any subscriber to Xfinity’s TV services will have to pay the mandatory broadcast TV fee in order to access local broadcast networks with cable TV service.

Why has my Comcast Xfinity bill gone up?

If there’s an increase in your Comcast Xfinity bill from month to month, promotional pricing may have expired on your services. Xfinity subscribers can find the initial terms of their promotional agreement on their monthly bill or in the fine print account details online.

Can Xfinity change my TV channel lineup?

Xfinity may change your channel lineup at their discretion based on a number of factors. Each month subscribers are charged the broadcast TV fee outlined above. This fee is comprised of charges from TV networks to carry their channels. If Xfinity determines that customer viewership is no longer high enough to substantiate the broadcast fee to all subscribers, the network may be removed from the lineup to ensure the best value.

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