Tired of those annoying ads? Here are the top 5 ad blockers for Google Chrome

Nina Rodríguez
Nina Rodríguez

Jun 19, 2019 — 3 min read

If you want to get rid of the pop-ups that are messing with your internet experience, here are our top suggestions.

While you’re navigating the internet, it can sometimes seem like everything is clogged with ads.

Blinking ones, wordy ones, pre-rolls in your videos — they’re all ruining your experience! but don’t panic, there is a solution: install an ad blocker.

There are a lot of options to choose from, but to make it easier for you, here is our list of the top five ad blockers for Google Chrome.

Why do I need an ad blocker?

If you are not familiar with what an ad blocker does, it basically removes all the advertising from the web browser you are using. For example, if you are reading a news website or your favorite blog, you will see only their main content instead of some boast about a miracle fruit that’ll help you lose weight. This can make your online experience a better one.

Here are the two main reasons people typically use ad blockers:

  1. To protect their privacy – Ads can sometimes be used by hackers. Most are from legitimate websites and brands, but some can be used to spread malicious viruses.
  2. They just don’t want to see any ads – We often skip commercials on TV, so we have a low tolerance for any kind of advertising on our websites.

Which ad blocker is right for me?

If you don’t want to be overwhelmed by ads, take a look at our recommendations for the top ad blockers for Google Chrome. Take into consideration your priorities and what you’re looking for as you think over the right one for you.

1. Adblock Plus

This is one of the most popular, open source ad blockers around. It supports Chrome and other browsers as well. Their users classify it as easy to use, since there are not a lot of steps for it to work. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices as well.

When downloading it, make sure that you are using the right extension, since there are fake apps that copy its name and logo to entice you to download a fake app.


With this plug-in, you can block all types of ads! You get to choose from a free version as well as a paid, premium one. While blocking ads it also keeps the aesthetics of your experience in mind — it removes the empty spaces the ads leave behind and also speeds up the loading of the pages.

If you go with the premium version, you can get a yearly subscription or pay for a lifetime license.

3. uBlock Origin

Over the years this free ad blocker has become more popular with users, with its focus on privacy and not strong-arming for donations. It lets users click on individual ads they want to hide. It is even effective stopping autoplay videos. The downside is that many find it not as user-friendly as Adblock Plus.

4. Ghostery

This extension is known as one of the favorite privacy ad blockers for Google Chrome. Its main focus is to block web trackers and analytics tools that use your information while you navigate the internet. You can choose which trackers and ad types to block while protecting your information and making it anonymous for third parties to sell. It also offers the option to pause blocking from trusted sites.

There is a free and a monthly paid subscription with premium features.

5. Adlock

This is a really easy to use ad blocking extension that does not need you to look for a hide option, since it does all the work for you. It will disable all the ads and also blocks suspicious pages, sending you a warning box that allows you to ignore it and keep navigating, or exclude the page for the near future.

It offers paid tools, as well as a free option.

To pay or not to pay, that is the question

There are a lot of open sources for you out there.

Most people decide to get the free versions, but this is for you to decide, based on your needs and browsing tendencies.

No matter which one of these ad blockers for Google Chrome you choose, just make sure the applications, plugins and/or extensions you are downloading are the right and a safe one.