How to transfer your internet service when moving homes

Camryn Smith

May 4, 2023 — 3 min read

Take your current internet service to your new home with our step-by-step guide

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More than 40 million people move each year in the U.S., with 80% of these moves occurring between April and September. With the moving season well underway, your internet service is the last thing you want to worry about. 

Luckily, most providers make transferring your service pretty simple as long as your new address is within their service location. We’ve outlined the steps to seamlessly transfer your internet service to either your new address or newly built home.

Steps to move your internet service from one house to another 

  1. Check with your current ISP to find out if service is available at your new home 
  2. Check for discounts 
  3. Schedule an installation appointment at your new address 
  4. Bring your equipment with you when you move
  5. Activate your service
  6. Check your internet speed 

Check with your ISP

First, check with your current ISP to see if internet service is available at your new address. Enter your address on our site, your provider’s website or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website.

This is important because ISPs’ service locations vary, even down to a specific household. You could be moving across town or even just across the street and your current ISP may not service that specific address. 

Make sure to contact your ISP at least a few weeks before you move to ensure you have enough time to set up your internet service just in case you need to subscribe to a new provider.

Check for discounts

Check for any available special offers or deals if you have to switch to a new provider. Usually, the deals are reserved for new customers, but sometimes providers offer promotions when you switch to a new provider and can include covering a termination fee or reward cards in some cases.

Even if you’re sticking with your current provider, it wouldn’t hurt to talk with them directly to find out if you can get any promotional deals.

Schedule an installation date

If your current provider is available at your new address, the next step is to schedule a transfer date. The easiest way to do this is by calling your provider. You can always do it online, too.

If you’re switching to a new provider, you’ll need to schedule an installation appointment. This usually involves a technician coming to your home to set up your new equipment and activate your service or self-installation. 

Bring your equipment with you when you move

When you transfer your service from a current provider you can usually pack up your equipment (if you rent from your current ISP) and plug it into your new home. If you’re going with a new ISP and rent equipment, you’ll need to return it. 

Activate your service

If your home is already wired for internet service, just plug in your modem and router if you’re using the same service provider. If you switched, schedule an installation appointment and follow your new ISP’s installation guidelines (self-install or professional). 

Check the speed in your new home

When you’ve finished setting up in your new home, check your internet connection speed to ensure everything is working smoothly. 

Use our speed test to compare the speeds you’re getting to the speeds you’re paying for.

If you can’t transfer your service…

If your current ISP is unavailable at your new address, you won’t be able to transfer your internet service. In this case, check out what providers are available in your new area and choose the plan that works for you.


Can I relocate my internet service?

Yes, you can transfer your internet service if your new address is within your current ISP’s coverage area. If it’s not, you’ll need to subscribe to a new internet provider available at your new home. 

Depending on your ISP, transferring your internet could include some fees. If you have to switch to a new provider before you move and you have a binding contract, you may have to pay an early termination fee. 

If you’re transferring your service from your current provider, then you can also just bring your equipment to your new home. 

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